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Annette Reeder


Introducing International Speaker, Professional Coach and Life-Changing Teacher  


Does your life resonate GRACE?

Do you experience SATISFACTION
in all areas of your LIFE?

Do you love food?      Does it love you?

  Do you love God?       Does He love you?

No, these are not trick questions but they help us keep life in perspective. 
"If food could love I would be the most loved person in the world." Annette Reeder

How and why we eat - speaks volumes of all areas of your life! Change your food focus and you learn steps to change everything. This doesn't happen by chance ~ it happens by directed focus through .

Learn from Annette how food nourishes and God satisfies.  Her speaking, coaching and writing teaches how to be relieved from food addictions and health challenges  while deepening your faith in the Lord.

Annette's recipe  combines her creative skills, working with churches and Christian organizations, with flavor and fun  to deliver energy and optimal health.  Through her stories and lessons audiences will taste and experience how to live the life God designed - full of vitality and abundant living.  Read More>>

Our Mission Is To Educate, Inspire & Serve

with the Biblical message of how ALL Christians can be the walking, talking, and glorfying example of God's receipt for excellent health.

  • Are you ready to lose weight - for good?
  • Are you ready to have energy - all day?
  • Are you ready to feel younger to stay on mission longer?

Then you are ready to truly discover and experience ALL that scripture has to say about the Flavor of Grace and God's Recipe for Excellent Health!

Through Flavor of Grace Conferences, Cooking Classes and the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study each Christian will enjoy a new found health and a strenghtened relationship with God.


Then you are ready to truly discover and experience ALL that scripture has to say about God's Recipe for Excellent Health!

 Annette Reeder's Newest Release Now Available 


Here is the NEW ARRIVAL of the Proverbs 31 Prepper book.  Read for yourself the simple steps to feed your family well at all times.  A great resource for planning, preparing and pleasing your family with foods that will nourish and satisfy. 

Learn from Annette Reeder, The Biblical Nutritionist, the 4 essential steps to feed your family well during difficult times such as: financial crises, illness, and loss of job, and also during times of plenty. 

A well nourished family is one that will be strong, be healthy and be a glorifing example of God's goodness.  This book will cover essential steps to make that happen.

Flavor of Grace Seminars 

Now you are ready to have a fun, rewarding, and inspiring weekend with the Flavor of Grace team. 

This weekend  conference delivers a fresh menu which includes fun and entertaining ways to learn about food, health, faith and grace.

It let's you discover simple and practical ways to eat like royalty and prepare your mind for God's mission.

And the inspriing and life-changing messages will give you the movitation to trust in His Word and get ready to eat for life and move for missions.

Proverbs 31 Prepper Seminar 

Learn the 4 essential steps to feed your family well during difficult times and ALSO times of pleasure. This class covers it all from cooking, preparing, preserving, gardening, praise, worship, and so much more.  A delight to your senses as we show, tell, taste and enjoy.

Learn the basics to feed your family for one week without electricity and I don't mean eating poptarts. Next learn what it takes for one month, 3 months, 6 months and one year.  Plus:

  • How to be less dependent on the 'stores' and more dependent on God.
  • Eat healthy and without panic: menu planning, storing and preparing foods and resources
  • Keep our focus on Faith and Family
  • Prevent sabotaging your health or nutrition
  • Feed your family during nationwide difficulties

Seminar includes:  Tasty Food Samples and Demonstrations, Product Suggestions and Special Offers, Book and Downloads, Q & A, plus more.

Consider Partnering With Us!

We have just received great news and I wanted to share with you first!

God has opened the door or I should say the air waves for FOG to be aired on both secular stations and Christian radio stations.

They want the message of food, health and God’s love.

Imagine your friends who don’t know Christ turning on their radio and hearing a message challenging them in their health and yet a message marinated with God’s love and His Word?


Our team of professionals have been where you are – following the typical American process: eating processed foods leading to the process of disease. But just as we have made changes, so can you. Don't be miserable another day.

Our goal is to help you get back in step with feeling great.  If you would like to take the first step in making changes, then follow these easy steps:
  1. Read the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible study.
  2. Check out the consultation options below.
  3. Contact our office for an appointment: or complete the Request for Consultation form here. 
Consulting Options 

Foodie Thirty - is offered free to everyone who has purchased all 3 Treasures books. 

Nutrition Check-Up - 1 hour consultation and get an overview of how your health and nutrition plans are working or not working. 

Energy Turnaround -  3 months of coaching/consulting and personalized nuitrition plan

Enhanced Metabolic Balance - 6 months of coaching/consulting including webinars, full menu personalized for your current lab values to reset your metabolism.  

About us

Annette Reeder, holds a B.S. in Nutrition from Huntington College plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She has been studying food, nutrition and medical science for over 30 years.

Annette Reeder is a professional member of National Association of Nutrition Professionals, American Society of Nutritionist, National Speakers Association, AWSA Advanced Writers and Speakers Association and certified with Metabolic Balance.

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