Healthy Treasures
A Bible Diet Recipes Cookbook

"If only there were a way to eat in a more healthy way and still save time, money, and satisfy me and my family's taste buds, I'd be interested."

Introducing  the HealthyTreasures Cookbook .

Full of recipes based on biblical principles, the Bible Diet.

No more fear of food, no more fear of not cooking healthy meals.

Learn how to set up your kitchen for success, the right tools, and hundreds of Bible Diet recipes.

This collection of great-tasting recipes features ingredients that will bring vitality and a renewed sense of health to you and your family.  You will be surprised and delighted as your new, tasteful dishes please even your most picket eater.

Written By Annette Reeder, the Biblical Nutritionist

With a BS in nutrition plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies from Liberty University, Annette loves to cook healthy food based from the Bible.

Annette loves food that tastes amazing, because God is the most creative creator, sharing scriptures about food and inspiring others to pursue Biblical healthy living.

More than just recipes and Bible versus though, Annette has sprinkled health tidbits about the ingredients in the recipes on almost every page.

Learn great recipes, read versus about food, and learn about making better more healthy food choices you can apply to your other cookbooks.

healthy treasures-cookbook

Healthy Treasures Cookbook

A bounty of fabulous tasting recipes and healthy cooking tips.

(Digital version available but not recommended)

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Annette Reeder, holds a B.S. in Nutrition from Huntington College plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies from Liberty University. She has been studying food, nutrition and medical science for over 30 years.

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