Biblical Wellness Conference Specials
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We are thrilled you joined us for our January conference at Salem Baptist Church! 

On this page, you can enjoy exclusive attendee-only coupons, offers, and (free) downloads that will aid your Biblical health adventure.

These coupons and offers are available from now until March 1, 2023. Don’t miss out! 

7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health

Free Digital Downloads

The Biblical Wellness conference is just the beginning. When you sign up for my email list, I will send you these tools that will continue the learning experience!

7 Steps to Amazing Biblical Health & 3 Lies that Prevent It
An easy, clear, and simple plan to kick-start your new health journey. This book gives you 7 steps to achieving amazing Biblical health – God’s way.

Beliefs Memory Verse Cards
Beliefs define behavior. To change negative behaviors to life-giving, health-supportive behaviors, we must start with changing beliefs. These memory cards will help mold and shape your beliefs to produce godly, Spirit-led behaviors.

Recommended Blood Work PDF
Learn the importance of routine blood tests and which I suggest!

$20 off First Month
Inner Circle Coaching Group

The Inner Circle is more than a membership. It’s a community – and a ministry!

You’ve heard us talk about the Inner Circle and what a blessing this online community is for our members. You also got a taste of Body and Soul Fitness – where faith and fitness meet!

In the Inner Circle, join Rachel, our Body and Soul Fitness expert plus the other coaches, and experience the power of community, support, and direction – all while growing closer to the Lord and transforming your health and wellness.

Check out this testimony from an Inner Circle member:
As a ‘veteran’ of weight loss fads, diets, idols and cult-like diet plans, if you will, becoming a member of this ministry is the best move I’ve made for myself…and my family. Our God created us fearfully and wonderfully. And He gave us everything we need to complement and nurture this beautiful body He gave us, to live life in the abundance and bountiful goodness of His hand.
– Tina

25% off Two Popular Courses

Use the coupon code “conference” and your 25% discount will be applied at checkout!

40 Day Physical & Spiritual Transformation
This 40-day journey will help you achieve 6 powerful life-transformations:
- Overcome habits that are sabotaging your health
- Fix your mindset and learn the truth about your identity in Christ
- Learn the keys to biblical fasting
- Lose weight ~ Gain Health
- Discover the foods that were designed for you
- Learn how to live the 3 Bible Diet Principles

Fasting for Spiritual & Physical Freedom
Through Fasting for Spiritual & Physical Freedom, you’ll uncover – in a way you never have before – impactful truths about fasting, and discover how this Christian discipline can set you free mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Don't forget to use coupon code "conference"!

Treasures of Health Book Bundle

The Treasures of Health 3 book series is a  foundational learning of God’s recipe for excellent health. With these three books, you’ll discover the building blocks of true wellness, from proper nutrition to Biblical truths on healthy living to easy, delicious recipes to make right away for your family. 

ON SALE NOW  $70.97  $59.00

Treasures of Health Book Bundle

What We Believe & Eat Matter!

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We are thrilled to share these specials.

We know they bless your amazing health journey!

With love,
The Biblical Nutritionist Team