A LIFELONG transformation.

Unbind yourself of the lifestyle choices that hold you back,
and begin a lifelong transformation grounded in the Word of God.

Are you ready to
 live a more abundant life physically and spiritually?

Leading Biblical Nutritionist, and founder of Biblical Nutrition Academy, Annette Reeder, founded the Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle with the goal of creating an example of what’s possible in a completely abundant life.

 Biblical Nutrition Academy Inner Circle sets the standard for helping people create the impossible in their own lives.

Using Biblical principles and challenging the lies of the world, people can step into the life God created them to live.


   What We Do  


We coach you in the principles of knowing how to step into the promises of God's Word!


We coach you on how to feel better now! (and every day of your life!)


We give you practical ideas to make it a blessing in the kitchen and not a burden.

What people are saying


I've tried so many programs, but none of them gave me a way out. I felt stuck. The Inner Circle is different. It reminds me that things will be okay and to forgive myself and keep working towards the reason I started this in the first place. It has been the most powerful thing for me.


Thank you for these Inner Circle coaching calls!

 They are helping me to not allow my emotions and my circumstances to rule me anymore and throw me off course but instead finally choose where my mindset’s going to be.


Thanks to the Inner Circle, for the first time, I feel so free, and, the calmness in my body is something that I don't recognize because anxiety was so normal to me, and I can't tell you how wonderful it feels! 

Does it feel you are not living your healthiest and most fulfilling life?

That your relationship with food, healthy activity, and overall well-being is broken?

That you’re tired of the latest fad diet and grueling workout routine that, despite their high price tags, is just a lot of hype–and impossible to maintain?

It’s easy to get caught up in all the noise.  

Fast-paced lifestyles and media bombardment often distract us from the simple truth:

God provides all the answers we need… provided that we listen.

The Inner Circle is a Holistic Bible Based Spiritual, Emotional, and Physical Health Coaching Program that helps you discover and use God's recipes for an abundant life so you can stay on a mission.

"Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed." Proverbs 15:22.


Biblical Mindset and Nutrition Coach


Prayer Coach


Meal Prep Coach


Fitness Coach


Board Certified Life Coach

A Message from The Biblical Nutritionist

Hi, I’m Annette!

And I, too, once struggled with taking care of my physical and emotional health.

But many of you have heard that story before, so I don’t want to repeat it. 

Instead, I wanted to share this:

A few years ago, I realized God was guiding me toward creating the Inner Circle.  I knew it would provide members with powerful, life-changing experiences.

What I didn’t know was how powerful those experiences would be.  

On the call, last Thursday members experienced significant breakthroughs in anger, emotional eating and binge eating.

Several years ago I THOUGHT I was living the life of a model Christian...but somehow along the way, man's wisdom failed me. 

I was trying to do everything right. I was working hard as a mother, serving the church, contributing to the finances by working in a hospital and trying to be a good wife. 

But I felt miserable.

Putting all that focus OUTSIDE of myself and living out of balance with biblical teachings had me running to chocolate and Burger King fries.

Then, while battling a case of cancer in the family, I realized I needed to take health much more seriously.

Because when we look for answers instead of excuses, all those passages in the Bible addressing food and health leap off the page. When we read more carefully...more actively...we realize that the nutrition and health plan that we need is right here…

And I want to share them with you!

So, I want you to imagine an old black-and-white movie…

A hapless victim lies tied to the railroad tracks…and the train is coming.

The hero races to the rusty track switch, desperate to wrench it loose in time to ward off the train…

In this story, you are both the victim and the hero.

The train is the hurtling bombardment of diet fads, confusing health advice, social pressure, and fear-inducing noise leading you away from the ancient and timeless secrets to health that God gave to us in the Bible.

But change is as simple as flipping that train switch.

You don’t have to stay tied to those train tracks, watching health crisis after health crisis loom, becoming more and more desperate as all your earnest efforts fail.

You can flip the switch.

You can see long-lasting change.

Because I did. And I know you can, too.

So if you are ready to make a long-lasting change and FLIP THAT SWITCH forever…

Then the Inner Circle’s biblical health and wellness coaching group is for you!

