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Total Change Seekers

If you desire change and transformation both physically and spiritually, Biblical Nutrition Academy courses were written for you!

Church & Individual

These courses help the church and the individual to learn Biblical principles to lose weight, be healthy, relieve stress naturally to share Christ more to everyone!

Busy People

Learning takes time - the beauty of Biblical Nutrition Academy is it's on your time at your pace.

The Whole Family

Kids, parents, seniors, and even pets can achieve excellent health through our biblical nutrition courses. A healthy family is a happy and thriving family!

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Meet Annette

I am Annette Reeder; a Christian nutritionist, international speaker, and have been a biblical health coach for over 18 years.
You are the reason I am here.
My journey started with the resolve that I will be forever fat! I had almost given up on being lean and healthy............Almost.
Thankfully, I came to a moment of crisis and found grace that lead me on the path to wholeness, the wholeness that I desire for you too.
A transformation in spiritual and biblical health is what awakens when you see God's design for YOU!

Without God's Word as our road map this would be another diet plan. Yet, when we focus on who we are in Christ - maybe for the very first time - we see what is possible!

How It Works


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Learn at your own pace and then continue to the next course for a better understanding of God's recipe for excellent health.

Your Health & Weight Loss Frustrations Are Finally Over...

At the Biblical Nutrition Academy, you are in good hands because your life transformation coaches have been exactly where your are today...

We'll walk you STEP BY STEP through a process that will help you get healthy, lose weight, and most importantly, grow in faith. And the tools are proven and timeless.

Our goal is to demonstrate God's grace at work in your life and guide you in a health and weight loss journey.

Our Best-Selling Courses

Looking to start the Daniel Fast but not sure how?
Been praying for a total transformation both physically & spiritually but feeling stuck?
Eager to learn how to pray for miracles and overcome difficulties in your life?

The Biblical Nutrition Academy has it all for you!

40-Day Transformation Course

Find the Breakthrough You've Been Searching For with the 40-Day Physical & Spiritual Transformation

~ Discover Biblical Truths and Promises
~ Gain victory over your health
~ Break strongholds of addiction and finally feel satisfied

JOIN THE 40-DAY TRANSFORMATION! Start today to feel and live the best YOU desire!

The Daniel Fast Course

Do you need freedom to hear a new direction?
Need God's help in making a clear decision?
Freedom from an addictive substance or food addiction?
Healing in your body?
Weight loss?

The Daniel Fast is far more than just the physical, God will amaze you as you delight in Him.

Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study

Did you know Scripture is the best health book ever written?

Study from Genesis to Revelation to discover The Treasures of Healthy Living. This course includes all books: Bible Study, Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual, Healthy Treasures Cookbook, and Treasures Online plus the teachings of Annette Reeder, Dr Couey, Ellie Cullen and Sue Becker.

Every lesson will bring you closer to understanding God’s life balance, closer to understanding God's design of our bodies and how the food He gave us fits perfectly into that design. We are truly blessed.

Our Students' Success Stories:

I thank God for these lessons you teach - I am getting it now! I was just eating anything before, but now, I have learned that eating only the foods God has given us is healthy. I hope you will continue to teach us. God bless you!

Phin Lee

Amen! I have my little “bread ministry” here in which I supply eight of our neighbors with bread and scones. Most of my breads are whole wheat (or using some whole wheat), so your mill is being used regularly. I use a rye based starter and make our Communion bread with spelt; both of which are ground in your mill. 

Bill Bert

I'm so thankful to God for bringing your page across my path. I first found you on YouTube... 

Your Healthy Treasures recipe book and the Daniel Fast Recipe book are my most used books in the kitchen now and I can't wait to get more.
Thank you for what you do for God and people,

Brenda Walker

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Journal Your Way to Biblical Health!

All hunger is spiritual. Learn the key elements to discover true hunger and life transforming satisfied with the use of this journal.

Lose weight, gain health, live stronger, live longer; all with the discovery of this hunger satisfied journal.

This book is worth thousands of dollars in the health savings it will bring. Use these principles to advance ALL areas of your life - Biblically!

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What People Say About The Hunger Satisfied Journal...

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What if I am at my perfect weight - will the courses have any benefit for me?

Absolutely YES! There is so much to learn about biblical health! This will open doors to understanding your beliefs, fasting, cooking, health, prayer and meditation!

Is there a Bible Study guide that walks through the Bible with weight loss?

Definitely. The Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study is a practical Bible study that will reveal the truth about the foods you eat and provide simple tools to begin improving your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

How hard is it to fast?

Fasting is not a food issue. It's a belief issue. Yes, we have food addictions and lifestyle habits that change dramatically while fasting. Yet fasting starts in the mind first. I have several videos to help you through fasting successfully. And I also have a book and a course on fasting for spiritual and physical strength. These are just some great tools to help you.