How to Overcome Food Addictions and Emotional Eating – Episode #142

What is Bible food for healing?
Discover what to eat for health and how to overcome food addiction naturally & biblically!

What is the Bible food for healing? Can you overcome food addiction? Here are just some questions I answer in today’s Q&A episode:
1. What specific foods can help you gain weight? – Abdi Mohamud
Healthy weight gain is always dependent on gut health. You need to eat fruits and vegetables, especially root vegetables. For healthy weight gain, I recommend increasing your protein intake and eating an additional healthy meal each day.
2. Is ashwagandha helpful for menstrual disorders? – Saeed
Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb and antiangiogenic, at the same time… It helps your body to interrupt the feeding of the tumor. Ashwagandha does the same thing. Moreover, this herb helps to balance the cortisol, libido, and your mood.
It also allows you to experience more balance in your daily life. It is an anti-stress that helps you to stay in balance and even helps to relieve anxiety and stress. My personal favorite Ashwagandha supplement is Amare Stress – ashwaghanda:….
I take it each day and notice the outstanding effects in my overall health.
3. Many people are saying that all gluten is causing depression. But do you think “live bread” is still okay even though it contains gluten? – Holistic Barn
The more processed foods we eat, the more we will depend in medicine. Gluten is not exactly the main cause of depression. Instead, it is an existing problem in your microbiome. The health of your microbiome determines the health of your body and mind.
4. I am addicted to food – and I do not on any level think I am lovely or good enough…” – Elizabeth
We have been taught that food is love. That it can make you feel good. But stuffing yourself with food does not comfort you or boost your self esteem. This is why you need to get rid of food addiction. I was on the same boat but these 3 steps helped to set me free.
1. Give yourself credit for doing one thing that helps you get closer to your goal.
2. Do a beliefs download. Write down your beliefs on a piece of paper and question them. After all, every creation of God is beautiful. Love the body God has given you, love the person that God made you to be.
3. Believe that God’s love for you is eternal. Nothing can separate you from God’s love for you. If you continue to make food your focus, then you continue to make food an addiction.
So, focus on God’s love for you and question those negative beliefs that you have trained yourself to believe.
Also, I recommend that you join our FREE 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health, which will walk you through the 7 simple steps to experience healing and health through the Bible. It is a FREE download on my website I hope you enjoyed today’s Q & A episode. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and I look forward to reading and responding to them soon. Until next time!


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