​Healthy Motivation is One Choice Away ​- Here’s How to Win​

March 8, 2019

Did you know that healthy motivation is one choice away?

What’s your greatest motivation? Are you a natural-born competitor? Are you striving to keep up with your children or grandchildren?

Are you working to fit into that special spring outfit this year? Are you hoping to outrun your DNA?

Or are you simply trying to live a more healthy life all the way around?

What I’m really asking all of us is this: When you want to quit, what makes you keep going?

Motivation Means The Choice to Make Better Decisions

I have a competitive streak that’s pretty wide.

Part of my motivation originates in the challenge of being a little bit better (healthier, smarter, kinder) than I was yesterday. For this miraculous growth to occur, I must choose to make one good decision at a time.

All of us are one decision away from moving in a positive direction or a negative one.

I apply this principle to my physical lifestyle as well as my spiritual life, and I’d like you to consider doing the same.

Find Healthy Motivation in the Changes in Season

I’m grateful that spring has sprung in the area of the world where I live.

The days are a bit longer and a bit warmer, so I’m trading in my long-sleeve hoodie for the cooler, cuter spring top.

This motivates me to step up my arm workout.

Shallow, I know, but motivation nonetheless.

Also as spring arrives, I’m reminded of the outdoor activities I love: mountain biking and hiking.

So I’d better continue my lower body workouts too.

You see, besides being competitive, I’m activity-motivated. There are many active hobbies that I love, and in order to continue with these, my body needs to be healthy and well.

In my pursuit of wellness, I have good days and not-so-good days. The good days, where I make wise choices, help me push through the not-so-good days, where I lack the motivation to make wise choices.

Surround Yourself with Highly-Motivated, Like-Minded People

Sometimes, to be honest, though, I just can’t motivate myself on my own.

This is when I realize how grateful I am for group fitness classes, and for Body & Soul classes, in particular.

If I were working out at home, I might stop after a certain number of reps, or I might be tempted to put off my workout for another day.

But with a class, I have to show up at the appointed time and work for an hour straight, whether I feel like it or not. This is especially true for me, since I am the instructor in most classes I attend, but even if I were not, I would want to be there.

Working out with a group of women who are pushing themselves to be stronger and fitter is terrifically motivating. We’re in it together.

And then, if that weren’t enough, there’s the spiritual component of class. The prayer at the outset and the music throughout the workout reminds us all that there’s a bigger “end goal” in mind: that of glorifying God in our bodies.

Healthy Motivation Starts In You

So, what’s your motivation just now?

Are you training for an event? Are you hoping to pick up a new, active hobby?

Are you fighting a condition that threatens your wellness?

What helps keep you going? Whatever your motivation, keep it in your sights. Do not get distracted by the not-so-good days. Don’t’ get derailed.

We are all on a journey toward wellness and striving to make one positive decision at a time. What will your choice be today?

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