Conquering Cancer

A Must Learn Course for Everyone

Conquering Cancer

A Must Learn Course for Everyone

Cancer Is Natural and Normal

Cancer is a scary word, and an even scarier diagnosis. Having the tools and information to disarm cancer is the key to a calm and deliberate approach to preventing the disease and conquering the diagnosis.

  • Learn the best starting place for preventing cancer.
  • Learn to live life alive and abundantly as God designed you to live.
  • Unleash your God-given healing using proven steps to conquer cancer and prevent recurrence.

Armed to Conquer

Learn the elements of diet and lifestyle that create an environment where cancer cells cannot thrive. Build an environment where healthy cells thrive.

Biblical Answers

What does God's Word teach us about cancer? Does meditation matter? How do I pray the answer?

Risk Factors

Feast on information to help you grow your knowledge of risk factors for all types of cancer, and reduce those risk factors.


Learn how the body made up mostly of water utilizes it to heal compromised cells and help regenerate healthy cells.


Learn the 9 areas of health most affected by sleep patterns and changes in the body's natural circadian rhythms.


Learn 12 known benefits of regular exercise and how to neutralize accumulated stress in as little as 30 minutes.


Learn the value of cruciferous foods, fats, dairy products to a boosting cancer fighting immunities.

Gut Health

Get answers to questions about good bacteria vs. bad bacteria, how and why to cleanse and detox the gut.


Learn 8 proven ways to turn off unhealthy stress in your life for prevention and for healing.

Toxic Load

Know how toxins interfere with human physiology and how to reduce toxic load in the body, home and environment.


Learn the difference between good estrogen and bad estrogen and how simple changes can tip the scales in your favor.


There are so many options. Find all the resources in one place no matter if you are going traditional treatment or natural.


For energy and stamina, food matters. For immunity - food matters. Enjoy these delicious recipes for healing every day of your life.

  • Learn the best starting place for preventing cancer.
  • Learn to live life Alive and Abundantly as God designed you to live.
  • Unleash your God-given healing using proven steps to conquer cancer and prevent recurrence.

Two Fabulous Instructors: Annette Reeder With Her Wisdom and Ginny Brant With Her Knowledge

Cancer prevention is not a secret - it is derived from God given wisdom and knowledge.


This content in this course is strictly the opinion of Annette Reeder and Ginny Brant and is for informational and educational purposes only. It is not intended to provide medical advice or to take the place of medical advice or treatment from a personal physician. All consumers of this content are advised to consult their doctors or qualified health professionals regarding specific health questions. Neither Annette Reeder nor the publisher of this content takes responsibility for the possible health consequences of any person or persons reading or following the information in this educational content. All consumers of this content, especially those taking prescription or over-the-counter medications, should consult their physicians before beginning any nutrition, supplement, or lifestyle program.

When under the care of a physician, changes to diet and medications should always be consulted first with the primary care physician.

This course reveals what Ginny and myself would do (and have done) in this situation.


Annette Reeder

The Biblical Nutritionist

Know more about Annette

For the last 30 years, Annette has helped friends and family members as their health advocate while traveling the throes of cancer. She has traveled with them to doctors, NIH and specialist in multiple countries.
Her career started with working in the Oncology unit at Mo. Baptist Medical Center. Then cancer became personal as her mother received a sentence of 5 years to live. Her mother and she began the journey of seeing other options. That 5-year sentence became a 19 year adventure that was fun and gratifying. The next cancer attack was within her own family, which they are over 25 years past and living well.

And then cancer became even more personal as Annette faced an unexpected lung collapse that required a talc pheresis procedure. Talc is a known carcinogen, so Annette continues to monitor this with blood work.

So, cancer is not unknown to Annette. She has been on this road most of her life. She is here for you as well.

