The Bible Diet Questions and Answers – Everything you want to Know

August 1, 2021

bible diet questions

Years ago when I started my health journey, I dug into Scripture to see what God said about food. I was amazed at the smorgasbord of references to food and have been sharing it ever since. Still, people have lots of questions, which is why today I bring you the Bible Diet questions and answers - everything you want to know.

These are questions people have asked in the Biblical Nutrition Academy Facebook page, where individuals gather to glean healthy living information and support.

I love interacting with people and getting to encourage them on their journey to health, vitality, and enthusiasm for life! 

I do that here on my blog, through videos, and courses meant to bless you again and again. Just like a bread starter, the information keeps growing and producing and multiplying. 

So does our community, which I’d love to share with you. A great place to start is our FREE 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health.

I hope to see you there, but for now, let’s talk about the Bible Diet!

Bible Diet Questions And Answers

bible diet QA

Here are some of the common Bible diet questions people have asked me - and here are my answers to these!

1. What does healthy eating look like?

This is a great place to start, because, after all, the Bible Diet is all about healthy eating. To live our best and be our best, we have to put the best things in our bodies.

What I like to say is that healthy eating looks like a plate offering.

We start by taking a look at what’s on our plate.

  • Do the foods build healthy cells or do they cause imbalance?
  • Will they make you feel good or will you be in pain for days after eating it?
  • Are they more about the pleasure of the moment or feeling great for a lifetime?
  • Does the plate have foods that God created for us? 
  • Does it have food that will help you focus on God’s plan for your life?

Do you know who Corrie Ten Boom is? (If not, I highly recommend reading her books.)

In brief, she was a victim of Nazi Germany and was held in a concentration camp for the crime of helping Jews. We can only imagine the horrors she experienced. However, she never lost hope or faith.

After World War II, she spent the rest of her life sharing her story and God’s love.

Once, she said that every time someone said words of encouragement, she pictured herself receiving a rose. At the end of the event, she’d envision herself offering that bouquet of roses up to the Lord and saying, “This is for you. You are the one who brought me through.”

Bible Diet - An Offering

bible diet an offering

Today, and every day, we have the opportunity to look at our plate each meal and consider it an offering of gratitude to the Lord.

If we’ve answered the questions above with affirmative, positive answers, we can take that plate and offer it up to God. 

Then say, “Thank you, Lord, for helping me overcome my overeating, my food addictions, my doubt this would work, my fear of eating healthy. I offer this plate to you to show I want to serve you as long and as best I can.” (Out loud if you’re comfortable, silently if not. Either way, God can hear you.)

We’ll get to the principles of healthy eating very quickly, but it always starts with our perspective and mindset. 

So, start there. Start by considering the food you eat as an offering to the Lord. If we’re eating out of our emotions or to feed our fleshly desires, then it’s for us, not the Lord.

And EVERYTHING we do can be an offering for the Lord, even our eating.

Therefore, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all things for the glory of God. 1 Corinthians 10:31

2. Is there a place where we can find the full details of your Bible Diet?

details of the bible diet

I have been teaching the Bible Diet for years, only under different titles until recently.

The words “Bible Diet” encompass everything I teach. Yet coming soon  will be the release of my latest book – The Bible Diet - with complete biblical references and application.

Until then, the steps I share consistently apply to your question:

3 Bible Diet Principles

3 principles

1. Eat the foods God called food for you.

He loves you more than you can even comprehend. Therefore, He gave you a complete menu to choose from with the most delicious foods ever.  

In Genesis, God created and then declared what is good.

Good in Hebrew means excellent of its kind, valuable in estimation. 

This means there is nothing man can design that competes or compares to the nutritional value of God’s design. 

‘Now the challenge is to find it. That's where the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study helps. In this tool, I walk you through the different food groups and aspects of healthy eating and how to implement the Bible Diet in your life today and every day thereafter.

