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Find all the best available recommended kitchen gadgets, small appliances, tools, and our books and courses to help you implement and enjoy the bible diet.  This list of products are all you need to enrich your understanding and knowledge of health not just to feed your body but your heart and soul, as well. 

​7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health - Free Course

​Everyone needs a map to get somewhere… And this free Biblical Health roadmap takes you to the 7 doable steps to a healthier relationship with food, with yourself, and with God. Set yourself up for success by taking the first step today!

Find God-Given Wholeness With Annette's 

Biblical Health Books  

Get all the help you need to reach your abundant life! God’s heart for you and the beauty of His provision comes through in all these offerings to you. Take the next step in your journey to all that the Father has for you.  


This Daniel Fast Book Can Help You Get Started the Right Way

Looking to start the Daniel Fast but not sure how? This Daniel Fast book is all you need to keep you moving in the right direction and help you achieve your goals. Learn more and get your personal copy right here.


All Your Health Questions Answered and Explained!

Have a definitive and comprehensive resource to your health-related questions right at your fingertips. Check out this Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual and work your way towards thriving health! 


Get Healthy Through Studying the Bible - Understanding God’s Words to Achieve Well-Being

Did you know the answers to your health problems are all in the Bible? This Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study decodes God’s words to help you achieve excellent health today, tomorrow, and every day. 

healthy treasures-cookbook

Heal and Nourish Your Body with Bible-inspired Meals

Are you eating and cooking your food according to God’s design? Eliminate illnesses by adhering to God’s principles and preparing the tasty and nutritious meals in this comprehensive Bible Diet cookbook. 

​Other Recommended Books

Taste and See

Taste and See 

Satisfy your bellies and heal your souls with this very inspiring book that lets you “taste” and see God’s love for you. Includes recipes inspired by the Scriptures and the Master Chef and foodie himself, God!  

Biblical Health Course and Extras to Improve Your Health Fast

God wants you to thrive in every aspect of your life. In these videos and courses, you will learn the means and ways to walk according to God’s teaching that will not only enrich your body but most importantly, help you achieve spiritual development. These resources are aligned towards God’s teaching, and all the tools you need to improve your health are right here! 


90 Days to A Healthier, Happier New You!

Are you ready to live the best days of your life? It takes 90 days to a brand new you, and the earlier you start the better! Let this 13-week Bible study and health course pave the way to a new and improved you.

Your ULTIMATE Resource for Healthy Living - Complete DVD Collection

Transform your life each day by applying the insights and teachings I share in this DVD collection. Packed with information and inspiration from God’s words, this DVD set will uplift, inspire, and change your life. 

Practical Guide to Everyday Health - 12 CD Set to Healthy Living 

What are natural and effective ways to treat inflammation? Boost immune system? Overcome compulsive eating? All the answers are right here - inspired and aligned with God’s design and principles. Give it a listen today! 

​40-Day Physical and Spiritual Transformation

​Kickstart healthy living God’s way with this 40-day physical and spiritual transformation course. Here’s your ultimate guide to renewing your mind, learning how to fast, what the Bible says about eating and more and embracing the new and improved you. Click here to learn more and start the transformation today!


​Spot GMO Foods Quickly!

​Is that box of popcorn safe to eat? Is your shopping cart packed with GMO foods? Know which ingredients in foods you should avoid for your health. This small and handy super-inexpensive GMO card will save you from costly, life-threatening mistakes.

​Start, Stick, Succeed - 21-Day Daniel Fast Meal Plan and Course

​God wants you healthy and disease-free. Give your body a reboot by doing the 21-day Daniel fast. It’s more than a diet - it’s a way of life to thriving physical and spiritual health. Discover the easy way to start, stick to it, and reap amazing results!


​Find the Best Fruits and Veggies Every Time

​Save your money and spare your life by shopping right! This wallet-sized produce shopping card is your ultimate “cheat sheet” for picking out nutritious fresh produce when in the grocery store. Shop smart today.

Mill, Grind, Dehydrate, and Blend Your Way to

Optimal Health 

Cooking is an art - and you need certain tools to help you create a masterpiece in the kitchen. Make every food preparation fun, seamless, and effortless with these kitchen tools for fantastic recipes all the time! 

​Make Flour at Home -Fast, Easy, Cheap!

NutriMill Plus Grain Mill

Use Flour with all the Nutrients!

Store-bought flours can be pricey, lacking in nutrients, and not fresh at all. Make your own flour at home from now on with this easy-to-use mill that will enhance your recipes with God's intended healthy foundation! 

Mini Mill -Nutrimill

Freshly-Ground Herbs and Spices  make the BEST Recipes 

Why buy ground herbs and spices in stores when you can grind them yourself? This mini mill lets you grind your favorite herbs and spices in seconds to keep them fresh for a great-tasting recipe every time. 

Vitamix A2500 Ascent Series Smart Blender

An All-Around Vitamix Blender for Hundreds of Recipes 

Make smoothies, fruit juices, zesty sauces, dips, soups, and even scrumptious all-natural ice cream using a high-powered Vitamix blender. This is all you will ever need to make hundreds of recipes right at home!

Mock Mill Grain Mill 200

Mill ANY Grains to Double the Flavor, Nutrition, and Overall Goodness of Recipes! 

When your recipe calls for flour, this ​Mock Mill can get the job done by milling your favorite grains in seconds. Bake artisan breads and prepare professional-quality recipes with this ever-reliable mill by your side. 

