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Together we can help The Church become the walking, talking and glorifying example of God's Excellent Health.

Will you help make that possible?

Just $3 a month can help us share the Gospel throughout the world!

People are HUNGRY for God's message of redemption - We need YOU to help!

The Biblical Nutritionist is a 501c3 non profit for the sole purpose of sharing God’s message of salvation.

We do this through cooking videos, coaching and teaching about God’s love.

As people come to us to learn we then get the opportunity to build relationships that lead to sharing Christ's love and story of redemption.

Our message is now reaching into 25 countries and over 300,000 people learned about God's love for them last year.

People are hungry for the message of God's Love and we need your help to share more.

The interest is food and the message is salvation.

We need your help to continue with this message and share the Gospel around the globe.

Help us share the Gospel to the world TODAY.

A simple gift of $3 a month can help us:

- Encourage Christians daily through podcast, blogs, speaking at churches and conferences

- Respond with the Gospel to those who connect with our office for consultations and needs 

 - Reach more people and spend time sharing the Bible with them as they contact our office

Please consider giving today. May God richly bless you!

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