Sweeter Than Honey – Taste the Lord – Episode #145

God’s word is truly sweeter than honey!
Feel God’s love everyday as we go back to His words on this sweeter than honey Bible verse.
Life is indeed sweet when we listen to the word of God each day!

What is Sweeter Than Honey?

God’s word is sweeter than honey, that’s what!

“How sweet are thy words to my taste. Sweeter than honey to my mouth.” Today, we’ll talk about the sweetness of God’s word and what it means in our lives. One of my favorite Bible teachers and teachers about Israel is Ray Vander Laan and he shares a story about honey that I want to share with you. He shares about how he visited a school when he was over in Israel and it was the first day of school and the children were so excited, but yet a little anxious and the rabbi of that classroom, he came in and he put the Torah in front of every student, the Bible to us and then he came around and he put a piece of wax paper on top of that Bible. Then he came around with a little honey bear and squeezed honey on top of that Bible and he told the children that verse that I just told you from Psalm 119:103, “How sweet are thy words to thy taste?

It is so uplifting to discover God’s goodness in our life! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EiPYR…

Sweeter Than Honey Bible Verse and Its Meaning

In the Bible, specifically in Psalm 119:103, we can find the beautiful, sweeter than the honeycomb Bible verse that says, “How sweet are thy words to my taste; sweeter than honey to my mouth.” And it is such a lovely verse that is a wonderful visual reminder of everything God has done for us and his sweet love for us. We just have to keep discovering and recognizing God’s design in our life https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SAlaz…

Then we can truly attest to the fact that “your words are sweeter than honey, dear God!”

As the biblical nutritionist, I see over and over that God’s design and how he created us in his image is a just an outpouring of his sweetness to us and the foods he has given us, especially even just the honey and how it also is an example of his love and how much he loves us.

How It Really Means to Live the Meaning of the Verse, “Thy Word is Sweeter Than Honey”

I want to challenge you. I want to inspire you. I’m going to encourage you, when you look at the food on your dinner table, let them be a reminder when they’re foods that are God’s foods that he designed and not lab experiments, but you know true foods, real food that you can identify you. You can be reminded how much God loves you. But even without the food, we will always have God’s word as sweet words that are sweeter than honeyto our heart. Just trust God and don’t even doubt his words for a second. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mOFKD… When we’re in trouble, we have his word. When we are in heartache, we have his word. When things are going great, we have his word. His words will always be sweet to our mouth.


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