Experience Israel

Travel With Me to Israel

When we walk the streets, Jesus walked or climb the steps Paul gave his defense - Scripture becomes vibrant.

No one can convince you that the Word is not true after you have visited Israel.

Join us as the doors are opening to see, touch, taste and experience Israel for yourself. Our trips include tasty foodie experiences that add flavor to an already zestful trip.

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Take a journey across The Land of the Bible, supporting the People of Israel, and receiving handmade gifts every three months.

When I was introduced to Artza, it thrilled my heart. It brings Israel into your home every quarter. They have a quarterly subscription that delivers a box from different regions of Israel from artisans in the area. Beautiful artwork, delicious food, stories and much more.

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Each Artza box is another step on the Journey through The Holy Land. Explore a different city or region through the finest goods, scripture and stories from the people who call Israel home.

  • An introduction to a city or region in Israel
  • Scripture that connects modern day to the Land of the Bible
  • Hebrew words and phrases
  • Exclusive artisanal goods not found anywhere else
  • Stories of the artisans and people of all faiths
  • Access to our online community of thousands of fans
  • Flash sales and unique promotions only for Artza customers
  • Exclusive online and events, livestreamed from Israel