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Get all the help you need to reach abundant life!

Take the next step in your journey to all that the Father has for you!

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Treasures of Healthy Living

Bible Study

Did you know the answers to your health problems are in the Bible? Study from Genesis to Revelation about foods in the Bible and how they apply to your health today.

Daniel Fast Book by Annette Reeder

The Daniel Fast Book

Looking to start the Daniel Fast but not sure how? The Daniel Fast is all that's needed plan, start and finish well.

Get your personal copy right here.


Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual

"This is like an encyclopedia!" Yes, it is and that is why I wrote it. To give you the information necessary for health.
Read by topic or straight through. It is a go-to for everything!

Other Recommended Books

healthy treasures-cookbook

Healthy Treasures Cookbook

My husband said he would eat healthy if it tastes good! Well that is the purpose of this collection of recipes.

It combines recipes from 5 years of teaching Biblical health in this comprehensive Bible Diet cookbook.

proverbs 31 prepper

Proverbs 31 Prepper

Are you prepared? For a storm, a job loss,  an economic crisis, or anything that could interrupt the food source for your family. 


The Proverbs 31 Prepper helps you prepare for the uncertainty that happens in life!




Bake the best whole grain delights today! This is a sweet and savory book about milling, baking and enjoying whole grains that God designed. 

Delicious recipes PLUS a special page that discusses more about table talk!

Biblical Health Resources

God wants you to thrive in every aspect of your life. In these biblical health books, videos and courses, you will learn the means and ways to walk according to God’s teaching that will not only enrich your body but most importantly,

help you achieve spiritual development.

These resources are aligned towards God’s teaching, and all the tools you need to  improve your health are right here!


Your Ultimate Resource for Healthy Living - Complete DVD Collection

Transform your life each day by applying the insights and teachings I share in this DVD collection. Packed with information and inspiration from God’s words, this DVD set will uplift, inspire, and change your life.


Practical Guide to Everyday Health - 12 CD Set to Healthy Living

What are natural and effective ways to treat inflammation? Boost immune system? Overcome compulsive eating? All the answers are right here - inspired and aligned with God’s design and principles. Give it a listen today!

7 steps to biblical health

7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health

Everyone needs a map to get somewhere… And this free Biblical Health road map takes you to the 7 doable steps to a healthier relationship with food, with yourself, and with God.

Set yourself up for success by taking the first step today!

Hunger Satisfied Journal

All hunger is spiritual. Learn the key elements to discover true hunger and life transforming satisfied with the use of this journal.

Lose weight, gain health, live stronger, live longer; all with the discovery of this hunger satisfied journal.

hunger satisfied journal

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Annette's Biblical Health books

Take the 40-Day Transformation Course

God's recipe for EXCELLENT HEALTH is where HEALING BEGINS.

  • Less pain 
  • Weight loss (I personally lost 60 lbs through this)
  • FREEDOM from food addictions 
  • Learn to CRAVE GOD more than food