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Inner Circle Coaching Group

inner circle

Every successful person has their own private “Inner Circle” – 

a person or group of people who
inspire, coach, motivate, encourage, and
propel them to the greatness!

Inner Circle is a coaching membership program designed for personal application of God's design of the life and health He created you to enjoy!

It connects beliefs, behaviors, and results!

Monthly Membership Benefits:

  • Learn through a combination of:
    ~ Multiple live weekly coaching calls  on topics for your transformation
  • ~ Exclusive Inner Circle video courses and a vault of library archives
    ~ Personal study in our ever expanding library of health, biblical studies, and mindset teaching
  • Enjoy 6 weeks of delicious menus not offered anywhere else? Includes recipes and shopping lists - PLUS  challenges to keep you engaged!
  • Experience how weight loss and healthy living happen - Naturally and Biblically - through God's design!

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Learn How To:

  • Use your brain and God’s Word to process emotions to win
  • Motivate yourself physically and spiritually to achieve your healthiest weight  
  • Become more confident in ALL areas of life: career, ministry, family, relationships, finances
  • Make meal time less stressful
  • Truly KNOW how to pray for answers

And most of all, discover God's love for you on a whole new level - so you can see the person God created you to be and enjoy!

Meet Your Biblical Health Coaches!

Annette Reeder

Annette Reeder

Nutrition and Mindset Coach

Carol Graham

Prayer Coach

Meal Prepping with Rhonda

Rhonda Carroll

Meal Prep Coach

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Our Members

Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle Membership is an
all-inclusive monthly coaching program with training on these topics:

  • Weight Loss & Emotional Eating
  • Nutrition Assessment: Answers to over 350 questions about your body! Enlightening! 
  • Healthy Living for all ages
  • Meal Prepping & Fasting
  • Praying the Answer & Challenging Faulty Beliefs
  • A Fresh Look at God's Words for YOU!
  • How to Write Your New Chapter in Life