Top 9 Spiritual Benefits of the Daniel Fast

December 19, 2019

daniel fast spiritual benefits

So you have chosen to do the Daniel Fast - that's fantastic news!

Fasting gives us freedom… Freedom to listen to God's words in a new way as you set aside your reliance and dependence on your favorite foods.

There will be moments in your life when you would need fasting to break unnecessary and harmful habits that do not serve any purpose to you, such as alcohol, gossiping, food addictions, sinful behaviors, lack of trust, and so on.

By turning your problems over to God and seeking His Divine assistance to have more control over these areas in your life will bring transformation. It will be as if a massive yoke has been lifted from your shoulders.

It may not be easy to do the Daniel Fast, but discipline always has its rewards.

So today, we will talk about these spiritual benefits that you can reap from doing the Daniel Fast. These great gifts will make every aspect of your life better as you develop a disciplined body, mind, and spirit.

Daniel Fast Spiritual Benefits

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What is the purpose of the Daniel fast?

If you've considered fasting, I'm sure you would love to know more about the benefits it offers and the ways God works in your life through the fast. Here are the nine spiritual benefits of the Daniel fast that will help improve your relationship with yourself, others, and God.

1. Receive Divine Guidance or an answer to a specific problem

We acknowledge God that he is God.

Fasting releases us from enemies, powers, and strongholds. We need to recognize that there is spiritual warfare going on. When we designate a time frame that we are going to fast, we are going to seek the Lord.

We are going to determine in our heart and our mind that we truly are going to be focused on what God is doing and how he's speaking to us. This is going to help us have the guidance that we have, have the revelation that we have our answers to specific problems.

2. To weaken the power of the adversary

When you have Jesus as your savior, you are in his hands, and no one can pluck you out of his hands.

As we take this time to fast, we undergo a period of renewal. We are refreshing our spirit with what God wants to do in our life. At that moment in time, this helps defeat the adversary, and God reigns supreme.

3. To cope with present monumental difficulties

cope with monumental difficulties

We all have hard times, hard days, hard months, hard years.

It just happens. This is a challenging world to live in, but yet fasting it can help us cope with it. It can help you to see things from God's perspective.

This is important because you may be going through a job loss, a home loss, a horrific diagnosis, or a child issue or a marriage issue, and fasting can help you cope with it.

4. To have freedom from bondage

I'm going to make a little confession here. I have a prayer coach that I meet with weekly, and she helps me identify that I had bondage in one area of my life.

So I am fasting now to overcome that stronghold in my life. And so this is what you can do to whatever that bondage is - you can use fasting to help overcome that.

5. To break through a depression

Now that may sound like a physical benefit, and it is, it may seem like a mental benefit (and it is), but it's also a spiritual benefit.

When we fast, real things happen. Our gut is healed, which increases our mental awareness and decreases our depression, and therefore we're able just to worship better.

We're able to praise the Lord better when we are not depressed.

6. To be free from evil

We need to rid ourselves of evil thoughts.

You cannot say, well, I must not be a Christian because these thoughts that are in my mind are not Christ-like.

We all have thoughts come into our minds that are not from Christ, and we need to capture them and get rid of them.

7. To be happier internally

be happier internally

I've noticed in my personal life when, when I've done fasting. When I have followed the Daniel fast-eating guide, my gut is healthier, my mind is sharper, and I don't have as many of those thoughts coming in. I am just internally happier, therefore externally more satisfied.

That's what the Daniel fast is all about.

8. To resist temptation

The Daniel fast can keep you secure and resist temptations from items such as pornography and other addictions that can destroy our life and our marriage.

This is huge, as we live in a society that doesn't believe in any restrictions, and it's just causing chaos. Through fasting, we can be stronger and capable of fighting temptations with God's Divine providence.

9. To invite God's power to flow through you more mightily.

And to that, I say, "Yes, Lord Jesus."
Amen means I agree with what you're teaching me, Lord. I agree with what you're doing in my life. I may not always understand it, but I do agree with it.

God's power is what you need to make your life better in every single way.

Experience the Spiritual Gifts of the Daniel Fast

So there you have the spiritual benefits of Daniel Fast. It is truly amazing to know that by doing prayer and fasting, you can reap benefits not only to your physical health but also to your mind and spirit.

If you want to learn how to do the Daniel fast - steps to fasting, what foods to eat, sample 21-day Daniel Fast menu and recipe ideas, you can check out my book "The Daniel Fast" to help you get started. 

I wish you an incredible journey and abundant blessings from this fast. Please feel free to hit me up in the comments below to share your experience and how the Daniel fast has worked for you.

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