Biblical Weight Loss Plan – Episode #137

What is Biblical weight loss? Learn how biblical weight loss works and what you need to do to succeed in your weight loss goals!

The questions that you’ve submitted today are all about biblical weight loss. So this is going to be a good one. I’m excited to join you!

Question number one, what can I eat that will help reduce my waistline? That’s the only part of my body I really wish to reduce.

The most important element in the waistline slimming is really the microbiome. When we feed the microbiome with pre and probiotic rich foods, then we have that happy bacteria. And it’s going to actually help transfer the nutrients to the parts of the body where it’s needed. And it’s going to do that much quicker.

Now this means they’re going to leave the center and move to all of the other areas and create that energy that you want to burn. When we burn. We’re not storing and that’s what’s important. Now some foods are metabolized better than others. This can be different for everyone.

So when you use the hunger satisfied journal… , you can be journaling how you feel eating different foods, and you can actually track what foods helped me feel slim what foods cause my stomach to be kind of slower and sluggish before It empties.

Number one – are your hormones in balance? Well, your hormones will not be imbalanced unless your microbiome is balanced. Because many hormones are fed from the microbiome, then we’re also going to have foods that don’t metabolize well, because of the microbiome.

Step number two would be then the hormones are going to start responding to a healthy microbiome. And that’s where the hormones determine how we settle and how we store insulin.

Also the last great way you can eliminate the waistline is to go into fasting. So a 16 hour fast everyday is very helpful for some people or a 16 to 18 hour fast maybe three times a week in our coaching group and in the 40 day transformation… . I recommend fasting three meals a week. Any meal any day, just three meals a week.

Question number two – I have diabetes and I need to lose weight. Can you help me?

Short answer? Yes. All right. Start with the hunger satisfied journal. Now you can download it in the seven steps to amazing biblical health…. You get it there, you get it free, the seven steps are free, and the journal is free. That’s our first version of that journal. You can also be purchased as a book, The Hunger satisfied journal….

Question number three – How do you incorporate God’s word into your approach to weight loss?

This is a really good question, and I appreciate it. Weight loss is not about food. It’s about your beliefs. And our beliefs must be in agreement with God’s word. When you are in our 40 day transformation course you’re going to see this play out and in our coaching group…, you’re totally going to see it play out.

We use scripture in the 40 Day Transformation Program. And not only that, we use it to see how to transform our mind. You see its lies that have kept us paralyzed in our weight loss. And these lies are against God’s word.


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