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Our Students' Success Stories:

I thank God for these lessons you teach - I am getting it now! I was just eating anything before, but now, I have learned that eating only the foods God has given us is healthy. I hope you will continue to teach us. God bless you!


Amen! I have my little “bread ministry” here in which I supply eight of our neighbors with bread and scones. Most of my breads are whole wheat (or using some whole wheat), so your mill is being used regularly. I use a rye based starter and make our Communion bread with spelt; both of which are ground in your mill. 


I'm so thankful to God for bringing your page across my path. I first found you on YouTube... 

Your Healthy Treasures recipe book and the Daniel Fast Recipe book are my most used books in the kitchen now and I can't wait to get more.
Thank you for what you do for God and people,