What is the Inner Circle?

inner circle

The Inner Circle is a coaching membership. When you are ready to be the best possible you and then become greater than that ----- Now we're talking!  Then you are ready for Inner Circle!

  • Mindset - no more sabotaging - see yourself soar with seeing the greatness within you! 
  • Prayer - yes, God hears your prayers and answers!  Learn the difference between begging and believing! POWERFUL!
  • Nutrition - a personal nutritionist on every Monday call! That is incredible!
  • Activity level - We all need a personal exercise coach! Let Rachel challenge you to be more toned while having fun!

You’ll be joining a community of like-minded people with similar goals, dreams, and beliefs who support and challenge each other.  

A team of caring coaches, specifically chosen for their expertise in areas that we’ve found present the most significant challenges, serve as guides, mentors, cheerleaders, and, as many of our members report, a family you can count on!

See results happen sooner with less effort!

These engaging,  powerful coaches are committed and passionate to see you reach above and beyond what has been holding you back.

Your past is behind you - what is in front of you is amazing!

And what if I promised it will happen sooner with less effort? Does that excite you?

In the Biblical Nutritionist Inner Circle, you will discover…

How to Establish a Mindset Grounded in God’s Word

It’s easy to understand the concept of mindset but it’s much harder to establish and maintain an effective one.  

Thoughts and beliefs dictate our behaviors, which shapes our life, health, spiritual growth, and more. To transform our life, we need to address our mindset. We show you how grounding your mindset in God’s Word can shape new, healthier thoughts and beliefs, which lead to transformed behaviors and results in a lifestyle rooted and found in God’s system for healthy living. 

The Benefits of Confidence 

Your confidence soars when you know that your mindset aligns with God’s plan. A positive mindset and increased confidence serve as the foundation for your subsequent transformation. Your faith will strengthen, your motivation will increase, your work will improve, and your relationships will feel more fulfilling. Learn how to anchor your mindset in scripture and banish doubt, indecision, and passivity forever!

Keys to Increase Your Prayer Power

Changing how you pray dramatically increases the power of prayer.  I know what you’re thinking: you already know how to pray.  That’s what everyone says.  But new Inner Circle members inevitably blurt out, “I can’t believe I never knew this!”  But simply learning how to “Pray the answer” will change what you’ve always believed about prayer!  And once you shift your mindset, your prayer will enhance all the other aspects of your life.

The Secret to Fixing Your Broken Relationship with Food

This one hits home for me.  Remember me telling you about my trips to Burger King? Food is much more complicated than “just eat less.” In our fast-paced lifestyle, it’s easy to fall into processed, on-demand choices and attempt to soothe stress with junk food. We’ll show you God’s plan for nutrition and simple strategies for acting on that plan, all while developing a healthier relationship with food, one that puts food in its place as fuel and lets God sit on the throne of your heart, satisfying all your emotional needs! 

Strategies for Fighting Cancer

While cancer deaths have decreased over the years thanks to medical technology, studies show that cancer diagnoses have dramatically increased. Genetically modified foods, processed foods, and fake foods all deviate from God’s nutritional plan and wreak havoc on our health. But don’t be discouraged: by returning to God’s original design for food, you can fortify your body to prevent and help fight against cancer cells. Discover what foods do this in the Inner Circle.

How do you get started?

  1. Sign up for the Waitlist. As soon as it opens, a notification will be emailed of our limited seats available.
  2. Click the "Join Now" button when enrollment is open
  3. Subscribe to the monthly membership no-contract monthly subscription 
  4. Open the email with your Inner Circle login credentials
  5. Get Immediate access to the courses, previous recordings, and future live coaching calls!

Inner Circle opens December 26! Get ready for a whole new you! The YOU God intended you to be!

Who is the Inner Circle For?

Many independent learners out there thrive in our information-saturated society. They love virtual learning… they’ll opt for an online class and build an entire house watching YouTube.

But for many, that kind of learning is overwhelming, impersonal, and ineffective.

They set out with good intentions, but without a clearly defined path or skilled mentors, they gain no momentum.  

Plus, with all the trendy workouts, fad diets, and empty promises, it’s hard to believe that any of it works.

This is why we created the Inner Circle.

