Build a

Healthy Mindset

3-Fundamentals Explained 

Just as we are physical, we are spiritual.
Just as we are spiritual, we are physical. 

Everything physical and spiritual is marinated in what we believe.

“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
1 Timothy 1:7

What we believe becomes our reality. Our mindset affects every area of our health!

A healthy mind is a mind at peace. Knowing God and His Word brings peace to our minds, but when we face overwhelming stress, offenses, emotional instability, or pain, what are the steps back to wholeness?

On this page, you will find help and resources for developing and maintaining a healthy mindset. A healthy mind goes hand-in-hand with a 
healthy body and a healthy spirit, which we also teach about.

Here you will learn elements of a formula in our unique approach:

Beliefs---> Behaviors ---> Blessings.

Let’s dive in.

The Fundamentals of a

Healthy Mindset

A healthy mindset starts with beliefs and is followed by behaviors.
The two are closely intertwined.

Mindset is improved by starting with the mental.
Depression, anxiety, grief, distractedness, sense of overwhelm, and more describe a mindset that is out of balance with God's intent for you.
Seeing our daily circumstances with a biblically accurate belief lets you experience the true abundant life.
For example, you can choose to see problems as opportunities and challenges to be solved.
You can choose to be empathetic to a grumpy coworker who is probably battling something you know nothing about.
It takes time to transform our beliefs, yet it is very possible.

Mindset is enhanced by addressing the physical. 
Depression, anxiety, PMS, lack of energy, and not-so-happy days can also result from an unbalanced microbiome. Learn how to make that change quickly.

Finally, a mindset is transformed by renewing the spiritual.
You are not alone. You are loved.
Know that God has a plan, and that your life is the process of that plan unfolding.
If you struggle with this truth, you are not alone. Therefore, beliefs matter.


When we address these three fundamentals, we can cultivate a truly healthy mindset, equipping us to face whatever comes our way.

Are ready to transform your mindset? The resources below can help. 

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Mental: Thoughts and Feelings

Beliefs go hand-in-hand with thoughts. What we believe dictates what we think, and then our thoughts direct how we behave. So after we address our beliefs and align them with God’s Word, what is the next area to deal with? Changing our thoughts.

The Fastest Way to Change Your Thoughts

Baggage has to go. Baggage includes guilt, depression, anxiety, lackadaisical, fear of success, and more. The key to experiencing freedom in the mind all boils down to your thoughts. To become free in your thoughts and not bound to negative thinking, lies, or false beliefs, you need a transformed mind.

40-Day Transformation Challenge is the fastest way to learn how to change your thoughts. This course can help you:

  • Exchange false beliefs for powerful, life-giving ones
  • Discover how the Bible’s truths and promises were written to YOU
  • Gain victory over your health and circumstances
  • Overhaul your relationship with food & discover how to heal your gut with a Biblical diet
  • Step into the freedom physically and spiritually that God designed you to live
  • Break strongholds of addiction & learn how to be satisfied (in life, heart, mind, and body)

Reshape your thoughts and beliefs by turning to God’s Word.

Become a Forgiveness Expert

Nothing breaks down our minds faster and brings more emotional turmoil (stress) than unforgiveness. It produces disease, heartache, and endless pain. Are you ready to be free?

Learn the importance of forgiveness – and how it benefits your entire body – at the link below.

Master Your Emotions

Just as beliefs and thoughts are intertwined, so are thoughts and feelings. Gaining mastery over negative emotions is a powerful step in building mental fitness.

Control Your Thoughts in 5 Simple Steps

When we control our thoughts, we master our mind. Where our mind goes, our hands and feet follow. Where our mind lingers, our feelings/emotions grow. Learn the power of controlling your thoughts in five simple steps.

Emotions in the Bible

Emotional stability is the quickest way to find peace. Want to learn what the Bible teaches about emotions and feelings? Discover Biblical truth on emotions and feelings, plus scriptural ways to master emotions to bless your health.

How to Handle Stress Biblically

Did you know stress can help you grow stronger, draw closer to God, and embrace His invitation to rely on Him? In this blog post, learn how to decrease the negative load of stress and cope with it biblically.

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Emotions

Our emotions have a great impact on how we feel, and therefore on our mental health and our physical health. Learning how to control your emotions will empower you to have better emotional health, which we all want.

Find Freedom from Emotional Eating

It’s easy to run to food when we are sad, stressed out, or bored. But this can trap us in a hopeless cycle that eventually leads to weight gain, depression, and health issues. Break the cycle and overcome emotional eating with the help of the Hunger Satisfied Journal, which not only helps you learn how to live satisfied but gives 10 keys for success in the mind and with eating.

Physical: Gut ~ Brain Connection

The third aspect of a healthy mind is the physical component. A few elements that affect our mental health are sleep, nourishment, and gut health.

Learn the connection between a healthy mindset and body in this video, then check out the resources that are most appropriate to you below.

