3 Natural Herbal Remedies to Relieve Stress

July 4, 2020

Herbs for Stress and Anxiety

When I learned there were natural remedies to relieve stress – my life changed. I love these 3 natural herbs. Life gets stressful, that’s something we know for sure. I’ve gone through seasons where I felt like stress was the puppet master and I was being manipulated by strings. It crept into my attitude, family, work performance, and every other aspect of my life. In a word, it was exhausting. I found that living life with the stress piling- on was not a manageable way to live. It gets easy to think stress is normal, or even that depression and anxiety are okay to push to the side. However, I’m here to say that there are natural remedies to relieve stress. You can find healing without taking a trip to the doctor or drug store. In fact, when I started to use these 3 natural herbal supplements, I relieved my stress for good.

Today I’m excited to share 3 specific herbal remedies that have the ability to change your life.

Natural Remedies to Relieve Stress and Tension

Don’t just take it from me, listen to the testimonies of others whose lives have been changed by these simple herbs:

One of my client’s sons was an 11 year old boy who desperately wanted to make it to the baseball team. Whenever he went to hit the ball, stress took over. As a result, he kept striking out. At such a young age, the amount of stress was overwhelming. Thankfully, his mom came to me for a natural remedy. After he used the herbs on this list, his stress levels lowered and allowed him to have confidence. He played his absolute best!

Another one of my clients was having issues with stress, getting the best of her. This young lady anxiously anticipated her RN board exams. She had already failed twice and couldn’t handle the pressure of a third failure. She knew the material like the back of her hand, maybe better. Nevertheless, no luck with success. The stress was controlling her. After the use of these herbs, she was able to relax for her test and passed with ease.

Similarly, another client found that stress was getting in the way of life. He was a CPA in his mid-30s and father of 4 who needed to focus. His job required a clear mind and ability to work through the stress. He couldn’t do it alone, and feared his future at work. The more his stress increased, the more he felt anxious about being stressed. But, with these herbal supplements to relieve stress, he had the mental focus to breeze through his work days. He didn’t worry about coming home to his family exhausted anymore. Instead, he was actually happy at the end of the day!

3 Fantastic Herbs to Relieve Stress

If you’re like me, or these 3 clients who found themselves needing a change, check out these natural remedies of anxiety.

1. Ashwagandha

You might not know how to pronounce it, but you’ll know the magical difference it makes after you try it.

Ashwagandha works in all areas of stress: physically, emotionally and mentally. In other words, it is a wonderful natural remedy to anxiety. And you can find in almost any supplement shop.

Ashwagandha Benefits

The top 8 reasons to use this herb daily:

1. Relieves Stress  Ashwagandha will help you feel the weight taken off your shoulders. The stress and anxiety in your life is weighing you down, but this supplement will take the pressure off.

2. Alleviates Insomnia  When you’re tightly wound, you have a harder time relaxing and getting ready for bed. Ashwagandha helps balance your nervous system, which helps you get your proper rest. I love taking this at night and waking up feeling genuinely refreshed as a result of great sleep.

3. Lowers Anxiety and Depression  Studies have shown that taking this supplement can reduce anxiety and depression. Specifically, even patients who suffer from an anxiety disorder said they felt better.

4. Grows Muscle  Along with muscle growth, studies show that a regular intake of this herb can help weight loss. You’ll be healthier and stronger after just 30 days.

5. Improves Endurance  If you’re trying your best to develop stamina with running, biking, or any cardio exercise, this herb can help. Endurance can improve as well as the ability to exercise for longer than before.

6. Boosts Fertility in Men  Studies show that men taking the herb developed higher sperm counts. Not only that, but they increased their testosterone and antioxidant levels as well.

7. Reduces Sexual Dysfunction in Women  This supplement can increase blood flow. Which means positive benefits on libido, no matter the age! The increased blood flow can also bring health to your menstruation and fertility.

8. Helps Manage Blood Sugars  This benefit isn’t just important for people with diabetes. High blood sugars can cause headaches, fatigue, and blurry vision. If left unchecked, high blood sugars have detrimental effects on anyone’s health.

After clients use Ashwagandha in daily, they report feeling better. They start to feel normal.

