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Meet Annette Reeder

Overweight, sick, and depressed; these words described Annette Reeder. That is, until she decided to look to the Bible for answers. This new perspective changed her life!

Annette is passionate about sharing what she’s learned regarding caring for our spiritual and physical body. She is a graduate of Huntington College and Liberty University with a BS in Nutrition and Diploma in Biblical Studies. Annette is Brain Health Professional Certified and a professional member of the NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals and the ASN (American Society for Nutrition).

Through videos, books, online courses, and recipes, Annette’s teachings make getting healthy and staying there simple. Just as the apple brings nutrition immediately to the cells, her wisdom brings immediate change in how you view your body and your decisions to care for it!

This is a journey I have traveled for over 50 years. Join me as I share with you how to avoid the traps of counterfeit information and to experience the recipe of God's excellent health.

My story started with the resolve that I would be forever fat! I had almost given up on being lean and healthy. Almost. But as a Christian, it was hard for me to ignore the truth - my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and this temple was sick and fat.

With a new sense of discovery, I finally untangled myself from man's web and took a fresh look at Scripture. I was amazed at how it was completely laid out and it was the final Truth.

As The Biblical Nutritionist, let me lead you on this adventure – we will bypass the pits of my mistakes - and travel on toward the very pleasing reward of the Treasures of Healthy Living!

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Treasures of Healthy Living

The Treasures of Healthy Living study series is the timeless foundation to Annette’s nutrition teaching. Using Scripture as a treasure map Annette Reeder and Dr. Richard Couey lead readers through God’s Word to a healthy and abundant life.

This practical Bible study reveals the truth about the foods we eat and provides simple tools to begin improving physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

This isn’t a temporary fad diet. This program gives you the tools to transform your thinking and eating so that you can have a lifetime of energy and hope!

Through companion books and lessons Annette offers participants the opportunity to explore more of the truths that they’ve learned.

Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual gives in-depth information about beneficial food, essential vitamins, health concerns, mental and spiritual wisdom, and natural household care.  

Healthy Treasures Cookbook gives readers the confidence they need to turn their knowledge into reality. Annette’s whole food recipes are economical, easy to follow, and best of all, delicious!! Annette’s three favorite ingredients are protein, fiber, and love!

The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study is now available as on online course. Students receive all 3 e-Books! This course is a 12-week program that gives powerful study tools and informative video lessons from Annette and Dr. Couey.

Daniel Fast Book by Annette Reeder

Annette's Books

Annette has written on a wide variety of nutritional and spiritual topics to equip readers with a deeper knowledge of God and His delicious creation!

Proverbs 31 Prepper gives helpful tips to prepare your pantry for emergencies. During difficult times the first area of our life to be neglected is nutrition, yet it is what will keep us strong mentally, emotionally, and physically. Be encouraged, you can: Afford to feed your family well – everyday, be ready for hard circumstances, & smile at the future.

Satisfied is a collection of delicious baked-good recipes that will keep your family coming back for more! YES – you can eat bread! Satisfied, the dictionary defines it as: to fulfill the desires; give full contentment to. The grains designed by God do exactly that. They fulfill the desires both spiritually as Jesus compares himself to the Daily Bread and physically as every cell's needs are met with this delicious whole grain goodness!

Spiritual fasting is a disciplined practice that will help lead you to a more intimate and peaceful walk with the Lord. The Daniel Fast is a powerful tool for new and seasoned fasters. Complete with shopping guide, over 45 mouth-watering recipes, and 21-day meal plan, this book will help you start, stick-to, and succeed a Daniel Fast!

Annette frequently teaches about the importance of mindset. All hunger is spiritual. In the Hunger Satisfied Journal  participants learn the key elements to discover true hunger and what it means to be truly satisfied. This is a tool that allows the reader to assess how they eat on a day-to-day basis.

Online Courses and Programs

Through Biblical Nutrition Academy Annette Reeder offers those wishing higher learning an opportunity to gain more precise information.

The perfect place to start is the free 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health. Through this book and introductory email series Annette lays the foundation for healthy living.

Those eager to see dramatic change should take the 40 Day Transformation! Annette comes alongside and gives additional tools to overhaul the way participants eat and live!

Fellowship and fun overflows in the Inner Circle Coaching Group! This monthly membership gives foodies the opportunity to participate in multiple weekly video coaching calls with Annette and her team! Members gather to learn about specific nutrition topics, how to pray, and even meal-prep together. The entire library of videos is available for participants to watch anytime!

The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study is the original Biblical health program from Annette. Students receive all 3 Healthy Treasures e-Books! This course is a 12-week program that gives powerful study tools and informative video lessons from Annette and Dr. Couey.

When Annette Reeder was at her physical worst, she and her husband committed to a Daniel Fast. It changed their lives forever. In The Daniel Fast Course students gain access to recipes, shopping lists, meal plans, and cooking videos to aid them in their 21-day fast.

When you fast, you are saying 'no' to yourself so you can hear 'yes' from God. Annette’s course Fasting for Spiritual and Physical Freedom teaches participants the basics and then moves to advanced fasting for a lifetime of victory. Yes, you can fast and enjoy it!


Interview Questions

How did you begin this health journey?

What is your goal as The Biblical Nutritionist?

Why does it matter as Christians what we eat?

What are the 3 Principles you use when it comes to eating?

Is Biblical eating just another fad diet?

Is bread unhealthy?

What is a Daniel Fast?

Is there a certain time of year to do a Daniel Fast?

Can bloodwork alert us to health concerns?

What about people on a budget? Is healthy eating expensive?

Where is the best place to start?