The Gut-Brain Connection

Gut health has a tremendous impact on our mood. When the gut is out of balance, known as dysbiosis, our minds suffer. You are ableto heal your gut with the best diet for gut health and weight loss. With just seven steps, you can achieve gut health and mental health, feel great each day, and be your best self.

Transform Your Diet

Simple steps beginning today will have you seeing happy days starting tomorrow.

First, be willing to throw away the lab experiment foods and reach for all food God called good. Yes, Doritos need to go. Forever.  Second, bring on the fresh vegetables and fruits. Enjoy local and seasonal.  Third, quench your thirsty cells with good quality water. And fourth, add in the whole grains, found in Scripture, healthy fats and farmer meats.
We don’t need science to prove Scripture true. God’s foods always work.

Discover more about what foods harm the gut, causing depression, digestive issues, mental fog, and more.

On the flip-side, what foods can you eat to increase energy, improve mental function, and help heal the gut? Discover the seven foods to start with here!

And if you’re ready to transform your eating habits with principles straight out of the Bible that lead to complete wellness, spiritually and physically, then it’s time to discover the Bible diet. By following the Bible’s “health plan” you can experience abundant health, natural energy, better sleep, weight loss, stabilized moods, and other amazing benefits – leading to a healthier, happier life overall.

When Food is Not Enough - Add Gut-Brain Healing Supplements

Sometimes food changes are not enough or don’t work as quickly as needed. That is when supplements.
Our healthy mindset changes with every bite brings in the therapeutic answer. There are over 200 known chemical messengers in the body, allowing a wide range of cell-to-cell communication and make our everyday lives either happy or sad.
We can improve our making of neurotransmitters with the help of pre, pro, phyto and quad biotics. These can improve our GABA, cortisol, serotonin and other neurotransmitters. When this happens, you will say, “Today, I feel amazing!”

How Do You Sleep?

Sleep is a foundational pillar of health. When we have trouble sleeping, our day is harder and processes are slower. To get back to sanity, a good night’s sleep is a significant help. Here are 10 tips for getting better sleep to be healthier mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Spiritual ~ Beliefs 

What do you believe? Beliefs determine behavior. 
In order to change behavior, identifying what you believe about yourself, God, life, and more and exchanging those beliefs for true, life-giving ones is crucial.

Shed Light on the Beliefs About Food That Control Your Life

This free ebook will unveil which of your beliefs about food and God are truly based on God’s Word and which are merely influenced by worldly values. I share seven simple steps to kick-start your journey to whole mind-and-body health, and how it starts with what you believe. Are your beliefs TRUE to God’s Word or from the world?

 Discover strategies for replacing false beliefs with true, Biblical beliefs, and watch your life transform.

Heal From Beliefs that Hold You Back Using Scripture

Our minds often need healing from the harmful beliefs we have held. What is the number one way we can shape our beliefs? With God’s Word. God’s Word is life and truth. When we saturate our minds with truth, our beliefs change. Our thoughts follow and then our behavior.

God’s Word tells us He cares about every area and every detail of our lives. He has a purpose, and a mission planned out just for you. His Word was written so that you might believe in who He is and trust His purpose for you.

These memory verse cards on healing, fasting, and beliefs can be a helpful tool for this.

Clearly Define — Satisfied

An understanding of satisfaction gives an amazing perspective on life and our relationship with God.
Are you satisfied or content with what God has given you?
Are you satisfied with who and what God has made you to be?

A more abundant life is possible. Discover the joy and benefit of satisfaction in the video below and let’s become satisfied together.

Discover Your True Value & Worth

Do you believe God loves you? Truly? Do you know how valuable you are to Him? If you struggle with feelings of worthlessness, the Bible has a message of hope for you. You matter. God sees you. Want proof? God’s Word is full of it!

Emotional and Mental

Health Training

When you want to get fit physically, the best way to ensure success is to have a plan. The same is true when you want to get fit mentally. Having a blueprint in place, with steps and guidance to achieve goals, is so important.

And when you are ready for this to happen sooner with less effort, it is time for a coach:

Inner Circle Group Coaching

Looking for a lasting breakthrough? All it takes is a helping hand – and someone who knows what you’re going through. Experience the power of support, help, and community within the Inner Circle, a place to find breakthrough and get set free – forever.

With our experienced coaches and weekly live calls, you can get the accountability and consistent support needed to break through in areas of PRAYER, BELIEFS, MINDSET, EATING, and more.

Here is a peek at some of what the Inner Circle offers:

  • Weekly coaching calls that inspire, guide, and teach (plus, access to our vault of recorded coaching sessions)
  • FULL library of healthy living courses (includes the 40-day Transformation Course and others)
  • Nutrition assessments, meal plans, and more
  • Group challenges to keep you engaged, on target, and moving forward
  • Strategies to overcome negative thinking and experience breakthrough
  • And much more