"I believe everyone should be aware of what they are eating to realize every bite either brings healing or a curse to the body. Cancer is never on vacation."  Annette Reeder

Annette Reeder is a graduate of Huntington University and Liberty University with a BS in Nutrition and a Diploma in Biblical Studies. Annette is Brain Health Professional Certified and Certified Metabolic Balance; she is a professional member of the NANP (National Association of Nutrition Professionals) and the ASN (American Society of Nutrition). Through videos, books, online courses, and recipes, Annette’s teachings make getting healthy and staying there simple. Just as the apple brings nutrition immediately to the cells, her wisdom brings an immediate change in how you view your body and your decisions to care for it.


Ginny Brant

Cancer Prevention Coach

Know more about Ginny

Ginny’s platform of faith, family, freedom and lifestyle changes communicates relevant truths, which enable teenagers and women to prioritize their lives and use their freedoms to glorify Christ with an eternal perspective. She is the author of “Finding True Freedom: From the White House to the World.” Endorsed by Chuck Colson and Mike Huckabee, it traces their father-daughter journey and her simple prayer that took them from their days in the White House and Watergate to the mission field of Romania. Ginny’s second book was written after her journey with aggressive breast cancer, “Unleash Your God-Given Healing: Eight Steps to Prevent and Survive Cancer”. She is vibrant and healthy today. Her cancer prevention blog can be accessed at

Course Curriculum

About This Course:

  • 89 lessons
  • 11.5 hours of video content

Welcome to Conquering Cancer

  • Two Courses In One!  FREE PREVIEW
  • How Does the Bible Help Conquer Cancer?
  • The Wake Up Call
  • God Will Reveal His Secrets

Part I - Knowledge is Power with Annette Reeder

  • What is Cancer?
  • Prevention is Real
  • Healing - You Have a Part In It
  • Follow Up - To Live Victoriously

Part II: Steps to Preventing and Surviving Cancer with Ginny Brant

  • What to Expect in Part 2: Unleash Your God Given Healing  FREE PREVIEW
  • Ginny Dent Brant and the Book She Never Wanted to Write
  • Important Statistics FREE PREVIEW
  • Chapter 1: Unleash Your Healing
  • Risk Factors for All Cancers
  • Four Things to do After a Cancer Diagnosis
  • Chapter 1 - Questions to Consider

Chapter 2: Hydration

  • Unleash Your Healing - Chapter 2 Hydration
  • How Much?
  • Foods to Avoid for Liver Health
  • Questions to Consider
  • Bonus Resources
  • 7 Reasons to Drink More Water

Chapter 3: Restore Your Body With Sleep

  • Unleash Your Healing Chapter 3 - Sleep
  • Questions to Consider
  • Cancer & Sleep Connection

Chapter 4: Keep Moving Through Exercise

  • Unleash Your Healing Chapter 4 - Exercise
  • Chapter 4: Questions to Consider
  • Bonus Resources

Chapter 5: Use Food as Medicine

  • Unleash Your Healing Chapter 5 - Use Food for Medicine
  • The Top Twelve
  • Just the Fats, Nothing But the Fats!
  • Gluten & Dairy Issues
  • Type II Diabetes & Nutrient Deficiencies
  • Food Recommendations For all
  • Questions to Consider

Chapter 6: Nourish Your Gut Lining

  • Unleash Your Healing Chapter 6 - How to Nourish Your Gut Lining
  • Boost Gut Health Deliciously!
  • Chapter 6: Questions to Consider
  • 8 Amazing Benefits of Adding Fiber to the Diet
  • Bonus Resources

Chapter 7: Managing Stress & Emotions

  • Unleash Your Healing Chapter 7 - Manage Stress & Emotions
  • God's Remedies and Gratitude
  • Chapter 7: Questions to Consider
  • Bonus Resources

Chapter 8: Reduce Toxic Load

  • Reduce Toxic Load and Detox
  • Personal Products - Pantry Swap
  • Tips for Reducing Toxic Load
  • Chapter 8: Questions to Consider

Chapter 9: Estrogen-Fed Cancer and Longevity

  • Estrogen-Fed Cancers
  • Longevity
  • Bonus Video: Q&A with Ginny Dent Brant
  • Tips for preventing estrogen-fed cancer
  • Five Swaps That Increase Longevity


