Is Wheat Bad? Debunking The Myths About Wheat – Episode #141

Should you stop eating bread?
Let’s discuss these myths about wheat and why some bread is bad while others are good for you.

What is wheat in the Bible? Is it really bad to eat wheat?

Most importantly, what are the myths about wheat that are stopping you from eating healthy wheat and bread?

Or what about gluten? Why is it that the media presents gluten as a bad thing?

Today, we’ll debunk these myths about wheat by talking about wheat in the Bible and what it really does to our body.

I have interviewed Sue Becker to help us understand more about wheat in the Bible, what wheat really does to our body and whether it is good or bad for us.

She will also debunk common and popular myths about wheat, bread, grains, which not many people know about.

I hope you enjoyed this podcast episode and that it has been helpful for you. Now you know the truth about wheat, what are your thoughts about it? Let me know in the comments below!

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