Braun MQ777 Multiquick 7 Hand Blender

There's not much you can't do with this Food Processor  

This mighty Braun food processor lets you make flawless entress, soups, desserts, and dips in minutes. Achieve perfection in your recipes each time with this PERFECT food processor that gets things done right.

Filter Pro Dehydrator

Fast and Easy Tool to Dehydrate Food for Thriving Health  

Dehydrated fruits and vegetables are tasty, low-calorie, nutritious, and satisfying snacks for you and your kids. This tool lets you dehydrate your favorite ingredients quickly and easily, and it’s affordable, too!

Stand Mixers and Other “Modern Maids” to Prepare Food Easily

These mixers do it all! But which modern mixer is best for you? Whether you go for the “mother” or the “small but powerful” mixer, you can never go wrong with your choice. Here are my top picks and what each has to offer. 

Bosch Universal Plus Mixer

Professional Cooking Made Possible with The Mother of All Mixers

With 60 years of superior and unparalleled quality, Bosch mixer simply shines and outranks the rest. Find out just what you can expect from this high-quality universal Bosch mixer that means business in the kitchen. 

Nutrimill Artiste

Nutrimill Artiste Mixer - Where Price Tag Meets Superior Quality 

Why choose a bulkier and more expensive mixer when you can get a smaller and equally powerful one that does the job well? Learn more about this small and cheaper mixer that’s a real workhorse in the kitchen. 

Mixer Attachments​ and Accessories 

One motor, plenty of attachments - this means more things done as you get all the help you can get from your workhorse in the kitchen, your mixer! What accessories and attachments are there? Here they are and what they’re used for! 

Universal Plus Mixer Bosch Blender

The ONLY Blender You Will Ever Need 

When you need to buy just ONE blender, this Universal Bosch blender has to be it. Use it to make your smoothies, dips, and even homemade ice cream - and more! Read more about its cool features here. 

Bosch Universal MM3 Food Processor

Food Processing Made Quick and Easy 

Chop, mix, process ingredients in seconds with this heavy duty food processor from Bosch. The recipes you can make with this powerful tool is endless, and it’s a must-have for personal or even professional use! 

Bosch Large Slicer Shredder

Perfect Shreds, No Cut Fingers! 

How would you like to shred your carrot, radish, zucchini, and other veggies without getting your fingers close to a razor sharp blade? This shredder does the dirty job for you in seconds, so you don’t have to work too hard. 

Spiralizer attachment for Bosch Universal Mixer and Artiste

Be Crafty in the Kitchen with a Handy Spiralizer 

Make spiralized zucchini, carrot and a whole lot of other ingredients with this trusty spiralizer in your kitchen. Finally, making tasty and healthy veggie noodles is made quick and simple, so prepare to spiralize-away! 

Bosch Flour Sifter

Bake Light and Fluffy Cakes with This Secret Kitchen Weapon! 

What’s the secret to light, fluffy and perfect cakes? A good quality flour that’s sifted correctly and perfectly, that is! This essential kitchen tool is what you need to make flawless cakes just like a pro.  

Nutrimill Ice Cream Maker

The Perfect Ice Cream Starts at Home 

Who needs to buy ice cream when you can make your own, healthier and better-tasting version? Here is the only thing you will ever need to create a fine concoction of homemade ice cream bursting with flavor and nutrition. 

Kitchen Gadgets for Quick​ and Easy Healthy Cooking  

My favorite kitchen tools to make life easier! These tools work hard all the time, so I don’t have to. Healthy food preparation and cooking is a breeze with the amazing kitchen gadget tools you’ll never want to be without. 

Pastry Bread Roller

2-in-1 Pastry and Pizza Roller  

Why settle for one when you can get two sizes in a roller? Make pizza and pastry with perfect consistency with this roller tool, and you’ll be baking like a pro in no time!
Herb Scissors Set with 5 Multi Stainless Steel Blades

Not Your Ordinary Herb Shears 

It’s a pain having to deal with kitchen shears that dull so fast. But these herb shears stay sharp, so you can easily trim those herbs and cut ‘em up for your special recipe to give it a nice, delicate aroma and flavor.
Miracle Peeler 2 in 1 Julienne Peeler

This Miracle Peeler Peels Your Veggies… Not Your Fingers! 

Safe and easy to use, this is hands down one of the best peelers in the kitchen that spares you from nasty cuts. Don’t take my word for it, though - give it a try for yourself and prepare to be amazed!
Anchor Hocking 2 Quart Glass Batter Bowl With Lid

Mix and Blend without Leaks and Spills 

I simply love this 2-quart bowl that I use for mixing my ingredients. They’re not like any other mixing bowl, and I use it everyday.
Pyrex 4-Piece Glass Measuring Cup Set

The Perfect Dish is in the Perfect Measurement 

Be as precise and accurate as you can be with these measuring cups. No more second-guessing or estimating - this 4-piece measuring cup set lets you maintain precision in the kitchen.
Lebice Popsicle Molds Set

Picture Perfect Popsicles! 

Make your own popsicles at home with these cute popsicle molds. They’re food-safe, non-toxic and so easy to use - even your kids can effortless make their own popsicles fast!
Norpro Multicolored Silicone Ice Pop Maker

Nothing Beats Homemade Treats - Squeeze Pops 

Oh what fun making ice pops and lollies with all the flavors you can think of… And cheap! Get your ice pops ready and freeze ‘em up in these leak-free squeeze pops.

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​Annette Reeder, holds a B.S. in Nutrition from Huntington College plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She has been studying food, nutrition and medical science for over 30 years.