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Fasting Spiritual and Physical Breakthroughs


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Annette Reeder

Annette holds a B.S. in Nutrition Health Science  plus a Diploma of Biblical Studies. She has been studying food, nutrition and medical science for over 30 years. "I am here for one purpose, to awaken you to the simple vibrant health that God has designed for you!"

  • Hi Annette, managed to watch your video this evening and print all the resources even though I was taking notes as you spoke.

    Would like to share an interesting episode regarding my internet connection these past few days culminating in my contacting my server once again within a week and after they sending me a new modem – transpires I had a faulty connection and they will be sending out an engineer over the next few days.

    This evening, I sat down to view your email with your link to the ‘Fasting for Spiritual and Physical Breakthough’ seminars over six weeks and from start to finish ie writing these comments the internet has stayed on throughout!!

    I believe God has been guiding me to follow your six week seminars from when I first signed up and I didn’t click on the link when I first saw it yesterday and I was still experiencing internet problems until I finally decided to follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit and click on the link and thanks be to God, I have stumbled upon a real treasure trove.

    Thank you so much – looking forward to the next five weeks.

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