2. Rafuma

This may be a new one for you, too, especially since it’s not commonly found in grocery stores.

But take it from me: often the harder to find, the better the benefits!

It’s not new or uncommon in other cultures, though. As a matter of fact, for many centuries in the East this has been a well-known supplement to relieve stress, most often found in tea. Now it shows up most often in pill form, but the effects are the same.

Benefits of Rafuma: 

What are the beneficial effects of this herbal supplement?

1. Better Sleep  After taking this supplement only once per day for 8 days, participants observed that their sleep had been improved. They reported a sense of sleeping deeper and feeling well-rested when they woke.

2. Less Stress and Anxiety  Taking rafuma for a short time can also decrease stress. After 7 days, people said they were less nervous. Sign me up!

3. Clear Focus  Many of us find ourselves zoning out or easily distracted at work. Put a stop to the madness with this simple herbal supplement. Scientific evidence shows rafuma can increase focus and may help you maintain a steady performance rate.

4. Happier Mind  The effects that rafuma has on depression are incredible. For example, a patient’s depression was reduced after taking the pill daily. This is better than antidepressants (which can have unwanted side effects).

3. Magnolia Bark

Magnolia may remind you of a famous DIY couple. Sadly, these herbal supplements won’t make you a master house-flipper.

Instead, it may help remedy many chronic health issues. That’s right–I said chronic health issues. Similarly to the others, magnolia bark can relieve stress. On top of that, it can help provide relief to chronic pain.

Magnolia Bark Benefits

Here are more benefits of using magnolia bark:

1. Lower Dangerous Inflammation  Inflammation can lead to diseases like diabetes and Alzheimers. Magnolia bark helps lower that risk. By lowering inflammation, risk of developing chronic illnesses also decreases.

2. Fight Against Cancer  Cancer grows rapidly because of its abnormal division of cells. Magnolia bark can help regulate cell divisions, making it a good therapy for cancer patients. Studies also suggest it can be used to reduce tumor size.

Disclaimer: Seek medical advice before using magnolia bark to treat cancer. Speak with your doctor before adding this herb, as it’s hormonal properties may not be beneficial for all types of cancer.

3. Reduce Risk of Heart Disease  Some researchers believe magnolia bark can lower the risk of heart disease, since it decreases fat in the bloodstream.

4. Increase Deep Sleep  Studies show that magnolia bark can improve your sleep. For instance, it reduces the time it takes to fall asleep and increases time spent in REM (the most rejuvenating phase of sleeping). This herb is shown to reduce general insomnia.

5. Relieve Painful Menopause Symptoms  Menopause can take a toll on a woman’s sleep, mood, and anxiety. Magnolia bark may also help to regulate these. Some studies show it can reduce hot flashes during menopause.

6. Strengthen Teeth Against Cavities  While tooth strength might not be your primary concern, tooth decay is an unwanted headache. Before the markets start catching on, use magnolia bark daily as a natural way to help prevent cavities.

7. Lower Anxiety and Depression  Magnolia bark increases the happy chemical (serotonin). Moreover, it also lowers the stress chemical (cortisol). With these hormones being regulated, mood will increase and stabilize.

Where to Buy these Natural Remedies to Relieve Stress and Anxiety?

Instead of taking three separate pills a day, try out Amare Global for one pill that has everything you need. The product’s name is Mood+. It includes all the herbs to find stress relief: ashwagandha, rafuma, and magnolia bark. This company has integrity and a sweet discovery story that I absolutely love. Therefore, I trust that their ingredients are natural and safe to use. 

Life happens quickly — so why not enjoy more of it?

Other medications come with expensive price tags or unknown side effects. As a result, it’s difficult to know the effects that they have on the body.

Yet, God did not intend for us to live in the pain of stress. Especially when stress affects our physical and spiritual health. God designed our bodies to crave the fruit of this earth that He designed. His plan is for us to live healthy and happy, and to glorify him in how we treat our bodies.

These supplements can relieve stress, and even bring healing to pain and disease. Use these supplements to relieve stress to find the peace you’ve been needing.

Finally, always consult your physician for advice for all treatments. Thanks for letting me serve you God’s Recipe for Excellent Health!

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