Let this mind be in you... Philippians 2:5

Mental wellness is not simple in today's world. The number of distractions physically, spiritually and mentally cause a sense of overwhelm that leads to fatigue, FOMO and worry.

This is not how we should live. Christ sets us free from each of these.

Our prayer is that as you walk through each step below, you can see the freedom rising. It is the freedom to be experienced for the rest of your life.

3 Steps To Achieve Mental Fitness

Are you mentally fit?

Do you know people who have PMS, PCOS, PTSD, depression, anxiety, difficulty learning, trouble remembering skin issues, digestion, digestive issues, difficulty losing weight?

It helps to know that these conditions are actually a signal that something is wrong. And we need to begin the healing process by starting in the most important area of your body.

Your gut!

Biblical/ Spiritual

Mental wellness affects our spiritual journey, and our spiritual journey affects our mental wellness.

By recognizing the connection, this helps us choose the right place to heal.


Did you know your beliefs determine your behavior?

Some people do best starting with the physical changes while others need to start with the mental. Take our quiz to see the best step for you.


The physical connection between the gut, microbiome, vagus nerve, brain and heart all connect to bring us the highest level of mental wellness.
Learn how to heal each area for abundant living.

Beliefs Determine Behavior

The beliefs of guilt and shame lead to defeat! It is not what people say that matters - it is what we say to ourselves. Beliefs determine behavior.

Baggage Needs To Go

Negative thoughts are inevitable. Yet, you can get rid of them.
The Bible teaches us ways on how to remove negative thoughts from the mind, so you can live happily, peacefully, and be the best YOU!

The Power Of Forgiveness

Have you forgiven YOU? You say; "I love God." But have you forgiven yourself? Unforgiveness inhibits our life from being the victory that Jesus offers.
It is a simple choice yet; it is compounded by our beliefs. YOU can let go of unforgiveness. YOU can be set free!

Stop Being Controlled

Does it feel you're being controlled by your feelings? Or are you controlling your feelings? Feelings can be a blessing or a curse. Here are five simple and doable steps to achieve emotional freedom today and every day.

It's All In The Gut

The power to heal your gut starts with the best diet for gut health and weight loss. With just 7 steps, you can achieve gut health, mental health, feel great each day, and be your best self!