2. Eat the foods as close to God’s original design as possible. 

Altered foods lead to altered lives. Processed foods lead to processed medications. Good foods God designed lead to a life – excellent of its kind.

3. Don’t let any food become an addiction. 

When our daily menu includes addictive, highly processed foods, our brains and bodies begin to crave those things. Man’s design of food encourages us to eat more beyond what is needed for health.

Emotions also play a strong role, as we live in a culture with abundant food and don’t rely on it strictly for survival. 

Commercials, billboards, and other advertisements have us seeking to fill our bellies based on our eyes and emotions. We come to rely on food for comfort and fulfillment, instead of relying on the Lord.

This is an addiction.

Lord, break us free from it!

3. How can I obey God more with my diet?

Obeying God is about being responsive to what He’s calling you to do. 

And yes, God spoke to me many times about my health and eating. 

And yes, my eating and health were at an impasse.

Something had to change.

Either I was going to call God a liar, sticking with old thinking of, “I can’t lose weight. Let me have my ice cream.”

Or I had to change my heart and let God show me His love and grace, even in the area of eating, and adopt new thinking. No longer would I live as if tomorrow doesn’t matter, but instead I’d start living as if my health was necessary.

We can serve God longer and with more energy when we eat healthy foods.

We can share the Gospel with more vigor when we are not being lazy on the couch in  front of the TV, hoping someone will go out and change the world.

By following the 3 Principles of Healthy Eating shared in the question above, we can honor God.

That doesn’t mean we always do it perfectly. Or that the principles become inflexible rules that run our lives. It means we adopt a way of approaching food that’s for our good and God’s glory. A very contradictory stance to the majority of culture.

4. What are the foods God intended us to eat?

what are the foods god intended us to eat

This is a beautiful question. God’s Word is full of stories of food and also direct communication with us in the form of: eat this, don’t eat that. 

Eating the foods He called good brings us health and healing. Eating the food He called unclean, bloody, sacrificial, etc. causes problems.

Beyond that, eating foods that are lab experiments are always in contrast to His design.

The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study is perfect to answer this question. It covers all foods mentioned in Scripture from Genesis to Revelation. From the Garden of Eden to the end of Revelation where the Tree of Healing appears.

Scripture is very clear on herbs, vegetables, fruits, meats (clean and unclean), and fish. Other foods mentioned are dairy, milk specifically, and honey.

The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible study walks you through many of these scriptures, but you can always start where I did - taking note of every reference to food items in the Bible and what God said about it.

With a heart to learn His Word and life principles, He will show you the way.

5. How can I know if I'm hungry or using food to satisfy something else?

what to eat

This is a great question. It sounds like you have worked through the 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health and possibly even the 40 Day Transformation Course.

Hunger is a desire. Hunger is a sense of want.

Emotional hunger is typically a call for food or other stimulants.

True physical hunger is preceded by hunger pangs, mood swings, growling.

If you have eaten in the last 2-3 hours then you most likely aren’t hungry, unless of course you only ate a bowl of iceberg lettuce.

If you eat 2-3 times per day and include high fiber and quality protein, you should be able to go at least 4 hours in between eating. Eating before that time has passed is most often emotional or spiritual hunger.

There are no hard and fast rules.

The bottom line is you can wait for true hunger. And remember, hunger is not an enemy! It’s okay to be hungry. 

If you want food, wait 1 minute and evaluate if you’re still hungry.

Then wait 10 minutes. Let your mind answer the question: Am I hungry or do I just have a desire to eat?

Waiting, pausing, is a discipline everyone needs to develop.

We live in a generation that breeds impulsivity.

Our poor health is the greatest consequence of this impulse eating.

Commercials are designed to help us avoid discipline.

By disciplining ourselves to delay gratification - whether with food or other desires - we train ourselves for godliness.

Rather, discipline yourself for the purpose of godliness;1 Timothy 4:7

Asking this question exhibits a desire to do better and seek righteousness before food. That’s the first and most important step on the journey to healthy living!

