Are You Ready to be Healthy? 6 Ways to Stay on Target!

January 24, 2022

Trixie the Dog

My husband and I are training Trixie our adorable sheltie puppy.  Her quickness to learn excites me.

My dream is to take her on Appalachian hikes, teaching her agility tricks and having her be a fun playmate for the grandkids.

Yet, this last week we hit a hurdle and had to go back to training basics because her rebellious antics came through.

As I watched her regress to bad behavior, I noticed a trend that fits people who want to be healthy and yet revert to a former comfort zone.

A zone that says "I can get away with this - watch me!"

Let me ask you: Are you ready to be healthy?

If so, there is no retreat! It is only moving forward to reach your goals and desires.

There are a couple steps that are helpful in making lasting change. The first involves recognizing distractions that halt our progress.

6 Distractions that lead to rebelling and reverting to old ways

1. Squirrel! Are you quickly distracted by the next hype weight loss plan that comes along?

2. Forget to put the ball in the bucket!  Do you forget to have your blood work done as suggested? Including checking Vitamin D at least every 6 months until stabilized?

3. Pull hard in the wrong direction! Does the impulse buys in the grocery store just happen to end up in your cart?

4. Nip at your coat when you want to chase a car!  Are you eating beyond full and not waiting till hungry to eat the next meal?

5. Bark at your shadow!  Are you barking (complaining) at what you want to be instead of focusing on where you are now?

6. Insist on your own way!  Do you make excuses when it seems hard?

6 Ways to Stay on Target

1. Focus - Keep your advantage cards up to date and in front of you daily. If you are unsure of the Advantage Cards - refer to the 40 Day Transformation Course.

2. Schedule Lab Work every 6 months: Don't take this step for granted. It can save your life and the quality of your life!

3.Stay on the Holy Highway! As my pastor says - there is a ditch on both sides of the road. The road to health is in the center, stay there and reach your destination sooner.

4. Don't chase sugar. If I let go of Trixie while out on the road she will be killed by a car. She wants to chase every car. Chasing sugar is just as harmful. No one reading this would enjoy seeing Trixie crushed by a car when I could hold her back and teach her to not chase. The same is true of sugar. Feeding ourselves and our family sugar is like hoping they wont get run over while letting go of the leash. Disease is exacerbated by sugar.

Our Inner Circle Coaching Group has a course in it on the value of sugar in your diet and why it is bankrupting you.

5.Speak - Speaking God's Word of who you truly are yields a stronger immune system, a heightened awareness of cellular strength, and a resilience to carry you through.

6. God Designed the Good - Good foods (no lab experiments) always deliver to the cells what is needed at the right time. 

inner circle

If you find yourself constantly struggling with distractions, the Inner Circle Coaching Group might be the answer for you!

My coaching team and I schedule multiple weekly video calls for the members to participate in - including topics like nutrition, mindset, prayer, and meal planning!

You'll also get access to our library of unique courses and video archives! We even have a Facebook group to interact with our foodie friends!

Praise the Lord - Success Stories!

"Dropped A1C from 11 to 6!"

"Lost 40 pounds!"

"Able to memorize Scripture!"

"Cholesterol dropped 40 points in one month!"

"Finally able to eat real food without bloating!"

"Able to walk in the park after 5 years of not being able to get outside!"

"My kids are now able to sit at the table without fidgeting!"

That is why I am moving forward with Trixie - I know she is going to be amazing.

I know with constant training she will stop chasing cars. I know she will be a delight to take places without fear of her misbehaving.

This is also why I do what I do with people like YOU! This is why our coaching group is making such great advances in their health.

Because they want to have amazing tomorrows!

  • Thank you for everything you do for others. I have to dogs and was wondering what you feed Trixie. I love the analogy you used with training her. I want my dogs to get healthy with me. They are my family.

  • Awww, I am a sheltie lover and have been a foster mama to senior shelties until end of life. Trixie is adorable and sounds like a real rascal! Shelties are the best dogs and you will enjoy every moment of her. I too, had my Grace who for two years was a real pistol. But just like my vet said, it takes 2 years for them to settle down and right at that 2 year mark, she turned into a different pup! Thank you for sharing and I loved your comparisons of hers to ours.
    God bless you… ♡

  • Thank you for what you do and are doing. I know God has given you this gift, please keep doing what God has laid on your heart to do. We need you and all you stand for “God” first Amen

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