How to Use the Ancient Secrets of The Bible Diet

April 26, 2019

How To Use The Ancient Secrets of 

The Bible Diet

bible diet

Out of the many health and diet books, the ultimate health guide is
one that’s been around for over 2,000 years.

Everything we need to know to have optimal health is right within
scripture. Which is why it’s fitting to call it the Bible diet.

This amazing gift is what I want to share with you. To alleviate the
noise and confusion and to bring to you truth about your health
right from the source.

If you feel the calling on your life to allow God to lead the way
on your health.

What Does a Biblical Diet Mean and Why It Matters?

There will always be experts in the field, but as Christians,
we have been blessed and gifted through God’s word to have
confidence that we’re making the right food choices.

When you search the scriptures it’s much like a treasure hunt,
and the discovery is within your hands.

The Biblical diet is just that, a complete and whole diet that comes
straight from scripture. Foods that we should and shouldn’t
consume, are within scripture.

The truth is
Your Body is the Temple of the Holy Spirit.

Living a healthy life is a blessing, and what the Bible diet
shows us is that we can trust in our Father’s plan for our health,
our bodies, our souls and our lives.

3 Benefits of Learning the Biblical Diet

bible diet

There is so much information out there through books and on the
internet with ways to live a healthy life and what the best diet is
for good health.

By following the biblical diet, you will lose weight, have more energy
and vibrancy but an even greater gift is the relationship that
will be built up between you and the Lord when you discover the
truth of God’s perfect plan for your body, soul, and spirit.

1. Holistically Balanced

God’s intention is to liberate you. When you follow the biblical diet,
you will receive a balance between your body, spirit, and soul.

Imagine for a moment a triangle with those three words list on the
side: Body, soul, and spirit.

Your body is your physical drive, your appetite, and your habits.

Your soul is your feelings and personality and the spirit is the
Holy Spirit’s control.

If one of those was in control, right now, today, which one would
It be?

2. Wise About Food

Wise About Food

Wisdom comes from the word of God.

If we take all of the health and diet information out there on the
internet and not try to fit them into scripture but compare them
to scripture we can see what information is wise, and what
information is leading us astray.

If the information doesn’t match scripture, we can toss it out
because it’s not of the Lord and it’s not going to bless you or
lead you to God’s plan for your life.

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3. Be Healthy in More than Body Alone

By following the Bible diet, my marriage got better…

I felt better having lost 60 pounds and I am now balanced in my life.

Being healthy doesn’t mean to be perfect, but by following God’s
plan of health for us we can be blessed with the fullness of what
God wants to offer us now.

Being healthy allows us to be more vibrant and cheerful and
represent the Lord the way he desires.

God has his own timing for sickness and disease and we’re all
going to grow older, but having good health now is a gift from
the Lord that you can have through following his commandments
for your life.

bible diet

3 Healthy Eating Principles From the Bible

With all of the food choices out there, how do you decide? Low fat,
non-GMO, high fiber, low carb, keto, vegan, heart healthy?

When our choices look good and the choices are endless, how can
you be more confident that you’re making the best, healthy choices
for your meals and your life?

Dr. Rex Russell, scientist, Christian, and author of the book
“What the Bible Says About Healthy Living” shares three principles
in his book to guide you through your choices for all areas of your

Principle 1: Eat Only Substances God Created for Food

Scripture tells us that God instructed Adam and Eve on what they
could, and could not eat. You can find this in Genesis 1:29-30.

Originally, God intended for us to eat every seed-bearing plant,
every kind of fruit-bearing tree.

After the fall and after the flood, God gave a new list of foods
suitable for humans to consume.

Clean and unclean foods are listed within scripture and to no
surprise, these “unclean foods” have the highest rate of disease
and parasites.

God doesn’t want to rule over you just for the sake of it, God wants
to show you how to live a happy and healthy life that he may be
glorified in you.

God gives us this wisdom not to restrict, but to
liberate our very lives and souls.

The Biblical diet tells you what foods God designed as such.

Application of Principle doesn’t just make us more disciplined with
our food choices and bring peace of mind, that discipline trickles into
other areas of our lives.

