Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual

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Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual combines valuable information on the nourishment from God-created foods with truths about the value of vitamins to help you create a healthy, happy home and body.

The most holistic approach to overall health straight from the source!

Good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle is a gift desired for our lives, but with so many fads and options out there how do you know what or who to trust?

The Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual takes the guesswork out of achieving good health the way God intended it.

No more reading piles of books or tirelessly searching online to find answers concerning your health!

This Nutrition Manual was thoughtfully put together by The Biblical Nutritionist, Annette Reeder, and Dr. Richard Couey, bringing you wisdom on:

-How God Designed Your Body.

-The Gift of Health God Desires For You.

-Foods That Have the Highest Nutritional Value For Good health.

-The Value of Vitamins and How They Help the Body


Part 1: Nutrition From What God Has Given Us

43 Deep dives into the Foods in the Bible, Grains, Beans, Meat, Vegetables, Fruits, healthy Herbs and Spices and more.

Part 2 : Nutritional Supplements

Everything from Vitamin A to Zinc, Flavonoids, Garlic, Essential Fatty Acids, Protein as a supplement, Pumpkin Seeds and 31 More

Part 3 : How to Have a Happy and Healthy Body

Struggling with Allergies, Inflammation, IBS, or an under performing Immune system?

Want to know how to increase your mental ability, get the best sleep, reduce stress in yourself or your kids, How to reduce chemicals in your Home and body?

It’s all in this 337 page Nutrition Guide and Reference Book to equip you for healthy living.

How to Use Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual

You can simply open the book and read it from cover to cover, ending with Dr. Couey’s six-week health challenge that will change your life.


Turn to the section on how to improve Men’s health, Women’s health, or children’s health.

Look up a specific health struggle and find natural home remedies to improve that situation, or scroll the table of contents until you see something you’ve never heard about like Xenobiotics and read about those.

Don’t Just Learn, Live!

Your life will be forever changed when you learn about the treasures of being happy and healthy through divine truth given to us through scripture.

But, you will be inspired to challenge life a little better each day knowing that God created the earth, made it “good” so you can live a full life and glorify him in everything that you do, in every moment of every day.

Embracing the gift of health and wellness has never been easier with the Nutrition Manual designed with you in mind!

Grab your copy today and step onto the path of good health!

Take Treasures of Health Online Course – The Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual is also one of the 3 e-books included!

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9 reviews for Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual

  1. Marcy Coffman

    This Nutrition Manual was on my “wish list” and my daughter gave it to me for Christmas. I’m learning so much as I’m reading through the book and have found it is truly filled with treasures – nuggets of truth about the nutrition in food. I love the easy reading format and the wealth of information that motivates me to make healthful decisions for my family.

  2. Jessica Denham

    This nutrition manual has taught me so much as well as following along with The Biblical Nutritionists on YouTube.

  3. Rebecca Grice

    I bought this book when I started noticing I was having skin issues and just normal aging issues and boys is this book packed full of wisdom… each topic is broken down one by one and explains how it affects our bodies in all sorts of ways. Just very valuable resource.

  4. Linda Diehr

    This book is full of knowledge about nutrition and our bodies. Easy to read and understand. I am enjoy learning about the different vitamins and minerals and how they help my body. Thank you.

    • Annette Reeder

      Annette Reeder

      I am so glad that this book has been helpful to you!

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