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free 7 steps course

These 7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health are the first steps to seeing change happen.
Weight loss, less pain, better health, more energy, better focus ... A NEW AND IMPROVED YOU.
This FREE ~ 7 Steps email series gets you started on the Biblical Road Map to a Thriving Physical & Spiritual Health!

healthy score card

Life always has test. From getting your driver’s license to graduating from high school or grad school – no passing till you make the grade. It is impossible to avoid test.
But this test is for your benefit...Take this test and see how you score on these 15 vital nutrients.
Pass – or fail – is up to your interpretation

passover recipes

A complete collection of delicious recipes to make the perfect Seder - Passover celebration and also for Resurrection Sunday.

Celebrate Jesus In The Holidays is  combination of recipes that help share the biblical story of redemption and family favorites.

pizza experience

Make mouth-watering pizza right at the comfort of your own home.

These classic and innovative pizza recipes will delight you and your family - no more store-bought pizza from now on!

Feeling the knead for some homemade bread? Roll up your sleeves and get ready for a hands-on class on the Bread of Life.

Beyond Bread teaches you how to make the best bread - healthy, tasty, & economically.

pantry checklist

Take an inventory of what's in your pantry, fridge, and freezer. Use this pantry checklist to know what to add to your grocery shopping list.

This pantry checklist is a must-have to get you started towards biblical health - beginning with your pantry!

Our Students' Success Stories:

I thank God for these lessons you teach - I am getting it now! I was just eating anything before, but now, I have learned that eating only the foods God has given us is healthy. I hope you will continue to teach us. God bless you!

Phin Lee

Amen! I have my little “bread ministry” here in which I supply eight of our neighbors with bread and scones. Most of my breads are whole wheat (or using some whole wheat), so your mill is being used regularly. I use a rye based starter and make ourCommunion bread with spelt; both of which are ground in your mill. 

Bill Bert

I'm so thankful to God for bringing your page across my path. I first found you on YouTube... 

Your Healthy Treasures recipe book and the Daniel Fast Recipe book are my most used books in the kitchen now and I can't wait to get more.
Thank you for what you do for God and people,

Brenda Walker

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