Bosch Universal Mixer Baker’s Bundle



The Black Stainless Steel Bosch Universal Plus Mixer has more than 60 years of high quality and trust designed for your kitchen.

Bosch Universal Mixer

For over 60 years, the Bosch brand has been synonymous with quality and trust. The Universal Plus Mixer is no exception, featuring a powerful 500-watt motor and a spacious 6 ½ quart bowl that can handle up to 15 pounds of dough. With 4 speed settings and a momentary switch, this mixer is designed to tackle any task in your kitchen. Includes attachments for baking, blending, and more! Plus, enjoy free shipping on orders within the continental US.


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  • Black Stainless Steel Bosch Mixer Value $489
  • NutriMill Dough Hook Extender Value $9.99
  • NutriMill Baker’s Pack Value $80
  • Non-Stick Cookie Sheet Liners Value $19.95
  • Icing Kit Value $19.95


  • 500 Watts of power to two drives: high & low speed
  • 6 ½ Quart Bowl holds up to 15 pounds of dough
  • 4 Speed Settings, plus a momentary switch
  • Belt Drive Transmission
  • Suction feet for stability
  • Removable Drive Shaft for easy cleaning
  • Overload and “Start” motor protection
  • Dozens of Attachments and Accessories available
  • Ergonomic, unique, modern design. 100 % BPA Free
  • CSA Listed

Better Gluten Development: The Bosch Universal Mixer has achieved its dedicated following among bread-lovers not only because it lasts, but also because it produces. It makes better bread, faster and easier, because no one else has the patented three-arm stainless steel BreadMaster dough hook design plus the strength to run it in up to 15 lbs. of tough dough. The BreadMaster dough hook vigorously incorporates oxygen as its unique design stretches and folds dough against itself, processing 100% of your dough every four rotations around the bowl. By comparison, other mixers merely stir the dough, never achieving the Bosch’s level of gluten development. Proper gluten development produces light bread with great texture. Merely stirring the dough produces “brick bread.” Bread from the powerful Bosch Mixer needs to rise only once before baking, letting you make as many as eight loaves of fabulous fresh bread and have them out of the oven in just 75-80 minutes!

Mixing & Whipping: Besides kneading dough, of course, you do want your mixer to mix & whip, too ? and the Bosch Universal’s mixing action is unequalled at both tasks. The bowl has a “tubular” bottom profile like a deep Bundt cake form. Twin whips mount on top of the narrow center column, driven from below by a stainless steel drive shaft. The whips spin rapidly as they rotate, and the whip drive design allows the whips to “float” against the bottom of the bowl. The bowl’s “Bundt cake shape” bottom profile ensures that no lump can escape… every bit of your ingredients get mixed perfectly. The Bosch Mixer’s whipping action is so energetic it will make a cup and a half of meringue from a single egg white.

Access, Ease & Stability: The Bosch Universal’s bottom-drive configuration gives you total access to the top of the bowl. A convenient two-part cover allows you to use just the splash ring, or add the lid for complete coverage. The bottom-drive design also provides tremendous no-tip stability through a low center of gravity, rather than by adding a ton of weight to the base ? weight you have to deal with every time you move other mixers. One of our new Bosch customers “saw the light” when her old top-drive mixer fell off the counter and damaged not only her linoleum, but the subflooring too! The mixing bowl of the Universal Plus mixer locks down to the mixer’s base for rock-solid attachment and even greater stability, and powerful suction-cup feet keep your Bosch mixer right where you put it.

Optional Accessories From food processing to making pasta, the Bosch Universal gives you the tools to do the job right. The most popular accessories for the Universal Plus are the new MX3 Blender, and the Food Processor. The Universal is available in a “package” with the blender, but if you choose to start without the very popular blender option, you can always add the blender later because the base unit is the same either way.

  • Quiet: Whether you’re in the kitchen for an hour or all day, it’s very nice to have quiet running machines, and the Bosch mixer runs at about half the sound level of competitive kitchen mixers, because the belt on the Bosch mixer naturally turns quietly compared to breakage-prone, whine-producing gears.
  • The Warranty is Proof: The Bosch mixer warranty backs up the claim that this is a better machine. The Bosch mixer motor and transmission are guaranteed for 3 full years! To get equal warranty coverage from the competition, you’d have to buy three of their mixers.
  • Bosch has produced over 240 technical and design innovations since the introduction of their first mixer in the 1950′s. The fruit of this constant dedication to excellence shows in today’s superior Bosch Universal Mixer. Save money, time and labor while you enjoy creating foods brimming with fresh flavor and nutrition for yourself and your family, with the Universal model of Bosch mixer!
  • Note: The Bosch Universal Plus is rated as a 500 watt motor here in the U.S. The UL (Underwriters Laboratory) recently changed the way they rate appliance motors being sold in the U.S. market. As a result, the motor used in the Bosch Universal Plus mixer has been re-rated from 800 watts to 500 watts, but it’s actually exactly the same powerful motor that Bosch has used for years and years. The only change that has occurred is in the rating issued by UL.


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