Bible Memory Cards

Transformations are not from man but from the WORD.

Keep God's Word fresh in your mind and heart.

What if you could keep God's Word in your pocket, on your desk, or taped to your mirror? Simple enough to do. For a spiritual and physical transformation, we have collected Bible verses to increase the learning for this change of heart. The Bible verses are in 3 categories: BELIEFS, FASTING and HEALING.

God's Word promises!
God always answers His words.

                                                         The world likes to distract and dissuade.
                                                     God's Word keeps us grounded and centralized.
As we take every thought from this world captive, we need to realize this is a promise and command.

To live in the power of the Holy Spirit and not in the power of the natural, we must be always in God's Word.

I suggest you choose one set of Memory Cards as a daily reading. Choose either the BELIEFS, or FASTING, or HEALING. Print the sheets and cut them apart.

Read the verse - say it out loud as written - then say it with your name in it.
See the 7 Steps for Amazing Biblical Health for instructions on doing this.
Finally, say the verse as a prayer or praise to the Lord.

This is how the TRANSFORMATION, by the power of God's Word, works.

Then move on to the next set of Memory Cards. BELIEFS ~ HEALING ~