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Are you ready to unlock God's gift of excellent health?

If you want to:

Achieve your perfect weight and MAINTAIN it forever

Learn Biblical principles for guarding and improving health

Discover the JOY of fasting unto the Lord

Break free from emotional eating bondage for GOOD…

You’ve come to the right place. Here at The Biblical Nutritionist, learn the foundational principles of nutrition, health, food freedom, the power of Biblically accurate beliefs – and so much more.

Spiritual and physical transformation AWAITS you, my friend. I’m so excited to help you get there!

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Christian Nutrition Resources to Make Changes Fast

On this page, you’ll find freebies, articles, videos, courses, and more to fast-track you on your way to success!

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More Freebies

My gift to YOU. Enjoy these free resources to kick-start your path to health and wellness:

One Year Health Plan

FREE Daily/Seasonal Health Plan

This daily and seasonal health plan will help you prioritize your physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.

Full List of Food In The Bible

FREE (PDF Download) List of Bible Foods + Scripture Reference Collection

What are Bible foods? Discover the full list of foods mentioned in the Bible.

Tips to Save Money on Groceries

FREE Guide to Making Delicious Meals on a BUDGET

Simple, easy tips to save money on groceries, while still having satisfying meals!

Want More FREE Resources?

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Check out our 219+ blog posts and recipes to learn how to enrich your body with the right nutrition as you grow spiritually and draw closer to the Lord.

Overcoming Compulsive Eating
41 Uplifting Bible Verses About Finding Your Self Worth in God
One Year Health Plan Freebie
Best Health and Nutrition Homeschool Curriculums

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Healthy Recipes

Boston Brown Bread – No Knead Recipe
2 Fruit That Help You Fight Cancer!
Fight Cancer and Aging with these 3 Cranberry Juice Recipes!
High Protein Breakfast Bars

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Get a vision of the Biblically healthy lifestyle with weekly videos on:

Health and wellness Q&As • Nutrition from a Christian perspective • Tips and tricks for healthy grocery hauls • Delicious recipes • Spiritual growth discussions • and MUCH MORE

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Welcome to the Biblical Nutrition Academy

Success starts here. Are you ready to take the next step as a student of God’s Word?

The Biblical Nutrition Academy has powerful, in-depth courses, group coaching, and guided studies and more available to you. Learn Scripture’s treasure of truths about pursuing and maintaining excellent health!

Here’s a peek at the curricula:

“The Daniel Fast” and “Fasting for Spiritual & Physical Freedom” Courses

These powerful courses on fasting will infuse new life into your relationship with God and help you see the beauty, joy, and incredible benefits of making fasting a lifestyle. (Yes, it’s possible!)

With The Daniel Fast, embark on a 21-day adventure with God as you discover delicious Bible foods, enjoy the simplicity of a ready-made meal plan, and dig deep into truth-filled devotionals designed to aid you on this spiritual (and physical) journey.

Through Fasting for Spiritual & Physical Freedom, you’ll uncover – in a way you never have before – impactful truths about fasting and discover how this Christian discipline can set you free mentally, spiritually, and physically.

40-Day Transformation

This one-of-a-kind course will transform your life in just 40 days by:

  • Exchanging false beliefs for powerful, life-giving ones
  • Addressing eating habits and your relationship with food
  • Uncovering the amazing joy of fasting

Helping you establish a doable, effective exercise habit

Inner Circle Group Coaching

The Inner Circle is a unique coaching program connecting the physical and spiritual with the help of our supportive coaches and weekly live calls. 

The key to experiencing lifelong transformation is not merely changing our habits but changing our THOUGHTS. Our coaches provide you with the accountability and consistent support needed to break through in areas of PRAYER, BELIEFS, EATING, and more. 

Included with the Inner Circle membership are:

  • Huge vault of recorded coaching sessions
  • Nutrition assessments
  • FULL library of courses
  • 6 Weeks of delicious menus (including recipes and shopping lists)
  • Weekly coaching calls that inspire

See all available courses and programs here:


Bring the wellness revolution to your church and community.

Biblical Wellness Ministry

With the Biblical Wellness Ministry outreach, churches and ministries around the world can learn God’s recipe for excellent health – and be transformed.

Are you a pastor? A leader? A Christian called to minister about health?

So many Christians today are suffering with illness, weight problems, depression, and more. By creating a Biblical Wellness Ministry in YOUR church, you can share healing, freedom from addiction, and the joy of fasting!

Meet Annette

Annette Reeder

I am Annette Reeder, a Christian nutritionist, international speaker, and Biblical health coach.

And YOU are the reason I am here.

I love working with people who are ready to be their best: spiritually and physically!

* Pastors who want to lead their church family by example.
* Moms who want to know they are doing the best for their family with Biblically-based nutrition.
* Youths who want to be like Daniel – smarter than the others.
* Anyone who is tired of the neverending diets and confusing, misleading information saturating Google.
* People who are ready to be their healthiest weight forever.

My journey started with me thinking I was forever going to be fat. I had almost given up on being lean and healthy. Almost. Thankfully, I came to a moment of crisis and found grace that led me on the path to wholeness – the wholeness that I desire for you too.

A transformation in spiritual and biblical health follows when you see God's design for YOU!

Join me to learn how to Pray ~ Fast ~ Eat… and discover the fullness of life God created you for.