2020 Holiday Gift Guide – My Top 10 Gift Recommendations

November 19, 2020

2020 Holiday Gift Guide -

My Top 10 Gift Recommendations

holiday gift guide

Have you started your Christmas and Hanukkah holiday gift shopping? Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner, and I have some great gifts for you or your loved ones.

In honor of the season of focusing on the greatest gift: Jesus.

 I’m excited to share the 2020 Holiday Gift Guide - my top 10 gift recommendations for this Christmas and Hanukkah.

PLUS - read to the bottom to learn how to enter our Holiday Gifts Giveaway!

10 BEST Holiday Gift Ideas in 2020

Ready to start shopping for the perfect holiday gift to give your loved ones or yourself? Check out these top 10 holiday gifts for mom, dad, kids, and folks of all ages! 

complete jewish study bible

This Bible is such a blessing! Understanding the New Testament and the world Jesus lived in to a greater depth comes from knowing more about His culture. Studying all of scripture from a Jewish perspective is just the thing to help us do this.

The Complete Jewish Study Bible edited by Rabbi Barry Rubin includes topical articles, maps, charts and overviews color-coded for greater insight.

I read this as a companion to my regular Bible. If you’ve always wanted to know more about Jewish customs and cultures, this is the book for you.
aicook electric kettle

I start every morning with my tea kettle turned on. Either for warm lemon water or my Energy Plus tea. I would be out of sorts without this simple machine. Plus, I love how I can add my own herbs right into the inner basket!

This tea kettle helps make the perfect cup of tea. Whether your preference is green tea, white tea, or oolong tea, there's a preset temperature button provided for that tea’s needs.

Want to make a pot and keep your tea warm from cup to cup? This kettle offers that feature, too.

With a food grade stainless steel inner lid, infuser, and bottom, this teapot is also PBA free, meaning there won’t be anything to spoil your tea or health.

3. Lodge Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Reversible Grill/Griddle

If you’ve seen my Salmon recipe YT video you saw how I love this Griddle! I totally love the two different sides.  When we get our RV I am going to buy another one. It saves on cookware!

Cast iron is an oldie and a goodie. This cast iron grill is a kitchen must-have. One side is smooth and works great for your favorite pancakes, fajitas, or stir-fried chicken and vegetables.

The grill side will help cook your meat to perfection with the grill marks, but without the freezing that comes with winter grilling.

If you do decide to brave the outdoors, though, this griddle works on grills and campfires.

This pre-seasoned griddle has all the benefits of traditional cast iron without any sticking. You may even want two: one to use on top of the stove while the other is cooking the rest of dinner to perfection in the oven.

chubby filter

Water purity is essential. We always have the best purifiers on the market for our kitchen. It is that important.  

This Chubby Pitcher and refrigerator filter are the best and meet all my criteria for pure water.

Don’t rely on the brand of filter that came with your refrigerator to be the best job. Water is important to your health, and quality of water matters.

We had a filter that came with our refrigerator, yet we still filtered our drinking water beyond the quality of the filter included. 

These water filters are made from natural coconut shell activated carbon material with micropores that trap impurities and contaminants and keep them out of your drinking water.

This filter cleans over 300 gallons of water! For us, a home of two people, that lasts more than a year.

water filter

When tested, the new filter replacement removed more chemicals and other contaminants. It was worth the change. You won’t regret this switch.

vitamin d

This company delivers the Resveratrol as ResGrape Resveratrol MAX   and liquid D3 that I  personally use.  The new liquid D3 is easy to use with kids as it has a lemony flavor.

Here are their sale specifics: 

Deal:  30% off All Perfect Brand Products and Free US Shipping On Orders Over $30

When: From Tuesday (11/24) Until Cyber Monday (11/30)

How: The 30% Markdown Will Be Made on The Site - No Coupon to Enter to Save 30%

Because You're Awesome:  YOU CAN STACK an extra 10% off by using this coupon code: TBN10 

6. Premium Exfoliating Loofah & Dead Sea Mud Salt Natural Soap Bar
mud soap

After dipping into the Dead Sea on three occasions I always navigate to the products from those mineral rich waters. This soap bar is just that: a take-me-back moment!  

Even if you haven’t been to the Dead Sea, this soap bar will do the trick.

The green clay in the soap bar pairs perfectly with the loofah to help detox your skin and leave it clean, smooth, and nourished.

