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Learn from Biblical Nutritionist, Annette Reeder the 4 essential steps to feed your family well during difficult times and times of pleasure.

This is the Second Edition of Proverbs 31 Prepper.

Become a Proverbs 31 Prepper! Prepping is more than waiting for a disaster; it is having the mindset that no matter what happens, I can feed my family well nourishing meals without confusion and chaos.

Learn from Biblical Nutritionist, Annette Reeder the 4 essential steps to feed your family well during difficult times and times of pleasure. Proverbs 31 teaches us strong character traits, great wisdom, many skills, and deep compassion.

The Proverbs 31 Prepper brings those traits to our modern world. A world that is facing chaos and collapse on all fronts.

Even without the Armageddon scares being shouted through all the media channels, today many people are facing difficulties in their everyday world. This may include an overstretched budget, an economic setback, a hurricane, a political upheaval, or just sickness.

During difficult times, the first area of our life most neglected is nutrition, but yet it is what will keep us strong mentally, emotionally and physically.

Be encouraged, with Proverbs 31 Prepper, you can:

– Afford to feed your family well – everyday

– Be ready for difficult times

– Be confident you prepared your family well

– Smile at the future

The title of this book threw me off, Proverbs 31 Prepper. Okay, one word threw me off Prepper. It makes me think of people who have a secret hideaway back in the woods, underground, or in a cave somewhere. They are ready for the end of the world.

Then I realized to a point I was a prepper. I’ve been making sure my pantry was stocked for years. After reading Proverbs 31 Prepper, I realize I just haven’t done enough. There were a couple of hints that I really picked up on in this book. My favorite chapter was on how to prep a bag for travel. Ever see one of those backups that lasts for miles and hours? Annette Reeder will tell you just what to bring for each person, young or old, to help with boredom, hunger spells, etc. This chapter alone for me was enough to read this book.

She also covers menus, pantry staples, gardening, canning, and emergency bags. This book will make you want to get off the couch and start getting your household ready!

– Vickie

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2 reviews for Proverbs 31 Prepper

  1. Sue

    I’ve always been so anxious about the future and what may come – but this book helps me to be more confident. The practical tips and advice provided throughout the book are invaluable. From creating a well-stocked pantry to developing emergency plans and learning essential skills, “Proverbs 31 Prepper” covers a wide range of topics with clarity and actionable steps. Annette’s writing style is engaging and practical, making it easy for readers to grasp and implement the concepts discussed. Thanks so much for this amazing book! A must-read for sure!

  2. Janice Garman

    So glad I purchased this book! Great resource! Thank you, Annette!

    • Annette Reeder

      Annette Reeder

      Thank you so much for the kind review!

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