Find the Breakthrough God Designed For You
40 Day Physical & Spiritual Transformation

  • Discover Biblical Truths and Promises written to YOU
  • Gain victory over your health and circumstances
  • Step into the freedom physically and spiritually God designed you to live
  • Break strongholds of addiction & finally experience satisfied

Transform Your Physical and Spiritual Health in 40 Days

How can a four letter word, F-O-O-D, be so confusing?

Man’s wisdom failed me. I was fat, tired, ugly and depressed. Aren’t Christians supposed to take care of the temple?

I had tried everything, nothing worked and I felt like a failure.

My marriage was in turmoil, as a mother, I was struggling and I was losing the battle against my health.

The enemy was winning and I was lost.

When my son asked me one day in the car, “Mom, why don’t you smile anymore?” I knew something HAD to change.

So I did the one thing I could do. Turned to scripture. What I found changed my entire life.

I learned God’s plan for my body, how he designed our foods and his pure love and acceptance of me.

You can too!

Learn How to Achieve the Health Designed for You

biblical weight loss

Overcome habits that are sabotaging
your health

Fix your mindset and learn the truth about your identity in Christ

Learn the keys to
biblical fasting

Lose weight ~ Gain Health

Discover the foods that
were designed for you

Learn how to live the
3 Bible Diet Principles

Where You’ll Be 40-days from Now

When you start a new diet, a new fitness plan, or any new habit, it is hard to stick to it on your own.

That is why Annette Reeder, the Biblical Nutritionist, is going to come alongside you and help you take simple steps each day and live the ancient recipe for abundant health.

40-days from now you will know how to eat the Biblical way, know your place as a son or daughter of God, and have a full cup that can begin to overflow for others!

The Fastest Known Way to Stick to the Bible Diet and Be Satisfied

  • Biblical journal your way to success as Annette takes you through the Hunger Satisfied Journal. This journal is like no other. It is a life transformation journal.
  • 7 "Movement" practices and guides to launch an active lifestyle  
  • 7  Videos to Help You Begin a Spiritual and Physical discipline of Fasting and stick to it.
  • 11 videos to take you step by step, shifting from negative thinking patterns to believing how beautiful you are and learn how much God loves you.
  • 15 Trainings on how to live the Abundant Health Recipe Given to you in His Word
  •  PLUS  - THIS IS THE GREATEST BLESSING  FROM THIS COURSE...........ONLY those who have purchased this 40 Day Transformation are invited to the Biblical Nutrition Academy Coaching group!  In this private group you get personal time with Annette and her specialized coaches that will help you reach goals only dreamed of before.

All You Need to be Steadfast, Stay on Track, and Succeed in Achieving your Health and Wellness goals.

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