6. How can I overcome gluttony God's way?

overcome gluttony

God’s way is to admit there’s a god in your life and it’s food.

Once we recognize this sin, yes it is a sin, we can then take the steps to do a complete turn away from this type of eating and start giving Him credit for the release from this food addiction and the healing that comes with it.

I interviewed Dr Michael Brown, who was healed from food addictions. He said it was harder to be set free from food addictions than heroin. Yet when he set his mind to do it, he lost 85 pounds in 6 months.

6 years later he is still at his best health ever. Food no longer has a grip on him.

It's now nourishment, not comfort.

Food is now cellular nourishment, not a cell to be trapped in.

This is not a quick answer, yet it can be summarized by what I’ve already shared.

Overcoming Gluttony

overcoming gluttony

The first question to ask in seeking to overcome gluttony is why you’ve been overweight.

This is why the 40 Day Transformation Course is a key element to making this discovery.

We need to identify why we’re overweight before we can change it permanently. 

What happened in the past that sent you to food?

- Was there a brain injury?

- Did you experience emotional trauma?

- Was there an illness that altered your microbiome?

- Were you on a lot of antibiotics at one time?

Discovering the answers to these questions are necessary for complete healing.

And after looking back, we then look forward and ask questions about the future.

- Where do you want to be?

- What are you willing to let go of to get there?

- What do you believe about God’s intervention in your life?

- How much do you love who you are?

Once we have these answers, we can start making the shifts in our thinking and eating to make this a part of the past. And you can finally say, “That’s not me anymore.”

This is exactly why we have the Inner Circle, to help you navigate these questions and answers. For just $67 a month you get coaching 4 times a week – every week! 

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You missed out!

I have never seen another program, nor have I ever been a student of such high quality coaching, for such a small investment.

My goal is to arm you with all the ingredients necessary to overcome gluttony and live a healthy lifestyle. 

I’ve put together a plethora of resources to help you, but there is none greater than God’s Word and Spirit. Start with the ingredients of seeking Him, reading the Bible faithfully, and then sprinkle in lots of good health information.

Take the 40-Day Transformation Course

God's recipe for EXCELLENT HEALTH is where HEALING BEGINS.

  • Less pain spiritually & physically
  • Weight loss (I personally lost 60 lbs through this)
  • FREEDOM from food addictions & God's Word made clear
  • Total Transformation Spiritually & Physically

7. How do I start the Bible Diet? The journey seems so big.

how do i start the bible diet

I asked this same question at the beginning of my journey.

First of all, there are two steps: first is physical and food, the second is spiritual.

Before we dive deeper, let’s review the 3 principles. 

1. Eat the foods God called good for us to eat.

2. Eat these foods as close to His design as possible.

3. Don’t let any food become an addiction.

The Bible Diet - Physical & Food

My husband and I started this new journey which we still are enjoying today by using the Daniel Fast as our take off platform. It let us learn to enjoy less animal foods and focus more on healthy fresh vegetables, fruits and whole grains. 

Having a starting point is also very helpful. 

The Daniel Fast isn’t required to get started on the Bible Diet, but serves as a wonderful tool that helps us get our mind and body in a place to start receiving blessings both spiritually and physically.

The Daniel Fast focuses on eating foods close to God's design. 

Realize this is a new journey, but it’s simple if we keep it simple.

Start with small steps, like eliminating the processed food in your house and adding more fresh fruits and vegetables to the grocery list.

The Bible Diet - Spiritual

the bible diet spiritual

A great place to start is to take time to evaluate where your emotions are in reference to food.

This will be a journey (one reason this is a main focus of the 40 Day Transformation Course), but even an initial evaluation helps. 

One thing I recommend is sitting down and writing a letter to God. Share where you might find difficulty letting go of previous eating habits and beliefs.

He knows your struggles and areas of weakness, but there is freedom and healing in taking them to Him.

