28 Tips to Save Money on Food

June 28, 2022

Prices are going up all around us! Yet, the Bible tells us to be anxious for nothing. Is this possible? Yes! Today I want to share with you simple tips to save money on groceries, while still having satisfying meals! 

Tips to Save Money on Groceries

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1. No Waste Buying
When you purchase in bulk, portion out each serving so you don't fall into the trap of overeating!

2. Shop Monday and Wednesday
Stores are busiest on the weekends. Often they will discount items they did not sell enough of. Many stores start new sales on Wednesdays.

3. Bulk Wisely
Dehydrate, can, and freeze fresh items
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4. Eat Out Less
Restaurant food is 3 times more expensive than a meal kit and 5 times more expensive than cooking at home from scratch. 

5. Eat 20% Less
Less food intake means better mental clarity, less insulin release, better muscle tone, and less food addictions. 

6. Use a Food Scale
3-4 ounces of protein is best for women and 4- 6 ounces is best for men.

7. Grow Your Own Produce
If you don't have a garden, try a window shelf or micro-greens!
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8. Discover Farmers in Your Area with an Abundance to Share
Be willing to work for food and blossom a friendship!

9. Learn to Make the Staples
Salsa, Spaghetti Sauce, BBQ Sauce, etc.
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10. No More Snacking
Snacking interrupts the burning of glucose and limits fat loss for those overweight. 

11. Make Your Own Milk
1 cup nuts and 3 cups water - it's that easy!

12. Make Smoothies with Water
Add vanilla and cinnamon for sweeter flavor.

13. Fast 1 Meal per Week (or more)
Fasting keeps our heart on God the provider and not man. It helps to loosen the bonds of sugar addictions, which can cause a strain on the budget. 
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14. Know Your Store
Watch for trends, talk to stockers, know where they put clearance items. 

15. Get Rid of Addictions - ASAP
Food addictions cause an extra expense of keeping junk foods in supply or the drive-by feasting at restaurants. 

16. Write a Plan
Have a grocery list and try to stick to it. Be willing to shift the plan by what deals you find at the store.

17. Pray Expectantly
As you write your list and as you walk in the store's door, start the conversation with the Lord: Lord, you know the needs of my family, the desires of my heart, to serve you well for as long as you allow. 

18. Be Willing to Trade for Food
Buy in bulk to share and trade when you find a good deal. 

19. God is Greater than the Government
Choose wisely where you put your trust. The only free gift is the gift of salvation. The government offers ‘free’ but is always attached with strings.

20. No Paper Products
These throwaway products are expensive and a waste of money. Use cloth napkins and real plates and silverware. 

21. Wash Zip-Lock Bags
Unless the bag was used for meat or cheese the bag can be washed and used more than once. 

22. High Quality Protein Powder Can Replace Meat
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23. Winter Squash
These store very well in a dry, cool place. Buy in bulk or grow your own. 

24. Potatoes and Garlic
When they sprout, it is time to plant. Plant in buckets, flower pots and even your yard. 

25. Enjoy the Chocolate
Eating ½ ounce per day will keep the microbiome happy. Only 1 ounce per day will make any limitation on foods no concern. Make sure chocolate is 70% dark or higher. 

26. Stretch Meals with Rice, Beans, Lentils and Legumes
Adding even 1 cup of cooked beans will stretch any meal and save up to ⅕ pound of ground meat. 

27. Be Aware Of Your Hunger Cues

Use the Hunger Satisfied Journal to learn your hunger and satisfied cues. By writing your plan and following the plan, you will discover tons.  

28. Keep reading God’s word and see how He always provides!

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    What is an approved bread to purchase.
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