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Eat Only Substances God Created for Food

Principle 2: As Much as Possible, Eat Foods as They Were Created

Not all substances and chemicals put in our food are intended to be edible. Our cultural consumption has moved away from God’s perfect design for nutrition and into “improving” these foods through the use of what we now know to be harmful additives.

The rate of obesity and diabetes has skyrocketed and it’s believed that our children will live shorter lives than their parents.

Principle II encapsulates the concept of eating whole, natural foods. Vegetables that are raw, lightly cooked or steamed and consuming bread that you make yourself or purchase with “stone-ground” labeled on it.

Eating foods in their whole, the natural state provides maximum nutrition to support the functions of our bodies and affects our minds and soul and relationship with our creator. How profound!

Principle 3: Avoid Food Addictions

Addictions to food have permeated through our culture like wildfire, without bias to age, ethnicity or demographic.

We often look at other types of addictions as a major issue, but food is no exception.  

Food addiction takes us out of balance and tampers with our ability to glorify God and be our best. 

Principle III reminds us of Exodus 20:3, “You shall have no other gods before Me” (NASB).

When food comes between us, our relationship with God and our mission, addiction may be a factor. The solution to any addiction is to shift our focus from that addiction and onto the Lord. 

We as Christians do this through fasting and prayer.

Watch the video below to learn more about how these 3 Bible diet principles helped me lose 60 pounds - and how these same principles can help you achieve your weight loss goals, too!

Other Principles of Health by Means of Prevention According to the Bible

In addition to the principles of health that surround food, there are also prevention principles of health found given to us that modern medicines follow, but didn’t create.

Here are a couple of examples of principles to live by today that promote good sanitation and health. 

If you look at Leviticus 13:46 we see that a man who is consumed with sickness is to be removed from the people around him. This principle is that of quarantine. When someone is ill we keep them away from others to prevent the spread of disease and sickness. 

In Leviticus 13:52 we discover an example of sterilization in which living organisms are removed by that of heat. 

Methods to disinfect are talked about in Leviticus 14:6 where hyssop and cedarwood are being used, both with antiseptic properties. 

There are also numerous scriptures that instruct on hand washing, with, running water. We know that water that sits in a pool is able to allow microbes and parasites to reproduce and flourish within the water. 

What is so amazing is that the principles of health are all within scripture and given to us so that we may be blessed and can avoid sickness and disease. 

Natural or Organic

Companies that claim their products to be natural or organic must meet the USDA standard for organic foods

However, many ingredients are grown in the wild and not on organic farms which makes them eligible to be defined as organic.

What Foods are Mentioned in the Bible?

So what foods are actually brought up in scripture?

We are told that we are given seed-bearing plants, fruit-bearing trees, and protein sources. However, we are also instructed on what to avoid eating for good health

Below is a list of foods we can read about in the Bible, including the chapters and verses where to find them:

Meats in the Bible





Butter, Curds, Cream, and Cheese


Nuts and Eggs

Fruits and Vegetables

What was the Diet in Biblical Times?

The original diet God gave us provides us with the highest nutrient dense foods that satisfy. So it’s vital to your health to learn what they are. Hosea 4:6 speaks about lack of knowledge is a key factor that destroys God’s people.

We don’t have to lack knowledge about what God has to say about food and we don’t have to eat like the rest of the world. 

The following is what the Biblical diet is founded on and it will become apparent quickly, why the biblical diet is so special.  
Whole Foods

Whole Foods

When foods are processed they lose a lot of their nutritional value, and when chemicals and preservatives are added, they accumulate in the body and cause cell and tissue damage, as the cells are starving and being influenced by chemicals.  

Let’s look at an example:  

Jesus shared whole grains with his disciples, he broke bread with them in fellowship, so how can such a staple be turned into something to fear with the no carb craze? 

We have come a long way from how bread was initially made. Here are 17 Bread Making Tips to Bake the Perfect, healthiest bread.  

Click on the video below for the answer to the question, “Is bread bad for you?”