Pray over that list and then reword the items as a praise. 

If impulsiveness is an issue, write out gratitude for the Lord giving you thoughtfulness.

If there’s hurt or trauma impacting how you eat, thank God for the healing He provides.

Don’t hold anything back.

God will help you. He delivers His own when they seek Him with all their heart. 

When you are ready to see Him at work 100% in your life, it happens.

Typically we don’t see results because we’re holding back an area of our life or not recognizing a food addiction.

These two answers are part of a journey - not a one day event. 

That’s why I put together the Daniel Fast Course and the 40 Day Transformation Course, both of which focus on making changes physically and spiritually.

Get Healthy & Closer To God In 21 Days!

Transform your mind, body and spirit through this life-changing

21-Day Daniel Fast Guide

8. Is the Bible diet plan easy to follow?

This all depends on you. 

What’s your focus? 

What’s your heart's desire?

I can relate to this question. Who wants another plan that may fail? One that’s too difficult or restrictive.?

We’ve all been there. I wish this eating plan was taught to our children and grandchildren. Imagine the health challenges we could save them from!

Imagine the mental advantage they would have, plus the energy to serve the Lord.

When I started this I was 100% focused on getting results fast to prove to the doctor God’s way of eating worked.

There have been times I’ve strayed from my best eating habits and felt the consequences. Tired, unable to focus, and not feeling pretty.

Last night, I was at a restaurant with friends. It was a BBQ place and smelled delicious.

I ordered the salad. Everyone else had barbeque.

Yet one person mentioned my salad. He said something like this: “When I eat a healthy salad like that I sleep like a baby. When I eat,” (as he pointed to his plate of BBQ , baked beans, and garlic toast), “I am up all night in pain.”

So to answer this question: It’s all up to you. 

If you desire to feel great, look great, have energy to serve well, then staying on track will be much easier.

Following the Bible Diet, as with many other things, is also easier as you practice it and make it a way of life.

9. How can I find consistency in my intake of healthy foods to maintain a mind receptive to God’s leading, and get rid of the backsliding spirit ( nutritionally)?

consistency with the bible diet

This question is not about food. It’s about spiritual desire.

Jesus asked the man in the book of John, “Do you wish to get well?”

The same is true for you. When you’re struggling with food, you’re struggling with Jesus. You’re struggling with wanting to be in control and not release that control and enjoy the blessed life God has planned.

We call this negotiating in our Inner Circle coaching group. 

We also teach several tools such as our advantage cards, advantage jar, and our Hunger Satisfied Journal. These tools help us succeed in this area of consistency.

If you’d like to know more, and try a yummy appetizer to these programs, I suggest starting with the 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health - our FREE online resource.

Once that’s completed, sign up for the 40 Day Transformation Course. These two options will give you the tools to make this change both spiritually and physically. 

From there you’ll be invited into the Inner Circle. That’s when we help you make those changes stick!

So let me encourage you to stop negotiating with yourself and make a decision.

10. How do I lose weight eating this way?

how do i lose weight

Recognizing our body's signals is the way we were intended to live. 

In the biblical days people had celebrations involving feasting. However, there are also 20 verses on gluttony

Food was not meant to consume us as it does today.

Eating foods God designed in their purest form is what makes any diet work.

Eating foods only when we’re hungry and stopping when we’re satisfied brings freedom to be at the weight we were created to be. Never overweight.

Too many times we eat because of addictions:

“I really love my ________________.”

Or we eat for fun. 

“I love my popcorn and doritos when I watch TV.”

Or we eat because of habit.

Our bodies were created with the cues of hunger and satisfaction.

Today we have to learn these cues because we’ve deadened them through how and what we eat. 

We must also heal the microbiome so the hormones ghrelin and leptin can work for us. 

overcoming food addiction

Too many people are leptin resistant, which means they'll have a difficult time learning hunger-satisfied cues.

