Passover and Resurrection Sunday Recipes

April 1, 2021

Passover Recipes

Celebrate Jesus with these delicious Passover Recipes in our Cooking Class!

If ever there was a season to celebrate ~ this is on the top of my list! Jesus was symbolized as the Lamb at Passover, the First Fruit at the Resurrection, and the reminder of getting rid of sin at the Feast of Unleavened Bread.

Wondering why I think Christians ought to celebrate Passover? I explain in this video:

Cooking Class Recipes

My holiday recipes include a recipe of family favorites, flavored with Jewish customs and Biblically-inspired ideas. Combined together we get to experience all the flavors of God’s goodness and please all members of the family. Therefore, the foods selected are to help share the Gospel story while enjoying a blessed time of family gathering around the table. I use the same recipes for all three celebrations. If I am serving the same people for more than one celebration I will change the sides and dessert.

After that, are you ready to cook up a feast for your Passover or Resurrection Sunday celebration? Not sure where to start? My friend Rhonda and I did a LIVE broadcast from our kitchens to teach you how to make our favorite dishes! 

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  • Annette, I was so touched by your story about your Mother and how you saw her live beyond five years to 19. Do you have info of how your Mom changed her diet? I am eating a whole plant food diet with some wild caught salmon. I have lost 35 lbs in 3 months. I feel great despite the diagnosis of invasive ductal breast cancer and stage 4 that is metasized. I eat no added sugar. I am taking hormonal therapy & lots of supplements. I want to begin eating the seven foods of the Promised Land. I need recipes to help me fight cancer. I saw your section on cruciferous veges. I heard your video on oregano. My research shows wild oregano is the one that fights cancer. Do you know how to find it? My husband is growing a Biblical botanical garden at our church where we are beginning The Seed of Abraham congregation to appeal to the Jewish population & also Messianics. We live in Jacksonville, FL.

    Pastor Rachel Bez

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