We now have white flour that essentially lacks the natural taste, smell, and color of whole wheat, lacking 26 nutrients we’d get in the whole form.  Click here to find out how Research Confirms “Bread of Life” is a Perfect Picture.  

In the time of our forefathers in the Bible, they used freshly-milled flours that contain an abundance of nutrients the body needs, along with natural oils.

We can do this today with kitchen gadgets or, you can purchase bread labeled as “ground mill”. Understanding the Importance of Bread in the Bible and in Our Lives takes away the fear. Click on the link above to learn more!

Abundance of Fiber and Protein

When we talk about fiber and protein sources from biblical times, we are looking at what God has to say about foods that are good for us and those that are potentially unclean or harmful to us.

God gives us an abundance of fruits, seed-bearing plants and meats that we can consume for optimal health which we’ll review in more detail below.

Fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes are packed with fiber. Fiber reduces the risk of heart disease, contributes to healthy blood sugar levels, and helps with our digestive systems. 

Soluble fiber helps the body to absorb nutrients, and insoluble fiber help to sweep out the digestive system and aid in its health. 

In addition to fiber, protein also has vital importance to the well being of our bodies. Proteins are used to build and repair tissue, makeenzymes, hormones and are building blocks for bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and more. 

When you consider the health benefits you can be confident that the original design of how we eat really was perfect with God.

Forbidden Foods in the Bible – Definition of “Clean and “Unclean” Foods

For a full review of this topic, read week six in the Treasures of Healthy Living Bible Study in which the answers may surprise you.

In modern times, God has allowed us to glimpse into the microscopic world of his creation showing us why his plan has always been and is best for our health.

Here’s an overview:  

Forbidden Foods in the Bible

“Clean” Foods Definition and Examples

The animals established as clean and edible:

Land Animals

a) Divided hooves and

b) Chew the cud

If an animal has only one of the above, it was considered unclean. Examples of clean: ox, sheep, goat, deer, gazelle, antelope, etc.

Water Animals

a) Fins and

b) Scales

If an animal has only one of the above, it was considered unclean. Examples of clean: bass, cod, flounder, grouper, haddock, halibut, herring, salmon, mackerel, orange roughy, perch, snapper, trout, tuna, etc.

Birds and Insects

a) Scripture lists the birds that are edible

b) Winged insects with jointed legs

Examples of clean: chicken, Cornish hens, duck, quail, turkey, crickets, grasshoppers, locusts, etc.

“Unclean” Foods Defined

Unclean foods are those described in Leviticus chapter 11 as forbidden according to God. 

Here are just a couple of examples of why God said these foods were forbidden. 

Pigs will eat anything including fecal waste, mice and maggots and are known to carry up to 200 diseases, 18 different parasites, and worms, including the trichinella spiralis worm. 

Bacon, ham, hot dogs, pepperoni, and bologna are also preserved with sodium nitrate, once mixed with your stomach acids it forms nitrosaminesone of the most potent cancer-causing agents known to man. 

Fish without fins and shellfish like crabs, mussels, shrimp are carnivores and scavengers and hold toxins like mercury in their bodies. 

Carnivores thrive on dead or sick animals and are contaminated with high levels of bacteria like salmonella and other parasites.  

Just with these examples alone, we can see that God created his creators with a specific purpose. Just because we can eat them, doesn’t mean that we should.

Amazing All-Natural Biblical Foods That Heal

In addition to foods that are safe to eat, we can find within scriptures foods that heal, treat and prevent illness too. God even gave us Medicinal Herbs that heal

In 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Paul says, “What, know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which is God’s.” 

What this means is that by not eating the right foods and not treating your body right, diseases occur.

However along with this wisdom comes foods and drink designed to heal, here are just a few and their health benefits:   

Olives and Olive Oil

Olives and Olive Oil

-Strengthen cell membranes 

-Retard cancer growth

-Lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol

-Reduce the production of gallstones

-Have healing and anti-inflammatory effects

-Stimulate bile flow

-Improve brain maturation

-Reduce gastric acidity

-Protect against ulcers

-Help prevent constipation

-Aid normal bone growth

-Are rich in vitamin E, one of the best antioxidants available.