The Loofah doesn’t just clean you, but helps exfoliate skin for a brighter, healthier skin. 

You’ll never want to go back to your old “clean” again! 

olive shirt

olive shirt

Wear it - share it!  The message of Biblical Health is a blessing to everyone and now with these creative tee shirts designed by our team - you get to wear your Tastimony!

They’re sure to get the conversation started about healthy living and the source of all goodness: the Lord!

We have over 9 designs to choose from, yet these three are my favorites:

8. Mental Fitness and Mental Resilience

With everything happening around us today I can honestly say I am not troubled. Yes, I know as Christians we are not to live in fear. Yet, it tends to creep up on many believers. 

When I switched supplement brands for Gut-Brain wellness, it proved as stated that mental fitness and resilience are the side effect blessings!

So true of God’s design!

Well, I am happy to share with you the company I personally use to stay mentally fit is Amare

AND - their Black Friday special is perfect. It includes the protein I use, Kids products for better health and mental ability and Sleep that I recommend.  So, If you have been contemplating checking it out for personal use or for personal income to help others here is the link.

9. How to Pray the Answer - A Course on Miracles
how to pray the answer

Of course we know how to pray!  Or do you squirm when asked to pray for someone or pray for healing of a loved one?

Yes, many Christians, if they admit, will say they don’t really understand how to pray. Or why their prayers are not answered.

That is why I asked my dear friend to share her simplified teaching on How to Pray for Miracles. Many of us beg, plead, and cry out, but in the end exhaust ourselves and end up wondering if God will ever answer.

There is no secret about how to pray effectively, but there is a way to present petitions, declare what’s true, and proclaim God’s Word that already states an outcome.

Through this course, author and speaker Carol Graham presents her real-life stories that illustrate the powerful way in which God showcases His miracles.

You’ll learn the difference between passive praying and powerful praying. If you are like us who have already read this book (course) once you will read it 3-4 times!

Get this course today and finish out 2020 or plan to start 2021 with stepping up your faith and your prayers.

I know you are going to be amazed!

10. 40 Day Transformation Course (coupon code: BLACKFRIDAY)
40 day transformation

People ask me all the time:

“How do I start to get healthy?”  

“Where do I begin?”

“Annette, I feel stuck in my life - how can you help?”

My answer: Join me on a 40 Day Transformation. This is the nuts and berries of a complete spiritual and physical transformation.

Here’s the ultimate guide to renewing your mind, learning how to fast, what the Bible says about eating and more all while embracing the new and improved you.

Learn how to achieve the health  designed for you:

  • How to overcome habits that sabotage your health
  • How to fix your mindset and learn the TRUTH about your identity in Christ
  • Learn the keys to biblical fasting
  • Lose weight while gaining health
  • Discover foods designed for you
  • Learn how to live the 3 Biblical Diet Principles; The Bible Diet

When you start a new diet, fitness plan, or habit, it’s hard to stick with it on your own.

That’s why I’ll come alongside and help you take simple steps each day and learn to live the ancient recipe for abundant health that can’t be beat by any new trick or diet.

Forty days from starting, you’ll know how to eat the biblical way, your place as a son or daughter of God, and have a full cup that will be filled to overflowing so you can also bless others.

PLUS - and this is huge, so don’t miss it…ONLY those who have purchased the 40 Day course are invited into the life changing Biblical Nutrition Academy Coaching Group! Yes, this is where you get personal attention from our certified coaches plus myself!

Time to Start Holiday Shopping

time for holiday gift shopping

And there you have it! Your top 10 gifts list for you and your family and friends.

These items will be a blessing to all who receive them. I know because they’re all a blessing in my life. It’s an honor to pass them along to you.

I’d love to know your favorite!

And now…

Free Giveaways!

free giveaways

If you’re a regular listener to our podcast, Biblical Nutrition Academy, you know I give away FREE products every week! And it is always my favorite product.

Now I am going to do it again! I’m giving away 3 items from this list next weekend.

Head on over to itunes or stitcher and check out one or more of my podcasts. Just listening and giving a review enters you to win.

November 26 - Yes, Thanksgiving,1st winner announced on Facebook

November 27 - Second winner announced on Facebook

November 28 - Third winner announced!

Winners will be announced on our Facebook page: The Biblical Nutritionist.
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