September Specials

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Biblical Health Books & Courses

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promised land

The Seven Foods Of The Promised Land

Learn about the seven foods of the Holy Land, their nutritional benefits and how they can be used in today’s recipes!

Treasures Of Health

E-Book Bundle

Save big while purchasing all 3 e-books of the Treasures of Health series! Discover God's recipe for excellent health!

celebrate jesus

Celebrate Jesus in the Biblical Feasts

Enjoy this FREE course to discover the Feasts of the Lord. Learn what the feasts are, why they matter, and how to celebrate them!

Gifts For You & Your Loved Ones!

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Bosch Deluxe Bundle

From baking to blending it has attachments to satisfy your every kitchen need. Use Coupon Code: bakeforhealth for an additional $10 off!


Artza Gift Box: The Holy Land Delivered!

Take a journey across The Land of the Bible, supporting the People of Israel: artwork, delicious food, & much more! Use the discount code  BIBLICALNUTRITIONIST25

Sweet Words Organic Tote Bag

Eco-friendly totes feature 19 liter storage capacity, plus a large opening perfect for carrying and accessing items. 

Personal Sauna

Personal Sauna 20% Off - Ends 9/22!

Saunas offer huge health benefits. Don’t miss out on this fantastic offer from Therasage! From now until September 22, you can get 20% OFF in-home saunas.
Use the coupon code BIBLICALNUTRITION20