- Helps reduce cholesterol levels

- Prevents heart diseases, cancer, and gallstones

- Aids in treating constipation

- Minimizes the risk of Type 2 diabetes

- Helps with arthritis

- Promotes health body tissues

bible diet


- Reducing bad cholesterol

- Providing soluble fiber

- Reducing blood pressure

- Promoting satiety

- Minimizing insulin requirements of diabetics

- Providing energy to the body

- Relieving and preventing constipation

bible diet


-Lower the risk of heart disease

-Help diabetes

-Lower total cholesterol

-Prevent Cancer

-Improves blood fluidity

-Increases arginine which reduces clots



Apples are noted for their high water content, soluble fiber, proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

Avocados contain good fats that help you maintain a healthy nervous system and address fatigue, hypoglycemia, and urinary infections. 

If you want to boost a healthy immune system, consuming blueberries, cherries, blackberries, and grapes can do wonders to your body. 

For detoxification, pineapples and lemons are great with that. These fruits are also great when you suffer from a sore throat, influenza, and colds. 

I’ve noted just a few fruits, however, each fruit has its own makeup and health benefits and it’s truly amazing.

bible diet


Broccoli lowers the risk of cancer, protects against heart disease, cataracts, constipation, hemorrhoids, diabetes, arthritis, and allergies. It also helps control high blood pressure, promotes bowel health and normalizes body fluid levels.

Brussel sprouts are shown to inhibit cancer, inhibit the formation of polyps, and detoxify the body. 

Cabbage kills bacteria and viruses, prevents cancer and heals ulcers and stimulates the immune system. 

Kale is the best cancer-fighting vegetable, is good for arthritis, helps with osteoporosis and protects smokers against lung cancer. 

These are just a couple of examples, but vegetables are shown to have cancer-fighting properties, help with inflammation, prevention of disease as well as supporting body functions, incredible!

Biblical Healthy Eating – To Fast or Not to Fast

Fasting is the intentional withholding of food, activity or entertainment in order to turn our thoughts on God.

Fasting for the right purposes has not only incredible health benefits but can break strongholds, build faith, reveal hidden sin, help us hear from God, and bring us into a deeper more intimate relationship with God. 

Mark 9:14-29 discusses conquering “demons” through prayer and fasting. It is very powerful to give power to the Lord over our own bodies and fleshly desires. 

Fasting is an important practice of God’s children. The duration of fasting, how or what you are fasting for or from is between you and the Lord.

What is Daniel’s Diet in the Bible?

The Daniel fast is one that’s talked a lot about as an example of fasting. Daniel’s fast was a spiritual one and many follow this fast for spiritual breakthroughs.  

Daniel 1:12 and Daniel 10:2-3. Focusing on the later, Daniel fasted for 3 weeks and ate only fruits and vegetables and obtained from meats and alcohol. 

Are there benefits of fasting? Absolutely. However, it also offers us a means to worship and find spiritual healing. 

To learn more about the Daniel Fast Check out the Daniel Fast Recipes and Plan for Fast Physical and Spiritual Improvements

Below is my video where I discuss the benefits of the Daniel fast not only to your physical but also your spiritual health. Check it out!

Continued Satisfaction and Living Free Journey Through the Bible

1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.”

The most profound result of following the Bible diet is finding satisfaction in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Learn 3 Biblical Keys to Be More Content and Satisfied in Him in the video below:

When we are more satisfied with our own desires, our pride leads us to sin, yet God desires more for our life.

The good news is that we have been made new creatures in Christ and can find satisfaction through him and God’s word. 

bible diet

How to Achieve Well-Being through the Biblical Dietary Plan

These guidelines are meant to keep you walking on the right path to well-being and vitality, just like how our forefathers in the biblical times enjoyed a long, and prosperous life.

If you want to go deeper into the Biblical diet I highly recommend you to read Treasures of Health Nutrition Manual, a book I’ve written along with contributor authors for extensive knowledge on the Bible diet. 

For now, may you blessed and as 1 Corinthians 10:31 says, “So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.”

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