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Ready to experience God's recipe for excellent health?

Invite Annette Reeder, the Biblical Nutritionist and her team to deliver!

Discover the Joy of Health and the Love of Our Savior

Annette Reeder, as a Christian women's speaker, has traveled throughout the US and overseas sharing the love of God through the menu of His provisions. Yes, food and Scripture are intimately connected. 

When we learn the uniqueness of God's design in our bodies and how His foods bring the greatest level of health - is it no wonder why His Word says He loves us with an everlasting love?

Annette enjoys speaking to groups as small as 50 and as large at 5,000. Everyone needs to hear and understand how much God Loves them and how food has become our emotional go-to. Through Annette's connectivity with the audience and humorous stories everyone will enjoy learning God's Recipe for Excellent Health.  

Book Annette For Speaking Events 

  • Women's Retreats
  • Saturday Health Seminars
  • Pastor/ Leadership Conferences

Our guarantee is that everyone will crave God more from:

  • An inside view of the wonderful design by God.
  • The ability to enjoy people and life better than food.
  • The thrill of reaching their health dreams and staying there!
  • The connection between our spiritual and physical desires! 
  • Learn how to finish this race well!

Let's start a conversation with the desires of your team for a successful event. Annette will curtail the topic and presentations to match your desired outcome.

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About Annette

Annette Reeder speaks internationally with the engaging message of God's recipe for excellent health.  In this powerful message she will delight your appetite with how God’s food bring together fellowship, nourishment and glorifying satisfaction.

Her speaking has been part of the Lifeway’s dot MOM conference, Body & Soul Conferences, Teach Them Diligently Conferences, Losing to Live Video Series, Joyce Meyer Ministry, Fort Leonardwood and Fort Lee Military Bases, the Flavor of Grace Conference plus churches all across the United States.

Annette's knowledge and training include: Bachelors in Nutrition  Health Sciences and diploma in Biblical Studies. Plus  certifications in Metabolic Balance, Amen Brain Health Certification, and Gut Dysbiosis Certification add to the message we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Everyone will be inspired and encouraged to recognize how much they are loved by God and their bodies were created to heal.

Say goodbye to cravings for food and say hello to craving more of God.

annette reeder

the biblical nutritionist

Connect with Annette:

Topics To Bring Spiritual & Physical Transformation

  • eat pray fast

  • treasures of healthy living

  • raising daniels & esthers

  • Created To Crave

  • cooking classes

Eat Pray Fast

Gaining back our health includes a menu of three steps.
EAT the foods that bring healing. Learn the Three Principles that lead to a lifetime of abundant health.
PRAY - the strongest detriment to our health is our beliefs of who we are. Learn the principles taught in God's Word to discover the beliefs that the world wants us to believe and the beliefs that Jesus came to share.

FAST - Adding in this one tool to your health plan has helped many people break free from emotional eating, binge eating, food addictions and so much more. 

I guarantee your church group will never look at food the same again. They will look forward to feeding their temple well!

I guarantee prayers will be more engaging as we seek to know our Savior as our all Provider.

I guarantee fasting will not be intimidating - it will be looked forward to!

Strong statements - yet our God is greater!

This presentation is perfect for audiences 50 - 5,000.

Meet Our Team

We have an amazing team that also share around the country about God's love
 wrapped in tortillas and prayer!
Our purpose is to teach God's amazing grace and redeeming love
 through the gift of food.
Food is on the menu yet God's Word is what is served.

Carol Graham

Prayer Coach

Carol speaks in conferences around the world with her pleasant yet powerful message of Praying for Miracles.

Audiences are in awe at the simplicity of applying Scripture to knowing full well how much God desires to answer our requests.

Be inspired and engaged!

Rhonda Carol

Meal Coach and God's Word Teacher

As a pastor's wife, Rhonda knows what it means to feed a family well on a busy schedule.
Rhonda brings a serving of insight and knowledge that you CAN feed your family well with foods God declared GOOD.

She will delight everyone while encouraging them good health is possible and God's foods are delicious. 

Kathy Barnes

Speaker Coordinator

Kathy keeps everyone on task to make sure your event is exactly better than you thought possible.

Kathy will answer questions and keep everyone organized for the greatest relief of the program organizer.

From the first connection till after your event Kathy manages it all well.

Invite The Biblical Nutritionist

What if your group or congregation could learn amazing biblical principles that can change their health starting TODAY?

Did you know just as we are spiritual we are physical!

And physically Christians are suffering!  Are you ready to learn how to change that? Would that excite you?

If this excites you as much as it does us - then let's talk about bringing Annette and her team to your group or congregation.

Learn the basics to how God's foods can lower high blood pressure, bring weight loss to those who have struggled for years, learn how depression can be attributed to the foods and beliefs that are being served everyday.

Annette does not have a speaker's fee that fits all venues. Please share your interest and we will make this happen.

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