Christian Nutrition For An Abundant Life: Biblical Nutrition Made Simple

Confidence in the Kitchen ~ Confidence in Your Health ~ Confidence in Knowing God's Love For You

Do you know...

How to be at your healthiest weight?

How to pray God's Word and expect results?

Fasting is a blessing and to be eagerly anticipated?

If any of these words describe you:
uncertain about health,
Then it is time to Start.

Kickstart your way to a thriving health!

7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health

Weight loss, more energy, less pain, better focus... A NEW AND IMPROVED YOU!
These are the first steps to seeing change HAPPEN.

Take the Steps That Transform Today and Everyday

These are the steps to take back your health: spiritually, physically and mentally. It is time to finish the race well and to see God at work in all areas of our life. If you are ready to see a transformation in your health - then here are the steps to follow.

Grow Spiritually

Go to the inbox of the email address you just 

Get Physically Healthy

Find the email sent by us. It has the subject line" 

Gain Healthy Mindset

That's it! You now have imediate access to your 

Meet Annette


I am Annette Reeder; a Christian nutritionist, international speaker, and have been a biblical health coach for over 20 years.

YOU are the reason I am here.

I love working with people who are ready to be their best ever; spiritually and physically!

* Pastors who want to lead their church family by example.

* Moms who want to know they are doing the best for their family with biblically based nutrition.

* Youths who want to be like Daniel - smarter than the others.

* Everyone who is tired of following the crowd in unlimited diets and hype.

* People who are ready to be their healthiest weight forever.

My journey started with the resolve that I will be forever fat! I had almost given up on being lean and healthy---->Almost.

Thankfully, I came to a moment of crisis and found grace that lead me on the path to wholeness, the wholeness that I desire for you too.

A transformation in spiritual and biblical health is what awakens when you see God's design for YOU!

Join me to learn how to Pray ~ Fast ~ Eat and discover the fullness of life you’ve been created for to fulfill your God designed mission.

God's Word + Biblically Accurate Beliefs = Amazing Results!

The #1 Reason you are NOT losing weight...

Discover the #1 reason behind your struggle with weight loss and how I lost a whopping 60 lbs by applying VERY simple steps!

Be The You God Created You To Be:

Happy, Healthy, & Satisfied!

god's recipe for excellent health

How would you describe God’s Recipe for Excellent Health for YOU?

Smaller clothes, no more headaches, able to play with your kids or grandkids?

Reaching your designed excellent health: weight loss, sleep, no more pain, no more depression or anxiety, PLUS SO MUCH MORE!!

If that does not describe you then it is time for a Physical and Spiritual Transformation!

be set free in god's greace

It’s time to break through the burden of man’s ideas and be set free in God’s grace & Divine design.

If you are ready to live life fully and be on mission in your home ~ church~ and the world – then let’s start today.

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