3 Weight Loss Tips that Work Every Time

January 10, 2020

biblical weight loss principles

​Have you ever been caught up in man’s ideas so much you become paralyzed? Or worse – losing ground?

When I first learned about God’s biblical health principles, within a year I lost 50 lbs.

Then a couple years later I challenged myself to take my health to a new level of improvements and lost another 10 pounds. That was when I knew God’s plan works. My mind agreed and my body rejoiced. Over time and sometimes periods of doubt of God’s calling I gained back those 10 pounds and they have lingered and getting more stubborn the longer they cling.

The weight is more like the self-cling wrap rather than the older version saran wrap that won’t stay on.

The reason I became subject to gaining is because I felt it my responsibility to be educated on the latest health topic or diet. BUT the more I learned the more I was drawn into man’s ideas.

Just the subject of keto, paleo, THM, Intermittent Fasting, etc. can be a distraction and therefore devastation. It’s not that these programs don’t work – they just don’t work long term for most people.

They were all focused on changing the food – making the food change. They were never focused on God’s principles.

Here’s what I am doing in 2020, the focus of getting back to God’s way to health and weight loss instead of man’s.

​3 Weight Loss Tips

​The biblical weight loss principles are pretty simple.

Many diet and weight loss programs don’t work long-term for people because of the complicated rules involved in them.

This is why if you want something to stick (i.e. healthy eating habit, ideal weight, wholesome lifestyle), you just have to keep the entire process simple, attainable, and realistic. Here are three steps in the biblical weight loss principles designed to give you results not just today, tomorrow, but for as long as you want!

​1. Stay away from the scale.

​Any time you start a new eating program the scale is going to argue with the results. Initial weight loss is water weight. You have heard that for years and to help you understand why – Inflammation craves water.The more inflammation you have the more water you will retain.

The more inflammation your body breeds the more weight you will be burdened with. Fat is inflammation!

Losing weight in a healthy way – with God’s foods – leads to less inflammation.

Less inflammation – means feeling better and therefore – less weight.

Water loss is not bad – it is necessary. Embrace the loss of weight in the first few days and weeks. BUT just know – salt in any form will halt this loss and even reverse it.

Those 5 pounds you lost are now showing a 4 pound gain after a bowl of salted popcorn. You yell and scream at the scale and even threaten to toss it out the window. How can one bowl of popcorn that weighs less than 1 pound cause a 4 pound gain?

STOP- the scale is just showing what happened overall – it is not showing the success you are having and the health renewal your cells are enjoying. Does that mean no more salt – Not if you want to live! Salt is necessary for life. Without salt you will be dizzy and have mental complaints and headaches.

Does that mean give up? NO – never quit! You are worthy in God’s eyes and your health matters to be on mission.NO Never Quit! Just toss the scale if it causes you to give up.

Instead use a journal. Track your foods, times you ate and how you feel when you eat. We use a specific journal in our 40 Days to Spiritual and Physical Transformation course. It is the most valuable tool! More valuable than the scale 🙂

​2. Never tire of praying.

If you want your health to be strong and continue to stay strong, pray for your health.

Yes we pray for others, we pray for jobs, we pray for our kids.

NOW – let’s put our health on the table of prayer. Pray that God will show you what hunger truly feels like.

Pray that God shows you what it means to be satisfied when you eat.

Overeating is a sin.

Pray to recognize overeating and recognize when food has replaced Him as what is most important in your life.

There are also biblical weight loss encouragement from the scripture that can give you the inspiration you need.

These are the prayers that I used in the beginning of this journey and they are the prayers I come back to when I need adjusting!

​3. Get your daily dose of encouragement from like-minded individuals.

You are never alone in your journey to a healthy, wholesome weight loss.

There are others who just like you, are going through similar experiences. And there are those who have gone through your current journey.

Connect and reach out to these people!

We also have a Daniel Fast Course that gives you access to daily live encouragement, fasting devotion and Bible study, Done-For-You meal plan, and support from me, as your personal fasting coach.

When you surround yourself with positive, inspiring individuals who uplift and motivate you to keep going, the road towards weight loss becomes more doable.

Encourage and inspire one another to great things!

​Life is not a perfect Facebook post!

There will always be challenges as you continue towards your journey to weight loss.

But don’t be discouraged. To achieve success and lasting results, you need to put in the work…. Constant, consistent work.

Always remember that things are not going to be quick and easy all of the time. There are some days that may be tougher than the rest.

But this is where prayer and community come in. Your daily prayers and support group can help make any insurmountable task attainable.

Do not let those perfect Facebook posts bring you down or make you feel bad about yourself.

You are on your own journey, and it is not a race.

You are doing great, and I’m rooting for you. With every effort you exert, you will get to your ultimate goal – no doubt about it!

​Beware of These Distractions

​Just changing our eating to the three Bible Diet Principles made losing weight simple and exciting.No calories – No scale – No points or Removing Macro Nutrients – Just biblical principles!My body was ready for change and embraced it wholeheartedly. I lost 50 pounds in the first year just by changing foods. The focus was on God’s principles and no longer on man’s ideas. That was totally freeing to me.

​This Helped Me Stay Focused on My Weight Loss Journey…

As a biblical nutrition coach, teacher and mentor I believed I needed to understand all options.

I personally tried each program to be educated on how they work so I can always coach my clients with the latest information.

They were all appetizers to distractions!

True health comes by following godly principles that will never change.

Yes, our food is going through a total manipulation that diverts health to disease. There is an undercurrent to derail our health.

So – yes I must stay informed to keep you abreast of the important facts but – not get dragged into the swamp of despair and doubt.

Now I am back to following my own advice – the advice I have taught and coached for over 15 years with great success to my clients.

If not NOW – WHEN?

If the desire to be healthy, to thrive and not just survive, to live longer and healthier for your loved ones and for yourself matter so much to you…

Then why wait any longer to start taking actions to achieve all of these wonderful goals?

You can stick to a diet and start losing weight today, if you stay focused…

Make each day the best day of your life as you follow the steps in the biblical weight loss principles. You owe it to yourself, to your loved ones, to God!

Thanks for all you do and joining me on this Blessed Journey!!

  • Very good and true I would like to loose weight in my stomach. Please give me some advice as to what food I can eat. I do exercise but still have bloated Stomach.

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