They'll continue to struggle with weight.

We can change that, but it takes work.

The deeper we are in food addictions, the harder the climb out.

When I interviewed Dr. Michael Brown – from Ask Dr. Brown – he shared it was easier to overcome his heroin addiction than his food addiction. (You may remember this from question 6.)

Yet, it was possible.

He’s now gone 6 years free of food addiction. One of the greatest benefits he’s experienced is he no longer has frequent headaches, which he used to have at least 3 times a week.

So, was it worth it to eat this way? By all means, emphatically, YES!

Losing weight is very possible, and it will happen.

Stay focused and enjoy the journey.

11. I am trying my best to follow the Bible Diet for the last 18 months, rarely eating processed sugars and using honey or fruit sugar instead. I’ve settled on 2 meals a day. Yet, my weight is not going down at all, although my blood pressure is at acceptable levels now.

following bible diet

This is super. For your blood pressure to respond positively is a great marker. 

Blood pressure is an indicator of healthy blood vessels, less risk of heart disease and other health challenges. This is no small feat for this to happen. Give yourself credit.

If you had blood work done prior to starting, you would be seeing more changes in that as well. 

The weight is going to come down. Don’t give up! 

There are a few places we can look for assistance in weight loss.

- See how much fiber you’re eating. Pay attention to it, even keeping a log for a while.

- Another factor that’s important is the health of your microbiome. Digestive enzymes are necessary for food to be metabolized well and therefore for weight loss to happen.

- Also what is happening with your measurements, or body fat index? Are you losing fat to gain muscle? This shows up in loss of inches, yet weight does not always change.

If you’ve tackled the healthy lifestyle and aren’t seeing the expected results, examine these factors and consider getting bloodwork done to make sure there aren’t other cellular or hormone-level influences prohibiting weight loss.

12. I fasted over a month off everything but grass-fed beef. One day I started again on addictive food and had to go fast again. Not so simple…

grass fed beef

No, it's not so simple. Fasting is a blessing to our digestive system, as well as other systems in our body. It brings healing. 

Yet, we can often sabotage our success and progress by going back to eating everything.

When ending a fast the best foods to bring in are high fiber, nutritious foods such as vegetables, fruits, legumes. These are necessary for building the microbiome. 

I know I say that over and over, but that’s because all diseases begin and end in the digestive tract. 

All food addictions begin in the mind, which is fed by the digestive system.

The Hunger Satisfied Journal, as I’ve also said before, is a fabulous tool for helping overcome addictions, as it helps us keep track of what we eat, how much we eat, and why we eat.

Information and support bathed in prayer are the keys to defeating poor eating habits.

That’s why those who join the BNA coaching group experience such success.

LIMITED TIME ONLY! Save Up To 30% On the 40-Day Course and the Inner Circle! Promo runs from July 20th to August 10th. Learn More here


You missed out!

Each month new people are allowed to join in and become part of our family to get personal group coaching and personal questions answered. This is the perfect example of why coaching works – you get to understand more about what is causing the addiction and how to step out of it for long term results.

So, don’t give up! 

Pray over your eating habits and keep taking each day, each meal at a time. 

Celebrate successes and give yourself grace when you fall back into old patterns.

And get support! A foodie friend may be just the addition you need.

13. What should I eat? I am from India which is like the epicentre of Ayurveda and respective diets. They say eat local food etc. Is the Biblical diet applicable to me too??

healthy food

Yes, the Bible Diet is not dependent on geography or cultural influences. It is equally true for each person.

I remember a true story of about missionary. The whole family was captured and held in a well-guarded hut. One day the mom prayed, “Lord, I look forward to the day when we are released and I would love a delicious glass of lemonade like we had from home.”

The next day they were released and when they arrived back in their village there was a package from home and in it was the exact lemonade she prayed for.

The point is, God knows your heart. He knows your desires.

When they are in agreement of His plan for you, blessings flow.

