Safe drinking water is important. Essential even.

Is all water created equal?

No. Water from different sources can be filled with varying chemicals harmful to the body.

Since my husband and I began our health journey, the quality of our drinking water has been an important element.  

Through the years, because of the different places we've lived, we had to choose different sources for our kitchen faucet, refrigerator, and for our whole house.

Even this last year our trusted under-the-sink reverse osmosis filter broke and the parts were no longer available, so our search began again.

My goal of high-quality water purifiers is to remove:

  • Carcinogens
  • Heavy Metals
  • Lead
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • Chlorine (we are on a well, so this is not an issue)
  • Agricultural run-off (chemicals)
  • Bacteria

Plus, it must taste good!

Next, it comes to price and quality of products used.

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water pitcher

Water Pitcher

We like a water pitcher that can both travel with us and be used at home. This Chubby Pitcher does both.

As a bonus, it's filter lasts 3 months and has an indicator that lets you know when it's time for a replacement.

The 7 layer filtration includes activated carbon plus a silver activation that prevents mold and bacteria from growing in the water.

Super important!


Refrigerator Replacement Filter

Don’t rely on the brand of filter that came with your refrigerator to be the best. 

We have a filter that came with our JenAire refrigerator, yet we still filter our drinking water beyond the quality of the Pure filter included. 

Now I found this Waterdrop brand meets all my criteria for pure water.

And these water filters are made from natural coconut shell activated carbon material with micropores that trap impurities and contaminants and keep them out of your drinking water.

This filter cleans over 300 gallons of water! For us, a home of two people, that lasts more than a year. Probably 3!

When tested, the new filter replacement removed more chemicals and other contaminants. It was worth the change. 

reverse osmosis

Under-the-Sink Reverse Osmosis Filter

I found this small unit reasonably priced. This excited me! In the past we have paid $300 - $400 (in 1990 and 2010). 

Not only is this small unit a perfect fit and less expensive, but installation and replacing the filters is much simpler than our previous under-the-sink filters!

I am actually glad the previous unit broke and was unable to be repaired. 

This unit has newer technology providing safe drinking water and a greater return for our investment.

Benefits of drinking water:

There are so many benefits of water – not just to your body but also to your spirit!

Most of us couldn’t last 3 to 4 days without our smartphones or our cup of Joe, but what about water? The physical and spiritual benefits of water may cause you to forget the Joe and grab the H2O!

A human body literally can’t survive without water. Yet, some of us may not crave it like our social media or daily coffee. I’m here to create a thirst with the benefits of water plus how to get the best drinking water in your home today.

Get the PUREST drinking water today.