8 Myths on Health Keeping Christians Fat and 3 Simple Steps to Change

August 14, 2020

8 Myths on Health Keeping Christians Fat

(And 3 Simple Steps to Change)

myths on health

Are you trying to lose weight, but struggling to see results? Myths on health are the culprit…

Sadly, these common health myths some Christians believe to be true are stopping them from achieving the health they desire…

These mistakes are so normal that research shows going to church is not always healthy.  

Even more sadly, I’ve made every single one of these health mistakes myself. 

Then I found the answer to good health.

Don’t try and figure it out on your own, take it from someone who’s learned the hard way. 

These 8 health mistakes Christians make leads to obesity and unhappiness. Good news, there are 3 simple steps to change our thinking and finally get results. Keep reading to learn more!

8 Christian Myths on Health… Debunked!

myths on health debunked

There are myths on health that keep you stuck where you are and prevent you from losing weight and reaping amazing health.

But I will debunk all of these to help you discover what it really takes to be healthy – both physically and spiritually.

1. It doesn’t matter how much you weigh.

In the past, I was often tortured by the number on the scale. But I made myself feel better by thinking that God loves me no matter what. I agree 100%! But the question we should be asking isn’t “will God still love me if I’m overweight” but instead “how can I serve God best?” 

When I realized that my weight actually did matter because it affected how I served God, it changed my life forever. Paul urges us in Romans 12 to “offer our bodies as living sacrifices” as our act of worship. How can we truly offer our bodies to Him as an act of worship? I’ll give you a hint: it’s not by overindulging!

2. All food–if prayed over–is good

Have you ever prayed over a fast-food meal and asked the Lord to “bless this food” to your body? You may not even be thinking about the fact that you’re eating a meal that is doing the exact opposite of blessing your body. 

It’s destroying your body! I believe in the power of prayer, but I don’t think God is going to change that high fructose corn syrup into a healthy apple.

Can the word discipline be a word you know well? Maybe you even come to love and respect it? Can the words of Proverbs 25:19 be an encouragement to you; discipline produces wisdom and undisciplined people bring disgrace?

3. It’s only about the calories

it is only about the calories

It’s not what you eat, but how much you eat. I used to believe this. It can be exhausting and addicting counting calories and searching for new low-calorie products. But trust me, this only intensifies cravings! It leaves a hunger feeling even after the snack.

In Genesis, God says that all of the fruits and vegetables He created were “good.” He didn’t say that about the manufactured chips we buy in the store that no longer reflect His creation. Even if we get the perfect amount of calories, God intended healthy meals to be nourishing, not restricting.

4. Fasting Doesn’t Matter

Fasting–you mean going without? Wow, that seems foreign. It definitely did to me when all I wanted was food and more food. But once I started understanding God’s plan for me to be healthy both physically and spiritually, I began to recognize the purpose and blessing of fasting.

Now, I can actually wake up and be excited about fasting! “Return to me with all your heart, with fasting,” says the Lord. He will show us what is good, so let Him!

5. It’s okay if no one sees

You might not publicly proclaim this idea, but have you ever secretly believed it? Maybe there is a hidden stash of food that you think no one is aware of. You hide it from the kids,  your husband, maybe you try to hide it from God too. 

There are reasons people eat in secret, and the true answer is never “I was hungry.” The answer, however, will surprise you. The Lord says that what’s done in the dark will come to light (Luke 12:3). You may be able to hide it from your family, but nothing is hidden from God. And He wants to help!

6. It’s hereditary

Remember when Eve tried to blame the serpent when she ate the fruit? And when Adam tried to blame Eve for giving him the fruit?

Many people look for someone else to blame, even with our weight. I looked back several generations hoping to find the blame for my fatness. 

Yet I learned, I was the only one who could control my eating habits–not my ancestors! Whether or not other people in your family are overweight doesn’t change your ability to start making better decisions to serve the Lord and get healthy. And I’m here to help!

7. “It’s my thyroid!”

it is my thyroid

This is another one of the common myths on health that leads to weight loss struggles. Let’s have a little science lesson to learn about the body. 

The thyroid is part of the endocrine system. The endocrine system is our hormones. Hormones are mostly made in the gut, which is fed by what you eat. 

