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"I want to see the strongholds of food and substance addiction torn down.
I long to see the people of God turn to Him for an understanding of all areas of health instead of erecting pillars of “health” to worship that lead to further bondage."

"We use food to open the door to the heart, to recognize God is who we truly crave."

- Annette Reeder


Our Mission


Encourage Christians daily through podcast, blogs, YouTube, and speaking at churches and conferences.


Respond with the Gospel to those who connect with our office for consultations and needs.

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Reach more people and share the Bible with them online and as they contact our office.

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Our Core Principles

The Biblical Nutritionist is an outreach of Designed Healthy Living INC, a 501C3 nonprofit.
Although FOOD is the topic, SALVATION is the message. 

Support Our Ministry

Our message is now reaching into 152 countries and over 7.4 MILLION people learned about God's love for them last year through this ministry.

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I want to thank you for doing this amazing work. Our family greatly appreciate Annette's encouragement and support to move back in to a healthier lifestyle.

- Mollie
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I asked God to help me to heal my body in the best way possible, and He is giving all the tools through your courses. Thank you so much!
- Patty
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Thank you and the Lord for all of the blessings I have received through your ministry! I feel blessed to have discovered you and your works. I am so grateful.
- Anne
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People are HUNGRY for God's message of redemption.

We need YOU to help!

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  • 100's coached to take care of their temple and grow spiritually each month

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