The family at home was prompted to send this lemonade in their care package 2 months prior, since that’s how long it can take a package to arrive.

God had worked it out.

There is no magic in this story. It’s just one of millions of examples that show the working of the Lord.

God can do the same in India (or anywhere!). 

Pray for God to show you foods that will bring healing and blessings. Remember the 3 Principles!

Also – and more importantly – ask for Him to confirm when you hear the truth and also confirm when you are being taught a belief that’s contradictory to His Word.

When we seek the Earth for our healing, we are no longer serving our Lord. He is a jealous God. No one can serve two masters.

God will direct you to the foods that are best.

14. Where can I find your book?


I actually have 7 books. The Treasures of Healthy Living is the Bible study that unveils the Scripture from Genesis to Revelation and all the foods in between. You will find this on Amazon and all book sellers. There’s also a digital version.

The second book is the Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual. This is an encyclopedia of information about: foods, vitamins: health challenges: women's health, men's health, and much more.

Healthy Treasures Cookbook is a beginner cookbook. My husband said he’d eat healthy if it tasted good. This is a taste-good cookbook. It has recipes for all types of eaters.

Then I have the Daniel Fast book. This includes a 21 day menu, journal, recipes, plus how to prepare for and do the Daniel Fast.

Satisfied is a sweet and savory book about milling, baking and enjoying whole grains that God designed. Learn all about baking with freshly milled grains with, of course, recipes.

Proverbs 31 Prepper If you’ve always wanted to be prepared for job loss, power failure, political unrest, or anything that could interrupt the status quo, this book is for you. The Proverbs 31 Prepper helps you prepare for the uncertainty that happens in life!

15. So is the Bible diet a book? Or do you offer a specific Biblical Diet source?

bible word

You may have noticed that in the list of my books there isn’t one titled “The Bible Diet.”

This is coming soon, but all of my books and resources are based on the concepts of the Bible Diet. i.e. the 3 Principles of Healthy Living.

However, the Bible in itself is a diet lifestyle book. 

What helps is to discover the nuggets of truths and let them marinade in your heart to make healthy decisions. 

God directed the Israelites how to eat and when to eat. Those rules will still be a blessing to us today. Yet, we aren’t bound to those rules for salvation.

God provided His people with these instructions because He intended for the Israelites to be healthy and blessed. Just as He desires for us today to be healthy and blessed.

16. Is there a Bible Study guide that walks through the Bible with weight loss?


When I was obese I asked the same question. I was depressed with my weight, I had accepted all the comments from other people to describe me as fat and I was ready to give up.

Yet, I knew the Bible had the answers although it was not clear to me at the time.

As I prayed, answers started showing up everywhere and most were in contradiction to God’s Word.

Then I was introduced to the teaching of Dr. Rex Russell and the 3 principles I’ve mentioned several times already. These timeless principles work and are trustworthy because they are 100% biblical.

I wrote the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study as a biblically-based place people could go to get good health information and grow both spiritually and experience better health.

Through this study numerous people have lost from 20 to 100 pounds. They have said goodbye to depression and anxiety.

That book was originally published in 2010 along with our Treasures of Healthy Living video series.

The Treasures Bible Study was a fun book to write since it covers all the scriptures about food in the Bible. It helps people understand why grains are not the enemy.

It shows the value of herbs and the biblical stories to go with them.

Transform Your Life With The Bible Diet

The Bible Diet doesn’t fit the traditional definition of a diet. As with anything that brings lasting change, it is more of a lifestyle. One geared to bring you health and vitality physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

I’m grateful to join you on this journey and answer questions about what the Bible Diet is and how to implement it successfully.

I hope the questions asked by others have helped you grasp the concept of the Bible Diet and encouraged you to dig into it. 

Do you have a question about the Bible Diet? I hope you’ll check out the buffet of resources available on my website and YouTube channel

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, post your question below. 

I look forward to hearing how the Bible Diet changes your life!

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