This is way oversimplified–and I look forward to teaching a more in-depth version! The bottom line is —— this is an excuse! 

Just as Adam and Eve lost the blame game we too can’t blame being overweight on our thyroid!

8. Food is a good comfort

Yumm…. Ice cream, fried chicken, mac n cheese, gooey butter cake – a little comfort from food, and our day will be OK.  Or so we believe.

But the truth is, why are we making food a greater comfort than God? He designed His people to rest in Him and Him alone.

He tells us to come to Him, “all who are burdened and weary, and [He] will give you rest” (Matt. 11: 28). 

His plan is not for us to take our burdens to mac n’ cheese, or McDonald’s. By putting food before Him, we’re not only idolizing it, but we’re also not getting the best rest that only He can offer. Let’s rest well and put aside the burger.

If you read through mistakes 1- 8 and struggle with a few of them (or all!) then our 7 Steps to Biblical Health is here to help. This free resource offers guidance on how to correct these health mistakes. 

Avoid Myths on Health with These 3 Simple Steps!

3 steps to renewed health

It may sound impossible to avoid these health mistakes, but that’s why I’m here to guide you through this journey.

These truths I am going to share changed my life completely. I turned my health mistakes into a blessing for others by writing my Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study

Let me share 3 steps to begin immediately to start feeling relief. 

Eat by the three principles

I know you want me to deliver the list right now, but it’s not that easy! Learning the 3 principles to health is more than just a checklist. Check out this video and start to enjoy eating right. 

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgnlV4B0Yms&t=169s[/responsive_video]

Listen to these principles and make a change in the way you think about eating for the rest of your life. All you need to start is a small step, like learning to ride a bike, it just takes courage.

Add fasting to your weekly plan

Fasting is the quickest cellular change to help the body reset and the mind to be focused on the Lord. Jesus fasted, and we are called to live like Him. If you need help figuring out where to start, check out this video about healthy fasting.

[responsive_video type=’youtube’ hide_related=’1′ hide_logo=’0′ hide_controls=’0′ hide_title=’1′ hide_fullscreen=’0′ autoplay=’0′]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUzLNfZ7qec&t=2s[/responsive_video]

Control your thoughts

Our thoughts control our feelings which lead to false beliefs, which become actions and lead to consequences. The consequence of not being able to lose weight is often depression, and the list continues. 

Start by taking control of every thought and thinking “is this something that is true and honoring to the Lord?” Meditate on Philippians 4:8 to find out what our thoughts should look like (but often don’t even come close).

What thoughts are holding you back from success? What thoughts are contrary to God’s word about who you are? 

Thoughts lead to beliefs and beliefs lead to actions.

The pivot point is —beliefs!

Yes, what we believe determines our behavior(actions), even our physical health.

What do you truly believe? It might not be what you think. You might say you believe that God is your only comforter, then run to the snack jar after a hard day. 

Actions result from beliefs. What are your actions saying about your true beliefs? Do you eat from boredom? Do you believe you deserve an extra serving?

So, when we identify our beliefs and change our beliefs to be in agreement with God’s Word, we can change our actions. Then, we can change our health.

Step Away From Myths on Health and Regain Control of Your Life

regain control of your life

Are you ready for a belief check?

Which beliefs are holding you back and which beliefs are helping you succeed in all areas of your life?

What if you:

  • could look forward to fasting?
  • could enjoy eating healthy foods and not feel guilty about sabotaging your future?
  • never thought about dieting ever again?

What incredible things would your mind do with all that free time?

Sound amazing? Like a world, you’d want to live in?

You can!

Today is the day to be liberated from food and live the life God planned to its fullest. 

If you’re waiting for some sort of sign to tell you it’s time to start living a healthy life, I’ll help you out. 

This is your sign! Start Today!

To begin, check out this FREE  7 Steps to Biblical Health course.

For many of you, this is all you need. Just a little bit of direction and a plan to follow. 

For others, here is a bit more guidance. The 40 Day Transformation Physically and Spiritually is for you, and it’s a second step to the 7 Step course. 

Discover a healthy life today and don’t wait any longer!

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