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Courses & Programs

Biblical health starts HERE.
We help Christians like YOU wake up the abundant life both spiritually and physically!

Are you a pastor/pastor's wife, man/woman, or student?
Are you ready to experience God's recipe for excellent health?

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Courses, Coaching, and Cooking  combine for great health and weight loss. 
Discover The Biblical Health Program That Suits Your Needs.

40 Day Spiritual and Physical Transformation

40-Day Physical & Spiritual Transformation


Transformation: a thorough or dramatic change in form or appearance.

Our most popular option! If your health: spiritual and physical is ready for a transformation in your beliefs, fasting, weight, mental fitness, and more

Then take this 40 Day step to discover and experience a transformation.
PLUS - this course is the prerequisite to join the most talked about INNER CIRCLE!

"From size 14 to size 8... I never thought it would be possible... And the changes continue to happen. Thank you!"

Laura o.

Wife, Mom of 3

The Daniel Fast Course



Draw closer to God through the disciplined approach of Daniel’s Fast & experience the transformation to your mind, body and spirit in 21-Days.
21 day devotion, menus, recipes, how-to's, videos and more.

"I loved your offering plate story, now when I plan my meals it is more about what will benefit my body - therefore my testimony, I mean my Tastimony -

is a reflection of that offering." 

kim S.

Entrepreneur & Wife

inner circle membership

Inner Circle Membership


Our fastest growing community is now open!

Every successful person has their own private “Inner Circle” – a group of people who inspire, coach, motivate, encourage and propel them to the greatness you see from the outside looking in.

The Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle membership is an all-inclusive monthly coaching program highlighting these topics:
Meal prepping, Fasting, "Praying the Answer",  Emotional Wellness, Mastering Results Oriented Mindset, Weight Loss, Biblical Wellness and much more!

Join a community that encourages, challenges and never lets you go alone.

multiple calls each week and/or study on your own.

This is the graduate program of the 40 Day Transformation

"I was the woman at the well - a food adulteress. Now, I am set free."

audrey s.

Wife & Blogger


Treasures Of Healthy Living Bible Study


What does the Bible say about healthy living?
This Bible study answers that question by taking you on a journey from
 Genesis to Revelation.
Learn from teachers: Annette Reeder, Dr Couey, Ellie Cullen and Sue Becker to discover God's recipe for excellent health in His Word!

Each chapter in this study will bring you closer to understanding God’s life balance, closer to understanding God's design of our bodies and how the food He gifted us fits perfectly into that design. We are truly blessed.

Change Your Life Forever in 13-Weeks!

"After the Treasures class and your coaching I was able to go on my first mission trip!" 

laura s.

Designer, Mom of 1

Our Students' Success Stories:

I tend to be a great starter of programs then die away so knowing my personality I have to rein my enthusiasm.
The wonderful thing though about the 40 day program is how it is more focused on our walk and mindset straight out of the gate.... and this is the area I KNEW needed addressing first and foremost as I didn't really want to look into the abyss. HE is working on me slowly and surely.

Ellen, mom & wife

Thank you for sharing the Lord's wisdom from the Bible. It's so rewarding and amazing how us humans forget who really is our Savior and true love.
Thanks, Annette, for teaching us to become better humans. I am learning a lot from your 40-day transformation course and have been experiencing results. I am also going to read more into your books. Learning so much, and I am blessed.

Rosalinda, mom of 3 & wife

I'm doing the 40-day transformation program, and I can't believe I lost 16 lbs in 12 days!
My eating habits has gotten better, my sleeping patterns have improved a lot, and I am no longer the cranky person I used to be. I am changing and feeling better each day.
This is awesome, and I don't feel deprived at all. Thank you so much for helping us.

Caroline, interior designer