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Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit!
Learn the different ways to care for it well!
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Eat Well, Live Well!

Start with: What you eat and How you move!

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Encouragement and Equipment

When my husband and I had 'had enough' and 'tired of being tired', we sought a new solution. That is the solution I am sharing today.
Back in 2005, I had the privilege of a new friend to encourage me to do two things: 1. Look at God's Word & 2.Mill my wheat.
Strange combination. Yet, I needed help, so I followed her advice 100%.  Changes started happening immediately.

Now, it's your turn. Time for encouragement and equipping.

Start by choosing God's Word. On every page you read, mark the verses that speak to you regarding health. The topic on the page may not relate to another person about health, but God will speak to you on every page. That is because you matter to him. And your health matters. My Bible has green asterisk on nearly every page where God spoke to me about his healing and my self-control.

To serve well, we must be well!

Start with the 3 Principles - learn, apply and always follow these principles. Unlike the teaching of our day that change every 5 years, these principles are timeless.

Then study fasting. Scripture says 'when you fast...'. That includes us today.

Next - learn to shop the grocery store. Follow me on the grocery discoveries to learn fun new foods and ways to prepare it.

Meal Prep - click on the Super Meals, Power 5 Salad and Smoothies for inspiration on what to serve and make meals simple yet life promoting.Finally, if you prefer some pre-made supplemental additions to your planning, I use the Super Foods to make life quicker and satisfying.

 Look Good and Feel Good!

Exposure to products will affect your blood and immune system. So, we can build it well or let it deteriorate.
These teachings and products are from my personal choices and daily regimen. 

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