Welcome to The Biblical Nutrition Academy!

Congratulations & Hallelujah!

You've taken a leap of faith and a step towards transformation — and for that, we celebrate with you. 

Your Journey Begins Here...

A hearty and warm thank you for joining us at The Biblical Nutrition Academy. You’ve not just invested in a bundle of courses; you’ve invested in a transformational experience that will nourish your body, mind, and spirit in alignment with Biblical truths.

What's Next?

Within just a few minutes, you’ll receive an email with login details to access your courses, which will be housed within the Biblical Nutrition Academy (BNA)—and the email will have two options, depending on the following:

  • This is your first Biblical Nutrition Academy course.
  • You already have a Biblical Nutrition Academy account.

Your first BNA course: If this is your first BNA course enrollment, you will receive initial login details (consisting of a username and password) that you can then use to login to get started. Don’t worry, once you login you can change the password to whatever you want. 

For existing BNA members: If you’ve already signed up for at least one Biblical Nutritionist course in the past (and are already enrolled in the Biblical Nutrition Academy), then you can disregard the temporary password in the email. All you’ll need to do is log into the academy by clicking on the provided login link (which you’ll receive in the email), and your new courses will be loaded up for you and ready for action!

Your Path to Vibrant Health Awaits...

As part of our community, you've unlocked more than just courses — you've opened the door to a network of support and wisdom.

Here's a taste of what you've got to look forward to:

  • Nutrition Assessment: Discover the blueprint for lifelong health tailored specifically for you and your loved ones.
  • Fasting for Spiritual and Physical Freedom: Unearth the power of Biblical fasting to break free from food bondage and renew your spiritual zeal.
  • Daniel Fast Course: Engage in an ancient practice for modern times with scripture-rooted guidance and nourishing recipes.

Forever Part of the Family

You're now part of the Biblical Nutrition Academy Family, which means you have lifetime access to the courses and our exclusive Facebook group — a community to cheer you on, share experiences, and grow with.

Stay Tuned…

Look out for our welcome email to get started and dive into your first lesson! In the meantime, feel free to request to join our vibrant community on Facebook and introduce yourself.

Questions? Need Assistance?

We’re here for you. If you have any questions or require support, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at info@biblicalnutritionist.com.

A Note of Gratitude

Your commitment to embracing Biblical nutrition is a testament to your dedication to living a life of abundance and health as intended by our Creator. We are grateful to accompany you on this sacred journey.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

- Jeremiah 29:11

Blessings on Your Health Journey,

Annette and The Biblical Nutritionist Team

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