Mind + Body = Health!

Food is ALWAYS most important. Yet, in today's world, we need therapeutic help and
that is where supplemental support is necessary.
These are the products my family and I use. They are pure, do not have ingredients of question or from countries that impose threats.
Each company guarantees:
 NO GMO ingredients and NO heavy metals in the finished products.
That matters to me and you matter to me as well.

Mental Fitness/ Microbiome

To be the best at your mission as a parent, student, athlete, leader, missionary, and just a person who wants to feel AND think amazing - then it all comes to the microbiome. A healthy microbiome leads to a strong immunity AND a mental fitness that gives you 'I can conquer this' mentality. Less distractions, less depression and less setbacks all happen when the gut is no longer stuck!

Beta Glucan & Vitamin D

The most important nutrient for building a defense against cancers is Vitamin D.

Learn more here.

What is my favorite nutrient for building a wall of protection and for combating health challenges? - Beta Glucan.

Learn More Here.

Enzyme Therapy

'Your face is glowing!'

That was the comment from a spouse when she started adding enzymes to her regimen. Specifically, these enzymes.

God created enzymes in all living foods. Our body even makes enzymes.

Enzymes handle every reaction in the body.
Yet, a deficiency leads to every problem possible.

Mental Fitness/ Microbiome

Proven and Pure - What goes in the gut affects our brain and our heart. When you are ready for Just Right days, then this is where I started.


I was looking for my day to feel - just right! When I found the Fundamentals and took them daily for 3 months - a switch happened in my brain - and that is when I felt - Just Right!
Right mentally, which then related to just right in my career and relationships

Two ways to start:

Fundamentals or 

Happy Juice

"My dad is smiling again!" JD


Vita GBX - Multi vitamins are on shelves and sites everywhere. Vita GBX is unique - it delivers the necessary biotics and enzymes to work quickly.

"I really noticed a difference with Amare Vita GBX." MD

Omega - balanced for better brain health.

Probiotics - feed your gut for better immunity.

Nourish The Gut

When the gut is sweet-talking to the brain - life is good.

Products to get that sweet talk going:


Seed Fiber

Super Foods

Restore -perfect blend: enzymes, biotics & liver/kidney nutrients. Take with each meal to get started.

"Wow, my body is moving again! I lost 4 pounds the first week!" JS 

Kids Mental Wellness

Give your kids the opportunity to love how they feel and NEVER any side effects!

"I love how both kids are able to do math without complaining!" KE

Kids Mood +

Kid's Pack

Kid's Vita GBX

Watch Dr Talbott explain.

Video on ABC News

Sexual Wellness

No, I have not made a video on this topic :). 

There are unique herbal extracts that actually help balance estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Yet, purity is very important.

If you are ready to heal the lack of desire, then this might be your answer. It works.

Dr Shawn Talbott explains the biotics that make this work. Watch here.

Mental Edge

This is my afternoon edge drink. It helps the mind focus and have motivation to complete that tasks with less interruptions.

Beta Glucan & Vitamin D

Beta Glucan is a natural nutrient found in foods, yet when healing needs to happen quickly, taking a supplement can bring a more potent Beta Glucan than just relying on foods naturally.

Beta Glucan Face Cream
beta face

Beta Glucan cream penetrates 7 layers deep for complete healing of the skin.

If I had any skin issues or infections, abrasions, or dermatitis - this is the product of choice.
Use a small amount for great results.

Beta Glucan 500
beta 500

Studies show, this specific beta glucan -  Beta Glucan 500 is 16x more effective than its top competitors, you can rest assured knowing you are taking a product that is truly backed by scientific research.

Resources to learn more about Beta Glucan

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Vitamin D3 That I Trust

We doubled the Vitamin D levels in 2.5 months!

In our Inner Circle, we offered everyone this Vitamin D product and asked them to test prior to starting and then again at the end of 2 months.
The results were astonishing!

Almost everyone doubled their Vitamin D and brought their numbers up to an optimal level!

Studies show women who have a Vitamin D level above 60 have an 83% less occurrence of breast cancer.

When Vitamin D is made in a gel cap, as in this product, K2 is not necessary.

So, what are you waiting for?

Enzyme Therapy

Protease Enzyme Supplements

A gentle option for supporting healthy cardiovascular function and timely detoxification.

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Protease Blend: Optimal circulation is dependent upon the presence of effective proteolytic enzymes.

Supporting circulation with Protease 375K encourages delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cell for health and vitality, removal of metabolic wastes from the cell, and transport of immune cells throughout the body to help maintain a healthy internal environment.

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Weight Management and Appetite Control

Combine plant extracts and herbs to decrease appetite and promote digestion!

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Individuals who are interested in an effective weight management program may need additional assistance with fat digestion and appetite control during meals. This support formula is uniquely designed with chromium and synergistic herbal extracts and plant concentrates to assist with digestion and healthy weight management when combined with diet and exercise.

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Detox Support (Kidney & Liver Health)

Improve your lymphatic system and keep your kidneys and liver functioning optimally!

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The lymphatic system must be considered a foundational aspect for the maintenance of optimal health. Transportation throughout this network is not catalyzed by a continuous pump like the heart.

Rather, it relies on the milking action of the muscles, lungs, and arteries. The lymphatic vessels are found in almost every single tissue and system of the body.

Use Savings Code: REEDR10