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What is Passover? 5 Reasons Christians Should Celebrate Passover

how to do the daniel fast

Share0 Pin0 Tweet0 What is Passover? 5 Reasons Christians Should Celebrate Passover Did you ever celebrate Passover in the Baptist – Methodist – Catholic – Lutheran church?  I didn’t! Not to the extent it was intended in Scripture. The Passover celebration is traditionally considered a Jewish holiday. It is not as familiar to many Christians as the history behind […]

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Passover and Resurrection Recipes

passover recipes

We celebrate Jesus in Passover! If ever there was a season to celebrate ~ this is on the top of my list! Jesus was symbolized as the Lamb at Passover, the First Fruit at the Resurrection, and the reminder of getting rid of sin at the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Wondering why I think Christians […]

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Quick and Easy Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

mediterranean salad

Quick and EasyMediterranean Quinoa Salad Quinoa is a grain that’s packed full of nutrients and a wonderful, filling, health-boosting food that should be a part of everyone’s diet. I’ve posted recipes using quinoa such as an Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Recipe and Quinoa Salad with Parsley and Herbs. Today is all about a quick and easy […]

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How To Make The Best Challah Bread

how to make the best challah bread

How to Make the Best Challah BreadBread. Yay! I hope you’re as excited as I am about homemade bread. Bread is good for us – real, living, fresh bread that is. And we find it throughout scripture and Jewish traditions. Today we’re making an extremely special bread. Are you ready to learn how to make […]

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My Story Free Nutrition Resources Recipes Blogs Freebies Podcasts Courses & Programs Inner Circle 40 Day Transformation Daniel Fast All Nutrition Courses Books & More Annette’s Books My Favorites Share the Gospel Free 7 Steps Course Exciting FreebiesJust For You! Check out these free downloadable recipe books, healthy scorecard, and so much more freebies JUST […]

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Why Christians Should Celebrate Shavuot

why christians should celebrate shavuot

Why Christians Should Celebrate Shavuot Most Christians today don’t celebrate or are knowledgeable about Jewish (Old Testament) holy days. Yet, there is great benefit to believers in digging into and experiencing the culture and meaning behind the various festivals. Today, we’re looking at why Christians should celebrate Shavuot. Perhaps you desire to know more or […]

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