Daniel Fast Foods to Eat and Avoid – A Comprehensive Guide – Episode #79

If you’re ready to do the Daniel fast, you will need some tips on the Daniel fast foods to eat and avoid. Let’s take a look at this Daniel fast food list and some Daniel fast recipes you can prepare for this type of plant based fasting.

Daniel Fast Foods to Eat and Avoid

1. Fruits

There’s nothing wrong with eating fruits. Fruits are good but I really want you to only eat them fresh or frozen.I don’t want you eating canned fruits. I would say dehydrated is okay, but most people don’t dehydrate their own fruits. They buy dried fruits and dried fruits have a very high concentration of sugar and that’s going to create cravings. 

2. Vegetables. 

Once again fresh. You can go with frozen, you could go with dehydrated. Now I dehydrate a ton of vegetables out of my garden. I have kale in Mason jars that I save for our smoothies and things like that. In fact, smoothies is a perfect food for during a fast. 

3. Whole Grains

You’ve got your amaranth, oats, but if you were to buy a steel cut, it would be a better option. So any of your whole grains, if they are unprocessed or very little processed, that is good enough for the Daniel fast. But I don’t keep oats and buckets in my pantry. I always buy them steel-cut. 

4. Bread

It’s the perfect food for the Daniel fast, as long as it is made of whole grains and is minimally processed. If you make the bread that I teach you, then that is okay. Except I want you to eliminate the eggs and I want you to eliminate the honey. 

Now, someone challenged me in one of the prepper classes that I was teaching and asked, “Can you make bread without honey or oil?  So I did, I made bread with wheat. It could be any whole grain, your whole grain, water, salt and yeast. And it was delicious. 

So if you’re not going to use eggs in your bread, but you still want it to taste good, you could use instead, you could use some flaxseed and it would give you the fiber. It would give you the protein. It would give you some oils and it would give you that elasticity that the eggs contribute to the bread. 

5. Nuts and seeds

These are another one of Daniel fast foods to eat.

I prefer that you not eat peanuts just because we really are going to actually have a spiritual benefit of this fasting, but we’re also going to have a physical benefit . And sometimes peanuts, they just, the way they’re processed, the way they’re grown, you know, they just have some issues about them, which I’m not really going to go into on this video that I, I really believe you’d have better health benefits if you eliminate a peanuts, but all the other nuts just go ahead and enjoy. And nut butters would be good as long as the ingredients are just the nuts and maybe some salt. 

6. Legumes

Chickpeas are great. When you eat foods like lentils and chickpeas, you’re going to have a healing effect in your gut that all of a sudden your microbiome. 

7. Water

You should drink plenty of water. I’ll use lime or sometimes lemon, cucumber and even some celery and blended up with some parsley and a little bit of lemon.  Herbal teas are fine, but just really keep it to a minimum.

8. Vinegar and Other Flavoring

Next, we have vinegars. Vinegars are fine to just get a good quality. Other flavorings for cooking that I use Bragg’s liquid aminos all the time. I love this product that would be very good to use in your cooking stir fries would be great stir fries, not the same as a fried vegetable with you know, batter and all of that. Salt and herbs as seasonings are fine on the Daniel fast.

You should try new ways to cook foods that are just very tasty for your family. We have a lot of recipes in this Daniel fast book and my cookbook that I think are going to become family favorites and it’s just a great time to experience the Daniel fast. 

Daniel Fast Food to Avoid

1. Oils

Any of your good quality olive and avocado oil that you find a good quality would be good I really don’t want you doing vegetable oils or canola oil unless it’s organic or safflower oil. Coconut oil will be very good as well. 

2. Animal Products

Now, remember, we’re not doing any animal products. We’re going to remove all animal products for this time period. Eggs aren’t very healthy for you, and I want you to eliminate them for three weeks. 

I have a whole video on the physical benefits and the spiritual benefits of the Daniel Fast where I discuss why this is such a great healing experience and it is going to create amazing healing for you and for your body. 

I hope this helps, and if you have questions, please feel free to comment below, so I can help you out as you do this wonderful Daniel fast.

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