Monitor Your Health 
With Blood Tests

There is nothing worse than thinking you are fine only to be diagnosed with a stage 3 cancer.

 What happened? How did I not know?

Everyone needs to know how healthy they are.

To do this we need an inside view.

This is how Blood Tests can help. 

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4 Steps to Monitoring your Health!

Here are four steps to know what is happening on the cellular level to make sure tomorrow is calm and not a crisis. 

blood test

Get your blood tested regularly.

See my PDF for suggested blood work.
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healthy food


Schedule follow-up tests as necessary to see

the effects of better eating and supplementing. 


Read these books for reference:

- Normal Blood Test Scores Aren’t Good Enough by Ellie Cullen, RN 

- Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis by Dr. Dicken Weatherby 

- Signs and Symptoms Analyses from a Functional Perspective by Dr. Dicken Weatherby. 

- Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual by Annette Reeder BSN

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When a blood test lab result is out of optimal range; changing diet and supplements may make great improvements to correct the problem before it becomes catastrophic! Finding less than desirable results early can also help your physician treat to prevent further complications.

To order labs or blood tests yourself without a doctor contact one of these companies.

They have physicians on staff that can order for you anytime.

This is a valuable resource for you to control your own health plan.

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