4 Tips to Eating Healthy – Even During a Food Shortage

May 7, 2020

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4 Tips to Eating Healthy – Even During a Food Shortage

eating healthy during a crisis

Are you scrambling for healthy solutions during this crisis?

Are you fearful of what may happen?

We’ve said it, others have said it, you’re probably saying it, or at least thinking about it. We’re living in one of the most unique times in history. There are many concerns and considerations we’re all taking at this time.

There are also concessions we’re making – limiting errands, staying home more, not seeing friends and family, working less, or more. But one concession we shouldn’t make, even in times of crisis, is in our health

Are there simple steps to staying healthy and not worry about the food supply?

The short answer – YES!

(Keep reading for my top 4 keys to eating healthy, even during a food shortage.)

Many people have been following me for years and already knew how to be prepared. I’ve encouraged people to be prepared for the unexpected for the last decade.

Yet, we anticipated it might happen but never expected it to happen!

Here is a link to my Proverbs 31 Prepper book that kept hundreds of people from being worried.

For me, it was just fun preparing food – in case of……

Well, now that my prepper skills have proven instrumental, we step into the second phase of being prepared.

I want to share tips on healthy eating when food may be scarce. We don’t want to make decisions based on fear, but with a sound mind and good judgment. 

It’s easy to fall back on or continue unhealthy eating habits in times of stress or uncertainty.

I want you to know I get it! I have those feelings, too. But, with perseverance, dedication, and determination, you can come through this even healthier than when you started!

Don’t Miss Out!

do not miss out

I experienced a FOMO effect recently. While I was visiting Chicago on a pre-planned trip and having a great time – everyone else was carting away food and toilet paper from Walmart!

I felt like I was missing out on the fun and circus – hence – FOMO: fear of missing out.

My first day back to a normal routine took me to the store to see the damage, only to find almost every shelf mostly re-stocked.

It was almost disappointing that I missed the circus.😆

The crisis, for the moment, was short-lived.

Yet, as I drove home past the Tyson plant there were only a few cars in the parking lot. This means we may still have a crisis with food supply. If production does not keep up with demand, food may be scarce. I am not sharing this for scare tactics – that’s not how I work.

I’m not about fear. I’m about knowledge and wisdom.

I am sharing because I want you to learn the tips for healthy eating with limited food.

Let’s share the FOMO effect of missing out on God’s goodness instead of man’s obsessions.

The Goal

What makes these action steps I’m sharing important, not just now, but in other times of crisis as well? 

I want you to live the healthiest life! The way to do that is going back to the foundational three reasons: 

I want to help you:

  1. Reduce grocery store dependency
  2. Keep health a priority
  3. Bring a new level of healing to the body

These tips all come down to discipline. There’s knowing the best way, then there’s taking the best way. To move from knowledge to action, we need self-discipline.

I have several videos to help you with discipline on YouTube. How to be Disciplined is just one of those very beneficial videos available to you in this uncharted season.

Now, let’s get to those simple, practical, easy-to-implement strategies for eating healthy during a food shortage.

Healthy Eating Tips During Self-Quarantine

healthy eating tips during a quarantine

Tip #1: Eat less food

I speak mostly to Americans since I know them best. But this tip applies to many cultures. I am sure those of you in the UK will agree.

90% of all adults and most children can reduce all eating by 20% and their body will respond with greater energy and clarity.

Think about what you eat. Do you really need to eat everything you do to maintain a healthy weight and body?

Study your plate at meals. What would a 20% cutback look like? You might not experience that full (or overfull, which is often the case) feeling you’re used to, but your body will adjust. And thank you!

Tip 2: No Snacking between meals

No snacking between meals allows the digestive system to process the previous meal and thoroughly digest it.

This allows the pancreas and liver to balance insulin, utilize effectively all glucose, and lessen the need to store fat.  When the digestive system is allowed to ‘fast’ for 4 hours the storage of fat is almost null. Hmmm.

Snacking is always about emotions – not hunger.

Tip 3: Keep Protein and Fiber the mainstay at each meal.

As you know, I am the queen of fiber. My videos attest to this. 

Fiber feeds the microbiome which creates a delightful conversation through the vagus nerve and into the brains (mind and heart). This conversation lessens stress and creates a resiliency of peace. (Who doesn’t want that?!?)

The stress of dealing with the COVID crisis can interfere with the digestive process. This means CONSTIPATION! 

Are you suffering from COVID Constipation?

On the contrary, eating a high fiber diet will keep all systems moving.

The satiety of protein and fiber at each meal will assist the 4-hour fasting window between meals. PLUS, fiber helps prevent most digestive problems and therefore mental issues.

Mental issues include anxiety, depression, foggy thinking, anger, sleeplessness, and even pain.

Think to yourself: constipation leads to depression!

It has even been proven that Parkinson’s is being traced back 20 years to chronic constipation.  Now that should make everyone want to get going!

Tip 4: Fast!

Yes, it started in the Bible and it continues today to be the best healing option!

Fasting has spiritual, physical, and mental health benefits.

Fasting creates:

  •         a calming effect
  •         the ability to focus on priorities
  •         a generalized improvement in mental functioning

Again, great results we’d all love.

Fasting also:

  •         lowers cholesterol
  •         lowers high blood pressure
  •         relieves pain from arthritis
  •         reduces body mass index!🍇

When we replace the time we spend preparing and eating with prayer, the spiritual benefits are unlimited!

How do you start fasting?

I recommend starting with fasting the 4 hours between meals.

After your body has made that adjustment, step up your fast from evening till breakfast for a minimum of 12 hours.

When you’re ready for the next step, extend your fast to 14 hours, then 16 hours.

One example of how this can look like is: 

      Eat dinner and finish at 6:30 pm.

      Eat the next meal at 12 noon.

This would be a 17.5 hour fast.

Your body will sing, “Hallelujah!”

FASTING IS NOT FOR EVERYONE: This tip on fasting is for people who are not dealing with diabetes or autoimmune issues.

Yet even those with these issues can do a 4 hour fast and a 20% reduction in eating.

Wrapping it up – Preventing Weight Gain During a Crisis 

Don’t let the COVID 19 become a Corona 15!

When people have fewer places to go, fewer responsibilities, more time, and more anxiety, they are prone to eat more (typically unhealthy foods) and put on weight. The Corona 15 is worse than the freshman 15! Don’t let it happen to you.

Instead, remember to eat less food, eat high-quality foods, and reach a new level of discipline in your walk with the Lord.

I do pray you to come through this crisis better than you entered it: spiritually, physically, and mentally. I’m here to help you. Visit my website. Watch my videos. (Here is another video on How to Be Spiritually Fit that helps us get through times such as these.)

Let me know what’s been helpful.

As we journey through this COVID experience together, we can help everyone see God’s love for them while keeping our family healthy.


Just as we are physical we are spiritual, 

Just as we are spiritual we are physical.

Abundant Resources for Your Abundant Health

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Today is going to be an AMEN Day!

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