We don’t believe in the latest trends or fads. 

Ancient truths have always worked, but many people have simply drifted away from them.

So my coaches and I have anchored our teaching on secrets found in the Bible.

Plus, our skilled and knowledgeable coaches in the Biblical Health Inner Circle will be with you every step of the way on your journey to physical and emotional well-being. We’re not just going to post some content on YouTube and leave you on your own. We take you by the hand and help you every step of the way. 

Not only will you gain momentum, but you will also redefine your lifestyle so that your choices are no longer something you feel you HAVE to do… you just do them because they’re WHO YOU’VE BECOME!

So if you:

  • Have faith in God’s word
  • Want to build and maintain an empowering mindset
  • Aspire to achieve your ideal physical, mental, and spiritual health
  • Learn best with skilled and caring mentors
  • Thrive with community and accountability
  • Are ready (and committed!) to challenging your beliefs and transforming your life

Then the Inner Circle is for you!

What’s Included in the Inner Circle?

Weekly Coaching Calls

The multiple weekly coaching calls will be a great help with your physical, emotional, and spiritual transformation journey. We take a biblical approach to health and focus on the key topics that, in our experience, have the most significant impact on your growth.

These calls happen at different times to accommodate different time zones. We record and archive each call so that you can access them whenever and as often as you like. 

You will be supported and challenged by like-minded people from all over the world! 

Access to Experts

Our team of expert coaches is there to provide support, instruction, and answers to all your questions. Our coaches in prayer, nutrition, exercise, mindset, and cancer prevention offer their insights and unique perspectives. Chances are, they’ve struggled with and overcome the same challenges that you face and know how to help!

Resource Library

Get immediate access to an extensive library of courses and resources.  These resources ALONE are worth over  $1,747. They cover everything from mastering your mindset to learning how to pray effectively, weight loss and fitness, food triggers, cancer prevention, nutritional assessments and so much more. Plus, you have access to a vault of information from all the archived weekly calls.

Menus, Recipes, & Shopping Lists

We understand that transformation can be overwhelming. We’ve learned that helping with the small details accelerates growth. So we’ve put together entire meal plans: menus, recipes, and shopping lists. No guesswork needed to overhaul your pantry and eating habits. It couldn’t be easier!  

Group Challenges

Our group challenges motivate, so you stay engaged. We offer short-term goals that lead to long-term transformation. Not only do these challenges keep you ever-improving and laser-focused on the goals, but the shared accountability will keep you from falling by the wayside. Get ready to stay energized, engaged, and constantly progressing. 

Meet the Coaches!

How Do I Join? 

The Inner Circle only opens enrollment a few times a year.

While similarly formatted coaching memberships often sell for over $250 a month, I don’t think that is a realistic figure for everyday people. I never want finances to be an obstacle to your transformation.

You can become a member of the Inner Circle as soon as registration opens.

Note:  If, for whatever reason, you find the Inner Circle doesn’t meet your needs, you can cancel anytime.

In fact, we are so confident that you will succeed with our approach that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee for your first month.

So for less than you would pay for a restaurant meal, you could flip that switch, send that train down the other track, unbind yourself from the lifestyle choices that hold you back, and begin a lifelong transformation grounded in the Word of God.

Inner Circle enrollment is only open for a short time, so reserve your spot today!

I'm looking forward to seeing you at our "table"!

~ Annette


The coaching format revealed things I was thinking that I didn’t even realize! There are better options and I don’t have to feel stuck or guilty about poor past choices.

This group has blessed me in so many ways. Annette has brought to light how negative thoughts that used to keep me stuck, and the group is fun and encouraging. I love to say “That’s not me anymore!


Coach Carol Graham has helped me think about prayer and God’s promises in a whole new way. Thank you so much for sharing this. Last night's call was so freeing for me. Knowing that I have sisters in the Lord who I can be open and honest with, who will pray for me.

And know that I am praying for each of them. Looking forward to next week’s call.


Instead of eating good for a day or two, the authenticness of the community is helping me to engage in a healthy living marathon and it is so shocking to experience what a very clean system on the inside feels like! Thank you Annette and The Inner Circle team for being so real and sharing. I just am so blessed to be a part of this.

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