  • Books Highly Recommended
  • Sweat Heals
  • Bonus Video - Beta Glucan Is A Necessity (With links)
  • Bonus Video - Immune Response and Beta Glucans
  • Supplements and Resources
  • Recipes: Detox, Toothpaste and DIY Face Cream
  • Kitchen Pantry Swap

BONUS: Cancer Prevention Videos from The Biblical Nutritionist

  • 2 Fruits Fight Cancer Naturally
  • 7 Steps to Surviving and Preventing Cancer
  • 5 Fruits That Fight Cancer!
  • What's The Best Tea To Prevent Cancer? Here Are 6 of The BEST !
  • The BEST DIET For Fighting CANCER? | Q&A 60: Beat Cancer Naturally
  • Fight Covid 19 And Cancer With This! AMAZING Benefits Of Tomatoes
  • Can Fasting Heal Cancer? Dr. Brian Sorrell Discusses Fasting And Cancer
  • Herb Fights Cancer, Virus, & More - Cooking and Healing with Oregano
  • Fight Cancer, Aging, Anemia - Orange Health Benefits You Should Know!
  • How To Fight Cancer With Food | Q&A 67: Bible Diet To Fight Cancer
  • Prevent Cancer Now! Amazing Collard Greens Health Benefits & Recipe!
  • Fight Cancer, COVID, Stress & More! 5 Mind-Blowing Mushroom Benefits!
  • Best Prebiotic Foods To Fight Cancer, Treat Eczema | Heal The Gut
  • 5 Prebiotic Foods To Eat | More Prebiotic Rich Foods To Beat Cancer!
  • Fight Cancer, Aging, Viruses! 3 EASY Recipes For A Cranberry Flush
  • 5 Ways to Add Cancer Fighting Kale To Your Meals - Hide Flavor From Kids
  • Top 12 Foods For Better Vision, Cancer Prevention, Anti-Aging
  • FIGHT Cancer, Virus, Etc! Q&A 76: Best Foods That Help Your Body Heal
  • 14 Foods High In Vitamin C | Fight Viruses, Cancer & Premature Aging!
  • Best Healing Foods In The Bible | Q&A 52: Fight Cancer & Viruses
  • 6 Kohlrabi Health Benefits | Fight and Lower Risk of Cancer and Diabetes
  • Cancer Fighting Leafy Greens PLUS Easy Bok Choy Recipes You Should Try!
  • Anti-Cancer, Antioxidants, & More! 6 Amazing Romaine Health Benefits
  • How To Dehydrate Onions At Home | Fight Cancer - Eat More Onions!
  • 11 Flax Seed Benefits for Your Health | The Biblical Nutritionist
  • 5 AMAZING Health Benefits Of Kiwi (and Why You SHOULD Eat the Skin!)
  • Amazing Benefits of Asparagus!

Take Arms Against Cancer with God as Your Ally

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  • 89 lessons with over 11 hours of video content teaching you how to use food as medicine, detox your body, nourish your gut lining, manage stress and emotions, reduce your toxic load, and much, much more
  • Enjoy dozens of delicious recipes rich in antioxidants, probiotics and healing power
  • Student Questionnaires and Exercises to help you get the most out of this course
  • Resources including suggested supplements, healthy recipe swaps, links to vetted educational videos, and more BONUS cancer-fighting content
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Just as there are 7 foods in the promised land and 7 days of creation, we offer a 7-day 100% full refund

We know transformations take time and the world offers quick fixes which always break. Our teaching is in depth, and the mindset shift will take time to first believe and second to implement.

Therefore, we offer a 40-day guarantee to learn the truths of God's Word and start applying it. If during those 40 days, you wish to stop learning biblical truths and gaining this incredible knowledge, then we will give you a prorated refund. If you are taking advantage of a pre-sale, your enrollment begins on the day of the course release.

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